Cheap eats in London for £10 or less

London is a pretty expensive city, but you can still eat pretty well for pretty cheap. I tested this theory when I was last in London and even made a video about it. It was a solo trip, so it’s not quite as polished as it normally is, but you’ll forgive that, won’t you?

Let’s talk about cheap eats in London for around £10 or less because I feel like it might sound impossible. I promise you that it’s not. Yes, I did a ton of research beforehand and I’m actually impressed at what’s available. Now, I’m sharing my favorite finds, so you can enjoy a budget trip to London, too!

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If you’re wondering why I’m wearing a suit, it’s because I was cosplaying as the 10th doctor from Doctor Who! London currently has an interactive theatrical experience for Whovians that I would absolutely recommend. It has a limited run, so be quick! If you want to check out what the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff used to look like (it’s closed, sadly), I wrote all about it with TONS of pictures and an old/not great vlog.

Cheap eats in London

I like food and sometimes that’s a problem when I’m traveling because I want to do fun activities, too! There are the go-to cheap spots like the fast-food restaurants we all know, but I want to share some alternatives of places you’ll actually want to eat! This is how to eat in London on a budget.


Burgers are a good starting point because it’s something you probably think shouldn’t be over 10 to start with. The reality is that they usually are. A simple Bleeker Cheeseburger is about £7, and adding fries only takes it up to £10.75, so that’s not bad. Of course, the price goes up from there depending on which burger you want. Other options are Lucky Chip and Mother Flipper.

Fish & Chips

Fish and Chips are such an iconic part of the UK that you have to try some and I found a few that won’t break the bank and leave you with more money for activities. At Fish Bone, there are a few options for under £10 including small or large order of cod & chips or small order of haddock & chips. Another option is at The Golden Chippy in Greenwich (an awesome place to spend the day). While a normal order will be £10.50 for the fish and chips, they have cheap burgers, chicken, and meat pies too. Basically, something for everyone!


Pizza Union is a spot I seem to eat at whenever I’m in London. It has a great atmosphere and really cheap pizza. Many of the locations have outside seating so you can take advantage of on a nice day. I mean, you can get a Margherita pizza for under 5 and they have wine. Great combination, in my opinion.

Meat Pies

What’s another quintessential thing you need to eat when you’re in London? A meat pie! Or pie and mash. These are usually pretty cheap, so you won’t have to look too hard. Some good local spots are B.J.’s Pie & Mash, Maureen’s Pie & Mash, and Mother Mash. I’ve been to Pie Minister a few times and enjoyed it, but these shops are more the local favorites.

Maltby Street Market

Maltby Street Market is a gem and I want to tell everyone to go and wish people would stay away, at the same time. It can get crowded, so go early, but there are so many food options for under 10 that you’ll be in Foodie Heaven! I loved the Vietnamese bun and the Duck Frites deliciousness. It also seems that Amen Ethiopian food is the favorite by far based on the line. There are more food stands and some have bigger portions than others, like the Arapas at La Pepia is massive!

Old Spitalfields Market

Pleasant Lady Trading is famous for its Chinese street food of Jian Bing filled with so many things and I’m just linking the website. You can also get delicious Turkish food, Venezuelan food, Indian samosas, Greek food, and more, for under 10. It’s kind of crazy if you think about it…and how accessible cheap meals really are.

Borough Market

With over 100 stalls, you’ll find something you’ll love that will fill you up and not empty your pocket at Borough Market. Sink your teeth into Thai, Malaysian, Iraqi, Singaporean, and so much more. Again, lots of options for not a lot of money which just goes to show that markets are the way to go when in London. There will be something for everyone and it’s a whole atmospheric thing, too!

Other places for eating in London on a budget

London Skyline. Thames in the foreground, with the Walkie Talkie, London Tower and other buildings in the middle, and blue sky with white puffy clouds.

I’d say that my suggestions are perfect for a regular-sized lunch, not just that there was a deal for under £10 (though the burger might classify as that). Everyone has a different amount they like to eat during the day, so you may want to eat more, and you might want less. For instance, I can’t eat the whole 12” pizza from Pizza Union, so I had it for breakfast. Two meals for under £5 is winning to me!

One thing to note is that London is a very big place and many of these will not be in central London. Keep that in mind when deciding where to eat and make a Google Map or something similar to create a list of pins so you can see where things are in relation to each other.

There are other articles that share even more cheap food in London, like this one from the Evening Standard on 100 places for under 10. A lot of these look like single dishes that won’t fill you up, but it’s a great way to get inspired!

We can’t overlook the London Cheap Eats website! It’s a gem of a website with an obvious passion for sharing cheap, but delicious food. I would bookmark it somehow when you’re in London to refer back to. They even categorize the restaurants in a few different ways, including which part of London they are in.

Last but certainly not least is the Time Out list. They are pretty good at putting these together and it’s definitely worth a look. Just double-check prices if you’re on a strict budget because they can and do change frequently!

Enjoy your trip to London and I wish you joy and travels!

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