How to get to Ischia: Ferry from Naples to Ischia

Italy is a fabulous country with so many corners to discover. We haven’t written too much about our trips to Italy because they’ve been mostly personal and there has to be a line somewhere. But now we are here to share with you how to get the ferry from Naples to Ischia.

Ferry from Naples to Ischia

The island of Ischia is popular with Italians and Germans, but it’s a charmer of a place. Everyone talks about Capri (which we also loved) but this island has a lot to offer as well and isn’t quite as overrun by people. When you’re wondering how to get to Ischia and then think to yourself that it might be a silly question, don’t! Italy is known for transportation to be on a suggested schedule and things can be confusing. But, I promise, if we didn’t have a problem getting to Ischia, neither will you!

How to get from Naples to Ischia: Naples airport to Naples ferry port

The easiest and quickest way to get to the ferry port is to take the Alibus. It drops you off right by the port. How to buy a ticket for the Alibus couldn’t be easier. Just purchase it from the driver for 5 Euros, then make sure you validate it in the machine.

The buses run about every 20-30 minutes depending on the day and the traffic. Then the ride itself is about 30-35 minutes. Always make sure you give yourself enough time to get anywhere when traveling.

Ischia port with ferry from Naples

Taking the hydrofoil or ferry from Naples to Ischia

We bought our tickets at the ticket booth since we were trying to be a bit more spontaneous than normal. But if you’re like the regular me, you’ll appreciate OK Ferry where you can buy the tickets ahead of time to get to Ischia from Naples. It should tell you if luggage is included, but take some small bills just in case you need to pay extra for your large bags.

Once you disembark from the ferry, there are taxis (which will charge you more than they should) and buses. Here is some super helpful information on the buses on Ischia. It’s always worth checking to see if your hotel has a shuttle from the ferry. That’s always a nice touch if they do!

What is the difference between a hydrofoil and a ferry?

This is a common question. In general, hydrofoils are faster, smoother, and a bit more expensive than ferries. Ferries obviously take a bit longer, may rock a bit more, and cost less. You just have to see what kind of travel is best for you!

Aragonese Castle on Ischia Gulf of Naples

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