Nordic Flavors on a Food Tour in Stockholm

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, the best way to experience a different culture is to eat the food! We’ve seen it in Berlin with the influence of Turkish food, in Barcelona with dishes I didn’t even know were Catalan, and even found cuisines that have snuck into London! Take a food tour in Stockholm on one of your first days because if you fall in love with a bite of something, you‘ll have time to go back and enjoy an entire meal!

Food Tours Stockholm

For this tour, we’re in Stockholm taking the Nordic Experience food tour from Food Tours Stockholm. While there’s a handful of tours available (I’m looking at how amazing the sweets tour looks), this tour gave an amazing overview of Nordic dishes. Not only that, we had some foods that people fight for tables over! Kind of felt like a VIP 😉

Food Tours Stockholm Fish Soup

We started at the Hötorgshallen which reminds me a bit of the Markt Hall in Rotterdam and the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. It was fun having five of our stops in one spot! It’s good to stick tightly with the group here and I felt like I was in the way a bit, but once you start eating, it’s easier to find yourself in your own little world!

Stockholm Food Tour Game Meat

Our first bites were game meat. I’m not one to usually enjoy game meat. My family always tried to get me to eat deer and I tried it once…never again! But I try it all while on the food tour, so I tried reindeer, moose, and even bear! I never thought I would eat bear, but it was delicious. I could have eaten everyone’s samples and been happy. This is the perfect time to try new things because you just never know if you’ll love it!

Stockholm Food Tour Cheese

From meat to cheese to a Finnish treat, we were still inside the market. The Karelian pasty (Finnish treat) was nothing like I’d ever seen before! A pastry with a rice pudding topped with an egg mousse. I didn’t know what to expect from the taste, but it was very mild with no strong egg flavor.

Stockholm Food Tour Finnish Treat

Then it all went fishy and the alcohol started to flow. Two types of herring that had completely different flavors and a piece of salmon that was delicious had my stomach ready for more. This fish stall knows how to do their thing…leaving you to wanting to buy some to take with you. We ate, drank, and sang at this stall and there were so many Instagram-worthy moments. But I do love my photo-in-a-photo with Skye Class.


When we left the market, I was a little sad because I knew there was so much more to try and buy! But my disappointment left as soon as the man at Urban Deli started talking. Sean and I instantly fell for this part store-part restaurant-part bar environment. They use fresh ingredients, make most things homemade and the staff is given a lot of freedom to experiment. So you could ask for something off-the-wall and get something amazing! They even have a butcher on site…and that’s why we had some beef tartare. It was beautiful and I kind of liked it…tartare isn’t my favorite thing because of the texture. But the flavor was on point and still made me want to go back (and we did!).

Food Tours Stockholm Tartare

I don’t want to give away the entire tour, but I will say that we discovered one of the best places for Swedish meatballs (better than IKEA!), some drool-worthy chocolate, cookies, more meats and cheeses, and even had a grande finale in a dungeon with coffee and tea and treats that I wished were much bigger because they were amazingly delicious!

Food Tours Stockholm Swedish Meatballs

Here are some photos so you get a peek at the tour…but watch that drool!

Food Tours Stockholm Meat Tray stockholm_food_tour_fish_tasting

Stockholm Food Tour with Bread Food Tours Stockholm Dessert

This was a complimentary tour thanks to Food Tours Stockholm, Visit Stockholm and TBEX, which we thoroughly enjoyed. All opinions are my own and we are so grateful for the opportunity to experience this food tour so we can share it with you!

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