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Dangerous Sweets of Amsterdam


Dangerous Sweets

It’s pretty well known among my friends and family that I have a sweet tooth. A big one in fact. And my love of sweets is universal. In fact, my list of sweet treats includes: cupcakes, chocolates, macarons, cakes, and maybe one you wouldn’t have thought about.

Without further ado, let’s get into the dangerous sweets of Amsterdam! We’ll start with the cupcakes, because, why not? In some cities I have planned out a cupcake tour, but I’ve only found two cupcake places so far in Amsterdam, so the full cupcake tour post will have to wait a bit.

Van Ness Cupcake

Van Ness Cupcakes is a great shop to pop in and get your cupcakes to go. We go here once to twice a month to say hi and have a tasty treat. Be sure to check the special flavors of the month! With so many flavors to try, it may take more than one trip. Each flavor is labeled and on display on its own pedestal. You select your flavors and she grabs a fresh one from behind the counter. The monthly special for September was a Dulce de Leche flavored mini-cheesecake and was delicious. It’s easy to find, just hop off at Spui, and walk a few blocks down Spuistraat.  Look for the purple sign.  Quick note: this shop only accepts cards as payment, no cash here.


Americakes was the first cupcake shop we tried. I found this cute little place just searching on Google Maps. The owner is an American Expat who came to Amsterdam as a student and loved it so much she stayed! She makes the cutest mini cupcakes, delicious cheesecake, and scrumptious brownies (and other treats). It’s around the corner from the Lutmastraat stop on Tram 4. Stop in for a treat and hang out for a bit in the shop, or take your goodies to-go and find a spot at the nearby Sarphatipark.

Patisserie Tout
Patisserie Tout

I couldn’t believe I had such a connection with this next sweet treat: The macaron. We first encountered Patisserie Tout’s delicious macarons at the Bacchus Wine Festival, and we just had to get more. The array of colors and flavors in the display case can be overwhelming, though, in our experience,  you really can’t go wrong!  The Salted Caramel is my absolute favorite flavor, while Coffee was Sean’s.  They also sell chocolates, but I think their forte is the macaron. Again, it’s a quick walk from Tram 4 at the Maasstraat stop.

Puccini Bomboni
Puccini Bomboni

Chocolate. Oh sweet, delicious chocolate. I love chocolate. If you go to Puccini Bomboni you will be overwhelmed with all the beautiful and flavors and colors. These babies are much more than you’ve probably paid for chocolates before, but they are huge (I’d call them “two-bite” chocolates) and the taste is amazing. It’s really up to you if you are willing to pay the premium. But, I can say that it was a great treat and would make an amazing gift! You can also buy bars of chocolate and other types of sweets as well. They have a couple stores in Amsterdam, so just hit up Google Maps to see which is closest to you!

Winkel 43
Winkel 43

Apple pie. Apple cake. Appeltaart. Whatever you want to call it, it is perfect. It kind of looks like a cake, but I’m certain it’s a pie with crust. And it’s PACKED with delicious apples and a few raisins. Get it with whipped cream and yummmm. Head over to Winkel 43 in the Jordaan for this treat. Yes, it’s touristy, and yes, you will likely only get the appeltaart and a drink, but it’s well worth it. Just have a seat outside or in, and they will serve you from there.

The Pancake Bakery
The Pancake Bakery with our friend Katie

We’re you expecting pancakes to be on this list? No? Well, they are, and for good reason! To visualize a Dutch pancake, Imagine a cross between a crepe and american pancake, but more crepe-y in texture and size. They are bigger than your head, and they are delicious!  Give The Pancake Bakery (Prinsengracht, just a few blocks from Winkel 43) a visit.  Although they have sweet and savory pancakes and other items on the menu, I always get the apple-cinnamon one which has apples cooked INTO the pancake topped with whipped cream, cinnamon ice cream and cinnamon. They always have a seasonal special too, so check that out.

There are a bunch of great places in Amsterdam for dangerous guilty pleasures, but these are my favorite! I hope you enjoy eating your way through this list…I know we did!

Do you have a favorite sweet place where you live? Or maybe there’s a spot in Amsterdam that we should try? Let us know!

3 thoughts on “Dangerous Sweets of Amsterdam

  1. Did Katie put that all away Jessica lol! I hear you on the sweet tooth thing. I’d have downed every one of those sweets – in seconds possibly 😉 – because sweets are my thing. Those cupcakes looked awesome as did all of the food. So many sweets so little time, right?

    I’ve heard amazing things about this city but it was never on the sweet front 😉 Good to know when I finally decide to travel to Amsterdam. Thanks for sharing the images and for sharing the sweet stories!


    1. I think we all finished out plates that night! It was a long day and a well-deserved meal.

      I do love sharing my sweet stories…so there may be more in the future 🙂 Thanks for reading and let us know if you make it to Amsterdam!

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