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Hi there! I’m here to try and make your move to the Netherlands a little easier. By no means am I a professional, but my husband and I moved to Amsterdam in 2014 after we sold everything in the USA and moved in hopes of it all working out (he has an Italian passport, I would not recommend moving illegally!). While there are agencies that help people move in certain circumstances (like if you’re being moved by your company), we did it on our own. Below you’ll find tips, resources, and plenty of my own stories about expat life. I hope you find this helpful but if there’s a resource you think is missing or a topic I should cover, reach out on Instagram and let me know!

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Moving to the Netherlands?


☐ Lease (address to be registered)

☐ Visa


Health Insurance

☐ Job/School acceptance or other way to be allowed to live in your adopted country

☐ Bank account

OV Chipkaart

☐ Bike

Helpful Articles for Expats

Winter in Amsterdam Noord

How I’m surviving the winter in a pandemic

Usually, I do pretty well in the winter. I’m a low-key kind of person anyway. While I do miss my friends, I’m pretty content being at home and binging Netflix in the evenings. This winter is different. There’s no denying that the 2020-2021

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I’ve lived in Amsterdam since 2014 and I have recently been making videos about differences between the USA and the Netherlands, but also helpful tips so your move is an easy one!

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