Exploring the rooftops of Stockholm

Did you ever think “If I could just climb up there, I’d get the perfect shot”? Well, that’s exactly what I did in Stockholm. I’m not sure what these people were thinking when they created a rooftop tour in Stockholm, but I’m glad they went through with it. Big shout-out to Takvandring for taking sightseeing to the next level!

Would you climb onto a roof for this kind of experience?

Safety first

Harnesses for a rooftop tour

As we prepped to go out on the roof, we got in all the safety gear. We had harnesses, carabiners and helmets. Felt like I was rappelling into a cave! Not that I’ve done that. But I totally would…I have climbed down a 7 story building before, though! 😀

Even our phones got safety gear so they wouldn’t fall off the roof. That was super thoughtful! Who doesn’t have their life on their phone? The little pouches are designed so that we could still use our phones–I mean, how else was I going to Snapchat?!

Rooftop tours of Stockholm

I’m not afraid of heights. In fact, I love getting up high to get an amazing view. But more than that, I love doing something a bit quirky–something others don’t think to do, but should really be on your list.

Let the adventure begin

Rooftop tour in Stockholm

There was a woman on our tour who was afraid of heights but did amazingly well! I can only imagine what was going through her mind before we stepped out onto the roof. The only thing going through my mind was “Let’s gooooooo!” as my heart started to beat just a little bit faster as we ascended the stairs.

I definitely have an adventurous side that doesn’t get out to play very often. That needs to change. But going up on a roof to catch all the sights from above while being attached by carabiners and straps seems to be right up my alley.

Roof top hiking

Rooftop hiking in Stockholm

The views were incredible. I kind of wish I was on my own so I could go at my own pace and take it all in…and stay up there forever.

Rooftops of Stockholm

The group went fairly slowly so everyone was comfortable. You had to pay attention because there was a very specific way to get your clips around the joints in the railing you’re attached to and it takes a little finesse to get it through and around the corners. But once you get used to it, it’s a flick of the wrist and you’re on the next view point!

Rooftop tour safety

On this tour, you’re walking and climbing (stairs) on a roof. So there’s never a dull moment! A guide is always at the front of the line and at the back of the line to keep you safe.

Bloggers on the roof

We learned a lot about the area and what kind of people lived where and why certain homes are built the way they are. Stockholm is a fascinating place. It’s made up of many islands and each have their own personality. That’s why it was easy to come up with 10 reasons you’ll love Stockholm. I wish we could spend a month there every summer!

Stockholm is stunning from above

Great views of the Stockholm rooftops

My mind drifts a lot when it comes to this city. Every experience we had there was great. From the summer weather, to discovering my happy place on Djurgården, to eating incredible food, it all made for a trip that makes me want to go back again and again. For now, let’s get back to the rooftop trekking experience so I can relive it with you!

Rooftop tour

This view over the city is really one-of-a-kind. You can see Södermalm, Gamla Stan, Östermalm, and you overlook the water too! The colors, the shapes, the twisting roads, even the sky, all comes together for an experience like I’ve never had before. I didn’t want to go inside and have it all end.

Rooftop tour of Stockholm

If there had been a chair I could have locked myself to, I would have done it just to stay for sunset. All good things come to an end though, but I am a happier person for having gone on this mini adventure. A big smile was fixed on a my face for the rest of that day.

Stockholm roofs

You can probably tell that I HIGHLY recommend this tour. I want to keep writing about how awesome it is just so I can keep “talking” about it and experiencing those feelings again. But I think you get the idea.

If you’re screaming “I want to do that!” Good. Because I could almost guarantee you won’t regret it (unless you really are crazy scared of heights).

Here’s how you do this

Stockholm roofs

Easy! Just not cheap since you have to book your flight to Stockholm, then book your tour on the Takvandring website. Best to do it in that order.

How to get there

Rooftop tour in Stockholm

Take the metro to the Gamla Stan stop, then take the exit towards the water. You’ll be going under a bridge. Once you walk out, you’ll be right at the water’s edge! Make a right and head to your meeting spot. You may want to download Google maps of this area just to feel secure in knowing where you’re going. I’d actually get there early and take a quick walk around this part. It’s quite small and charming. In the height of summer there was hardly anyone around. I love finding quiet spots! If you do too, then this walk is definitely for you.

What to wear

Rooftop tour in Stockholm

You’ll be wearing a harness, so I suggest clothes that fit snugly to avoid bunching in the wrong places. Wear sneakers or shoes you feel super comfy in and won’t slip off.

Go for it!

Photos from the rooftops

This was hands-down the best thing I did in Stockholm. It gave me a different perspective of the city to fall in love with–and I don’t know about you, but I found this place so easy to fall for. I truly hope you get to visit Stockholm. Of course this tour is amazing, but even if you don’t take it, find your own way to explore and find your little part of the city.

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Stockholm Rooftop Tour - must do when in Stockholm, Sweden

The was a complimentary tour while we were at the TBEX conference. However, this is all my personal opinion! I always tell you what I really think.

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