How to spend 2 days in Stockholm with the Stockholm Pass

Stockholm in the summer is one of the most spectacular places we have ever been to. While we were in town, we used the 48 hour Stockholm Pass and challenged ourselves to see how much we could get into and spend 2 days exploring Stockholm to the fullest.

We were given the 48 hour pass as part of a travel bloggers conference and wanted to use this card to get as much as possible out of those two days. Here’s the video of what we got into and below we have everything listed out with lots of detail.

Part of the joy of traveling is to be surprised. There are times when, because we travel so much, that places just don’t surprise us anymore. Europe is filled with dozens of cultures and regional specialities and differences. But sometimes, it starts to run together and feel the same in some way.

Stockholm spoke to us, intrigued us and that hadn’t happened in a while. It felt inviting, interesting, and like a puzzle to put together with secrets to uncover and famous places to explore. One of the coolest things I got to do was to get on top of some roofs. How many places do you get to hike on a roof? Read about that experience and see some cool photos on our exploring the rooftops of Stockholm post.

Rooftop tour in Stockholm

There is so much to do in Stockholm, so if you plan on staying in the city for longer than 2 days, then we HIGHLY recommend you take a Stockholm food tour. It was one of our first food tours and set the bar pretty high. Since then, we’ve gone on quite a few food tours throughout Europe but it remains as one of our favorites. Food is such an important part of traveling, that it would be a shame to not get an introduction into the cultural food highlights while you are there.

Summer was such a magical time to visit because we were running around either in a t-shirt or a thin long-sleeved shirt. I can’t imagine a better time to visit. In saying that, I do recognize that winter might be just a magical in a different way, so it’s up to you to see if you would want to visit.

NOTE: Some items on this list are not available during the off-season, check their website to be sure. However, if you want to purchase the Stockholm Pass and support this website, it’s super easy. Just click through to our partners at GetYourGuide to purchase it. You have the choice between 1, 2, 3 and 5 days for your pass. While this post is all about using the 2 day Stockholm pass, we will also leave suggestions at the end for if you buy the 3 or 5-day pass.

2 days in Stockholm – Day 1

Stockholm boat - with the Stockholm Pass

Royal Canal Tour

Since we live in Amsterdam, this seemed like the perfect start to the day and we were right! It was a beautiful 50 minute tour throughout the Djurgården canal. You get so much out of seeing any destination from a different perspective. Go to a high place to see it from above (spoiler alert! We did that too!) And get on the water to see it from angles you can’t get anywhere else.

Have your breakfast at your hotel or any lovely shop on the way to Strömkajen, the departure point. You can get on a boat as early as 10:30am, you may want to pop down there the day before and book your spot just in case it fills up. There are snacks on the boat so don’t worry if you get a little hungry!

Spirits Museum

We visited the Spirits Museum because of the location and it was a fairly small exhibition. Learn about the regional spirits and the culture behind it all. Use all your senses — yes, all. There’s a tasting room! I feel confident in saying that you haven’t been to a museum like this before.

spirit museum in stockholm

There are even some extra exhibitions you can check out if they tickle your fancy. I’m not sure if kids would enjoy it but there are interactive bits, so they might.

Grona Lund Amusement Park

Traditional and fun, this is a spot you just have to check out. Bring out your inner kid and take some rides, eat some carnival food, and people watch to your heart’s content. With 31 rides you are not going to get bored and since it’s been around since the 1880’s, it’s also full of history and there’s a reason it still exists!

I have to say, going to an amusement park like this with your partner just adds to the joy. But, I think it would make a fabulous afternoon with your girl or guy friends as well. “Good ol’ fashioned fun” is what it’s all about.

My happy place in Stockholm

Stockholm Pass – Day 2


We are suckers for a good view, which is why we took the glass gondola up the side of the Ericsson Globe — the world’s largest spherical building. We scooted along watching the ground gradually leave us as we rose up to get some epic views.

I’m not sure which is better, the view from the water or the view from the Skyview. If you know of some other epic views in Stockholm, leave a comment so others can enjoy it, too 🙂

Hop-on Hop-off bus & boat

See the inner city while moving along on a double decker bus. It’s a great way to pop by the major sights and get a look from the bus, or hop off to explore a bit more and the board the next bus when you are ready.

With 19 bus stops and 9 boat stops, it’s an easy way to get around and since it’s included in the Stockholm Pass anyway, it would be silly not to take advantage.

There’s certainly a water theme going on here but that’s to be expected considering Stockholm sits upon 24,000 islands. I believe it’s always great to get on the water, so even if you don’t take the suggested canal tour, take a boat across the water or stay on for the entire trip. It happens to be a super convenient way to get to the Grona Lund Amusement Park.

butterfly house in stockholm

The Butterfly House Haga Ocean

Get outside the city a bit and get into nature when you check out the Butterfly House. It’s a constant tropical temperature inside so if it’s chilly outside, you’ll get to warm up while visiting the many butterflies that are waiting to welcome you.

They are free to fly about in the exhibit so you just never know if one fancies you and wants to land for a friendly hello. It’s a space where you will lose all worries while surrounded by lush vegetation and waterfalls that the really make you feel like you are in the tropics — if only for an hour.

Other recommendations for the 3 or 5 day Stockholm pass

Jess in Vasa museum Stockholm

Vasa Museum

In one of my favorite areas, Djurgården, you’ll find the famous Vasa Museum. It’s a pretty big deal in Stockholm and is considered a must-see museum. It’s a maritime museum built around a ship from the 17th century. But the kicker is that the ship is almost completely original despite having sunk on its maiden voyage in 1628 and having been underwater for over 300 years. It’s truly a sight to see! There are a few exhibitions in the building and can even take a guided tour.

Vasa ship

Photography museum – Fotografiska

Even the website says it’s one of the most popular museums in Stockholm because it’s not only famous for its art, but also its food. Seems a bit strange to me, but who can pass up an opportunity to eat at one of the best museum restaurants in the world after admiring some incredible photographs? It’s 2,500 square meters, so give yourself some time. It’s why I’ve included it when you have an extra day or so.


Book your Stockholm Pass here.

Where to eat in Stockholm

We just wouldn’t be us if we didn’t give you suggestions on where to eat! Stockholm is full of excellent spots to eat and we could easily go back just to find new places to get delicious food, but for now, you’ll have to still with our short list you can visit in your two days.

food hall in stockholm


A food hall is always a good place to go, so a visit to the Haymarket is definitely in order. It’s for locals, it’s for visitors, you can take it to go or some places can spots for you to sit and enjoy. No matter how to eat it, just follow your nose (or your eyes) and find some new things to try. Don’t hesitate to ask questions! People tend to be friendly and are happy to explain a dish.

Urban Deli

This is a unique spot. The Urban Deli is part shop, part deli, part restaurant. It has an awesome vibe and delish food that is influenced by all over the place, so you are sure to find something a little traditional and something you’ve never had before.

Barrels Burgers & Beer

Found in Gamla Stan, Barrels Burgers & Beer is one of our favorite spots — we went there a few times. We can’t help being burger-and-fries-loving Americans even when we travel. Trying new things is super important when in a new place, but sometimes a taste of your own comfort food is needed, too. And this place knocked our socks off!

barrels burgers and beer stockholm

Find a hotel in Stockholm

We stayed in the Comfort Hotel Xpress Stockholm Central which is literally part of the train station. Could you be more central?? We booked a cheaper room so it had no window which turned out to be fine because we were conferencing and out and about all day. Because it was summer, the sun was up much longer than normal so no window meant pitch black for bedtime.

Or search on for the best accommodation for you!

Find an activity for the rest of your trip

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