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Zaanse Schans from above

Local Tip!

Travel in April, May, June, or September

While there’s something to love about every season in The Netherlands, July and August is peak season. The weather is nice (although I still recommend packing an umbrella), but you’ll be in the company of hoards of travelers enjoying their summer vacations. My advice? Plan a trip for April or May to see the country’s famous flowers! Or visit in September because sometimes the summer sticks around a little longer. The weather will be unpredictable, but if you’re lucky, you may get a few beach-worthy days, so pack a swimsuit! 


Where to visit

The Netherlands is so much more than Amsterdam, and it’s my mission to introduce you to the hidden gems of the country. Visit Rotterdam for modern architecture, The Hague for a mix of beach and city life, and don’t forget about Woerden— the cutest cheese town you’ve never heard of. One thing that’s guaranteed? You’ll find canals, tulips, appeltaart (pie), and bikes everywhere you go! Will you pedal your way through the countryside?

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Major events in the Netherlands worth visiting for

While there are plenty of things to do in the Netherlands in general,a bunch of those things to do are outside of Amsterdam. Yep, there are events in the Netherlands throughout the whole year that are worth visiting. No matter what your interests

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