About Us



Welcome to A Wanderlust for Life!  We are so glad you stopped by!  So, you’re probably wondering, “who are these people and why do they have a blog?

Well, let’s start with the first question.  We are Sean and Jessica Cutrufello, two travelers who are originally from the United States, but sold everything they owned and are currently living the expat life in Amsterdam.  Jessica got the travel bug after traveling to Europe with her grandparents at the age of 16. Sean went on a university-sponsored trip to Europe in college with Jessica and he couldn’t stop talking about going back until we moved to Amsterdam 9 years later.

Dim Sum, Sea Palace, Amsterdam

Dim Sum, Sea Palace, Amsterdam

We like to enjoy life and savor the flavor of wherever we are. Sean is a foodie with a special love for Asian flavor and Italian dishes, and is the heart of the photography on this blog. Jessica loves her sweets, specifically cupcakes, and enjoys trying to put into words how we experience the world.


On to the next question: Why do we have a blog?  Well, there are a few reasons.  We want to keep our family and friends informed. When you’re so far away from loved ones, it’s nice to have a central place to keep everyone up-to-date on what you’re doing and where you’re going.  A blog is a great place to store memories — kind of like a multimedia scrapbook.  When we have children, we’d like to be able to show them examples of how and where we traveled, the people we met, what we did, and how the experience changed or reinforced our views. Finally, we want to help YOU by sharing our thoughts and tips on anything travel related: destinations, food, events, gear, and everything in between. Everyone’s outlook on travel is different, and you either learn from your own experiences or from the experiences of others, and we want to be another resource for anyone who might be interested in traveling.

Big Ben (Elizabeth Tower), London, England

Big Ben (Elizabeth Tower), London, England

Just to give you some insight into how we travel, we like to travel light with only carry-ons whenever possible. It’s just so much easier once you get used to it! Nowadays, we have a hard time filling large suitcases (unless we are moving our lives across the ocean!). We are real, everyday people who like to get out and feel the soul of a place and talk to the locals. We aren’t super budget travelers — we don’t stay in hostels (yet). We aren’t backpackers (I don’t think I could carry one for that long!). But we are about quality because, for us, it is important in every part of life: your relationships, your home, your bags, your trips, should all be high quality. Make the most of your life and you will be happy.

It doesn’t really matter where in the world you are, you can still hop around the globe if you’d like, though we have settled in Amsterdam for the moment.  For us, It’s the perfect base to hop around Europe while still having a place to come home to.  We love Amsterdam, so if you are stopping by, please let us know!  We love to network!

We’d love for your to connect with us, so check out our little round buttons at the top right and say hello. To get in touch directly, just email us at jessica {at} awanderlustforlife {dot} com. Thanks again for visiting and we hope to see you around the blog soon!

~The Cutrufellos