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Hopefully, the answer is always a big, resounding, “YES!”.

If you’re ready to book your next trip or grab your travel gear, this is the spot for all the links to make that trip happen. These are affiliate links but there is no extra cost to you. It’s just to keep this site up and running…and me, running around to create content for you!

Book your flights

Skyscanner (USA click here)- the best flight prices here. Try this, put in your home airport and find a new destination by typing in “everywhere” for the “To” section.

Book your train/bus/flights in Europe

Omio – the best website for traveling around Europe. I use it mostly for trains, but you can also find your bus and flight tickets here, too.

Book your hotels around the world – you know it and love it, so find the right place for you!

Book your activities and tours

GetYourGuide – has experiences all over the world for you to discover and book. What I love most about GYG is that I didn’t even know some of these experiences even existed. Find your next travel memory here.

Find the best restaurants

TripAdvisor – our go-to spot for restaurant recommendations. You can even make some reservations through the website!

Buy your travel gear

eBags – is all about the bags. From luggage to day bags to any kind of bag you can think of, it’s all there. All kinds of brands at different prices are available so you get exactly what you want.

Amazon – is amazing to find most anything. You can find what we love to take traveling on our gear page.

Get your travel insurance

World Nomads – although we always want to think “it” will never happen to us, it’s always best to be prepared.

Wishing you love and travels!