Sicily – A Peek At Giardini Naxos

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Sicily is special to us. It’s where Sean’s family is from–but a few generations back. So, we have a lot to explore and a lot to learn. This is just the beginning!

Giardini-Naxos in black and white

Today we’re giving you a peek inside Giardini-Naxos. A place where the life moves at a slower pace. Where the hills and mountains feel like a protector adding beauty to the landscape, though the irony is that Mount Etna can be seen by this town and is constantly active…but it keeps the land fertile.

Houses in the hills in Giardini-Naxos


It’s where the sea is welcoming and part of everyday life. Whether it’s swimming, fishing, or just admiring from the beach or rocks, the water brings happiness to everyone in different ways.

Giardini-Naxos Sea

Giardini-Naxos Boats in the Sea

Part of that life is the food. Fresh. Beautiful. Perfect. Add local wine and you have a little bit of heaven while embracing the local culture.

Giardini-Naxos Seafood

Giardini-Naxos Wine

For dinner, be prepared for 3 hours of multiple mouth-watering courses. The slow pace of life can be seen in the dishes which should be savored and enjoyed over wine with friends or family. What’s great about a small comune by the sea is how cheap the food is. From boat to chef to plate, fresh as fresh can be without actually being on the boat!

Giardini-Naxos seafood

Dinner in Sicily

Sicily is an entire island of people, food, and adventure waiting for us to meet, taste, and explore. We want to learn more about Sean’s heritage and looking forward to meeting more Sicilians…and maybe find some family!


Have you been to Sicily? How did you find it different than mainland Italy?


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