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Thank you to Cruising Krakow for this complimentary bike tour!
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When was the last time you were on a bike? Living in the Netherlands, and specifically, Amsterdam, means I’m on the bike a lot. It’s such an easy mode of transportation and once you get used to the rules of the road–and how things actually work– it’s pretty easy. I’ve even really started to enjoy pedaling around cities.

We went to Krakow not really knowing what to expect, so we set up a bike tour to be able to see the city. There were many options to get a good feel of the place including a walking tour, but why walk when you can bike? I think I’ve turned straight up Amsterdammer now 🙂

I was a bit concerned about the 3-hour tour. Wouldn’t my butt seriously hurt afterward? Bike butt is a real thing, and if I’m honest, it’s been a cold winter and I have only just gotten back on my bike not too long before this trip.


Jessica on Krakow bike tour


Cruising Krakow

After investigating, reading bios and reviews, I started to get excited about taking the City Tour with Cruising Krakow. Once we arrived in the city and wandered the streets of old town, I was hooked and couldn’t wait to explore with a guide.


Cruising Krakow bike


Thanks to trusty Google Maps and good signage, we found the shop down a little courtyard alley off one of the already small streets. All the bikes were nicely lined up and ready to go. After signing the waiver that yes, we know how to ride bikes, we were assigned our trusty two-wheeled steeds. I was so thankful they had one to fit me since I’m so short. They really have a bike for everyone. Sean even got one that he was happy with…probably because it was similar to his own bike in Amsterdam.


Bike tour group in Krakow


What you will see on this Krakow bike tour

The first stop was probably the longest, but it’s a large area with a statue full of history and the guide lays the foundation for the rest of the story. It’s basically one big story. Our guide, Mike, somehow made history interesting. These tours can sometimes be a bit dry, you know with the blah blah blah that only the history buffs can get into. But his storytelling skills paired with the interesting history of the city just worked. We both really enjoyed it!


Bike tour of Krakow group


This tour takes you through the park that makes a ring around the old center, under a canopy of trees on a nicely paved surface, up and around a castle to a fire-breathing dragon, then you’ll follow the river to find the neighborhood with an identity uniquely its own called Kazimierz, and even across the river to see Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory. From main roads to parks, to cobblestones, you’ll get a little bit of it all. Ending up at the large market square with the iconic St. Mary’s Basilica means you get an incredible, comprehensive tour of Krakow.


Why this tour was different

Being on a bike is fun. For some it reminds them of childhood and for me, it’s part of my everyday life. It’s a great way to get around because you can still see everything around you but you’re going much faster and can cover more ground than you can on foot in the same amount of time. It’s not as tiring as I thought it might be taking 3-4 hours because the stops are well-placed to give frequent breaks.


Mike of Cruising Krakow


Mike was just phenomenal. His knowledge of the city was vast but it was really how he explained everything in a way that kept you interested. We’d go to stops, and yeah, they have historical significance, but you also realized why you should even care. Sean finished the tour and immediately said it was the best tour he’s ever been on. We’ve been on a lot of tours, you guys! I really enjoyed it too, but really hate ranking stuff like this. It was one of my favorites for sure. I have left tours thinking it was a waste of time, but Cruising Krakow made a bike tour that was the complete opposite of that.


Jess on a bike


As an extra note for you, Cruising Krakow has a variety of tours to choose from both on bikes and on Segways! I have yet to try a Segway but all my friends that went really enjoyed it. We might just have to give it a shot the next time we’re in town. They also have bike rentals which we have to take advantage of next time because we are just so used to getting around that way.


Let’s chat

Are you a guided tour fan? Maybe you like to take an audio tour and walk around on your own? How about a food tour? We’d like to hear from you! Let us know how you like to travel and explore a new city.

Sometimes we go full-on tourist and take the hop-on hop-off bus tour. There’s nothing wrong with that either. Other times we enjoy getting lost in small alleys along charming old buildings. You never know what you’ll discover! I have started to really enjoy staying in the center of it all so you can easily walk around. If you’re planning a trip to Krakow, book your accommodation now so you have the best selection.

Wishing you love and travels!


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