Work With A Wanderlust For Life

Are you a brand or destination and would like to work with A Wanderlust For Life?

How wonderful! Welcome!

We are happy to consider your request if it meets our Vision and Values. The product or destination must align with either expat life, weekend travel, general travel, travel essentials, packing light, festivals, or travel/food related. Simply put, it must add value to our readers.

When you get in contact, please be very clear on what you would like from us, and the value that it would have for us. We believe in clarity and getting expectations out of the way up front. You are welcome to view our media kit and to contact us at jessica [at] for a list of possible services.

Past partnerships

Brand partnerships

A Wanderlust For Life reserves the right to decline any campaigns that don’t align with our Vision and Values. We do not accept sponsored posts.