Doctor Who: Time Fracture Immersive Theater Adventure Review

Doctor Who: Time Fracture gave me complimentary tickets in exchange for writing about my experience. All opinions are my own!

Woman in blue suit facing camera in round contraption that is the Time Fracture

Whovians, unite to save the universe!

When I found out that there was an immersive theater adventure for Doctor Who, I knew I had to go. Since it’s in London and I’ve been missing the city terribly, I took a long weekend to visit friends and basically feel like a hero at the Doctor Who Time Fracture.

Even after watching the promo video and seeing press photos, I still didn’t fully know what to expect…and I think that’s part of the appeal. So, in this review, I’ll be mindful of too many “Spoilers!”.

“If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be the Doctor’s companion, this is an unmissable experience.”

Jessica C

What is immersive theater?

Have you ever heard of immersive theater? I’ve heard of dinner theatre and a murder mystery dinner, but when I found out that there was a Doctor Who interactive theatrical experience, I was curious. 

The best way I can explain it is that you’re in a scripted show that has elements of improv since the audience interacts directly with the actors. Guests move about in different spaces throughout the show, sometimes guided by actors, and sometimes you move about on your own exploring. There’s no fourth wall because you are a character, yourself, in the show!

Jessica in UNIT HQ
Photo courtesy of Doctor Who: Time Fracture

How to get the most from immersive theater

Get in character! I thought this might be hard, but it really wasn’t because the actors are amazing! Also, I may have dressed up as David Tennant’s 10th doctor because I’ve never cosplayed before and this seemed like the perfect time. 

Do not touch the actors. You wouldn’t do it in a normal show, so don’t do it here.

No phones/photos are allowed during the show! But at the end, you can take photos in the U.N.I.T. command space. This is absolutely a good thing because you have to stay in the moment, in the scene. 

Group of people going through a round door
Photo courtesy of Doctor Who: Time Fracture

How Time Fracture ties in with Doctor Who

This experience is in U.N.I.T. headquarters underneath London, England.

You’ll get some pleas for help from a Doctor, or two, or more. And you’ll see other familiar characters on the screen who are trying to help you save the universe.

It wouldn’t be a true Doctor Who experience without some well-known villains. Let me tell you, you’ll get your fill! There may be a few scary (fun) moments that will cement the feeling that you are really in the Whoniverse.

Doctor Who Dalek
Photo courtesy of Doctor Who: Time Fracture

What to Expect from the Time Fracture show

When you book tickets for Doctor Who Time Fracture, you’ll pick a specific time. Once you arrive, you have bags checked by security while you wait outside. There’s a cloakroom once you are allowed inside which is 2 pounds per item. You can take small bags inside, but you won’t want anything else except your phone for photos at the end and maybe a card to buy drinks during intermission. 

The group you arrive with seems to get much bigger once you’re in the U.N.I.T. headquarters. I can’t figure out where they come from, but since the show is about 2 hours and there are 45 minutes between tickets, maybe things are done in a different order. It all feels a bit timey wimey!

Because of the size of the group, it does get a bit loud with the actors trying to speak to each section. However, it’s easy to move around to get a bit closer. 

It’s all a bit (expectedly, in my opinion) chaotic. I feel like that’s exactly what I wanted, too. Is that weird? The music can be a bit loud in some parts which I mainly mention for anyone who is sensitive to sounds. 

The beginning feels a bit long, but it’s setting up the story, so paying attention will help you later in the show. The end also is a bit long, but you also feel like you’re watching a part of history and, hopefully, saving the universe. The middle bit is worth going by itself because you’ll encounter villains and plenty of people from the Whoniverse. You can interact, help make decisions on how to move forward, and really get into it. 

If you go multiple times, you will have a different experience each time. I didn’t interact with every character, because it’s a bit organic in how you move around to get to the final point in the show. 

There is an intermission which I wasn’t expecting at all, but considering how many people got drinks and went to the bathroom, I guess it was needed! Prices aren’t bad and you get a live singer while on a spaceship and she is phenomenal. You may still interact with the actors, as well. It was a great space…in space 🙂 Again, just a bit loud (especially if you are wearing a mask and really have to shout to be heard).

Torchwood male actor with white subway tile behind him
Photo courtesy of Doctor Who: Time Fracture

Best Parts of Doctor Who: Time Fracture

The actors are phenomenal! I was mostly with the one with the crazy hair and I wanted to be his best friend. If you meet him, you’ll totally understand why. I loved how they incorporated safety into the show as well by asking questions about if you’re okay with dark spaces and flashing lights. I won’t spoil that for you because it was my favorite bit, but it was seamless!

Chaos was everywhere, and it felt as real as it could, while still being incredibly entertaining. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to run with the Doctor, and this felt like what I’d imagined… a little fun and a little scary.

Characters that were included in the show were well-chosen. You’ll likely recognize and be excited to see each one of them.

Sometimes they need volunteers, so take advantage and become part of the show! I was able to hold a crown for an important moment which felt super cool. I don’t know about you, but I’m always nervous about that kind of thing, but there’s no need. The actors are so good and will make you feel at ease.

I loved the video messages from the key characters of the show. It felt as though they were stuck somewhere and that’s why you need to help!

The energy was off the charts! Oh my goodness, how do they do that?

UNIT staff in Doctor Who: Time Fracture
Photo courtesy of Doctor Who: Time Fracture

Things I didn’t love about the show

It has less Doctor Who in it than I expected. It’s more about U.N.I.T which makes sense but then I would have expected to see a few other characters on the screens that we know and love. 

The space is made for a crowd of a certain size and sometimes it was absolutely fine and sometimes it felt like there were just too many people to be able to see or interact properly. This doesn’t happen often, but it is good to know. 

When you see the Dalek and Cybermen, it feels a bit strange that there aren’t more of them. It would be been so impactful to have every exit blocked by these scary villains!

The tickets said everyone needed to wear a mask, but I’d say most of the guests did not. The actors didn’t either, but that was to be expected. 

Doctor Who: Time Fracture Review

The main question is, would I go see/be in Doctor Who: Time Fracture again? The answer is a strong “Allons-y!” 

(That’s a yes)

It seems that these shows are becoming more popular and I can absolutely see why. When it’s a themed show where you already know the background story of many of the characters and the show, it’s a totally different experience.

Any person who considers themselves a Whovian, should see this show. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be the Doctor’s companion, this is an unmissable experience.

My husband, Sean, wasn’t able to join me in London and we are already planning a trip back since the show has been extended until September 2022! 

Doctor Who Time Fracture A Wanderlust for Life
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