Filing U.S. taxes from abroad

The process of filing taxes usually sucks. Sorry to be so blunt, but come on, it’s so complicated and time-consuming. On top of that, taxes for expats, especially for American citizens, are double the work! Filing U.S. taxes from abroad is hard.

Yep. Here we go…talking about what we don’t want to think about. I wouldn’t make a good expat life blogger if I didn’t talk about the crappy parts of living abroad too. I can talk about how much I love living in Amsterdam but I will also tell you about the anxieties that I’ve experienced.

Did you know that Americans abroad have to file taxes unless they live in a country that forbids it? We lived in Virginia (the only state I ever lived in until I moved to Amsterdam!) and in that Commonwealth, they never let you leave. So we have to file state taxes every year–forever! I’m not even sure how it’s possible that they don’t let you leave, but that’s the way it is.

I was given access to the Taxes For Expats service in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own and not influenced by the company. I am not a tax professional. Everything I write is of my personal experience and research as of this writing. Do your own research!

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How to file taxes abroad

We used TurboTax for a couple years because our situation was fairly straight-forward, but they nickel and dime you which is just annoying. You never really know if you did everything right! It always made me very nervous and was terrified of an audit.

Taxes For Expats got in touch and wanted to see if I wanted to give them a try. We jumped at the chance because, why wouldn’t you when you know it’s a professional taking care of it? As you know, we bought a house in 2017, and that one thing makes things a little bit more complicated. We really wanted someone who knew what they were doing to handle the taxes for peace of mind.


What we liked about Taxes for Expats

The questionnaire is probably as simple as it can be, considering, you know, it’s taxes. I suggest to log in as soon as you get an account and see which documents you will need to fill out the form. That will make the whole process easier and much faster than it took us! Lesson learned for next time.

The biggest reason I like this service is knowing our taxes are done right. We had the name of the person helping us and their work gets double-checked. And even then, there’s audit protection included in the price!

The interface is really friendly-looking and easy to use. If you don’t understand something, there’s usually a little pop-up to help out.

Pricing is pretty clear and they have flat fees. Don’t forget to scroll down! The main fee you see is for federal forms. As I mentioned before, we also need to file a state tax return which is listed as an option on the bottom of that page. As of this writing, these states typically make you file: California, New Mexico, South Carolina, Virginia. Obviously, do your own research on this!

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What we didn’t like about Taxes for Expats

I loved having someone else do our taxes. Hello, free time! But, the reminder emails to submit the information before our Dutch taxes were even due were a bit much. I appreciated the due diligence, but once I emailed our rep back and let them know when we expected to have the Dutch papers, he paused the reminders until then.

There’s a little bit of math to do on your own if you are filing jointly. I guess that’s to be expected and it wasn’t too bad. Part of me hoped we would just scan everything in and some machine would read it and figure out what numbers to put where. I don’t think taxes will ever be quite that simple in the U.S.

The price is a bit higher than I expected, or maybe I’m just cheap? Of course, it is higher than if you do it yourself on Turbotax. I see it as you paying for professionals to know it’s done right…and filling out the paperwork you know you don’t want to do. Also, the investment is in line with what I see in Amsterdam to do similar work. Just the cost of being an expat!


Final thoughts

If you’re looking for someone to do your United States taxes, I would recommend Taxes For Expats. They are professional and very responsive. I’m such a control freak that I ask a lot of questions, mainly around timing, and they always get back to me quickly.

As with anything like this, have your papers ready. Know your numbers and just go for it! They also can check a return you do yourself if you just want to hone your skills as your own personal tax person 🙂

I’d love to know if you do your own taxes or if you pay someone to do them for you. Are you ever worried you fill it out wrong? That fear is why we have someone do our taxes, so just do what’s best for you!

Wishing you love and travels!

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