Berlin Food Tour with Bite Berlin

Does food make you happy? It makes me happy…and sometimes a little nervous.

You’ve been there, so don’t judge! When you’re not quite sure what you’re going to eat, or you’re not sure what exactly is in front of you, or you have no clue what it will taste like, it can make you apprehensive! But sometimes a bit excited, too. That’s why we take food tours when we can, like in London, Barcelona, and Amsterdam!

When we booked the Bite Berlin Food Tour, we did what we normally do…browse the website and read reviews. Even so, it was difficult to get a read on exactly what we’d be sampling, after all, food tours are known for keeping a little bit under wraps to add a bit of mystery. You know what? I like that!

Of course that means is that I am not going to ruin this food tour for you either. But you will get a peek into some of the well-known, and some not-so-well known foods of Berlin.


Turkish Bread - Berlin Food Tour


Sam is the owner and tour guide of Bite Berlin and you immediately understand that she “gets it”. She shows up with a bottle of water and a salty German treat to start the tour.

This first bite of Berlin might have been predictable, but Sean couldn’t have been happier.  Since the tour starts at 2:00 pm, people probably skip lunch to join, so it’s a great appetizer to get going with!

As we walked along the streets, we got a quick lesson on the brass “bricks”, or stumbling stones, that memorialize the victims of the Nazi regime. It’s just one thoughtful reminder of the past so people don’t forget. Remember, but live on.

Walking through the Hackeshe Höfe was a wonderful treat! There are many courtyards like this in Berlin — sometimes you can find courtyards behind courtyards!  One of our stops had a nice small courtyard that gets you off the main street.


Turkish Table - Berlin Food Tour


Did you know that there is a large Turkish population in Berlin? Yep! And it shows though their love of Döner and other delicious Turkish food. We had a lovely sampling at a nice restaurant where we were able to sit together and learn a  bit about where everyone was from. It was the perfect place to bond over delicious food and Turkish tea!


Curryworst - Berlin Food Tour


Can you go to Berlin without a taste of currywurst? That’s a no! I don’t think any Berlin tour would be complete without a trip for currywurst. So glad this stop was on the tour!


Vietnamese Burger - Bite Berlin Food Tour


For something a little bit different, we were taken to a delicious Vietnamese restaurant. There are so many reasons we fell in love with this place. First of all, part of it is set up as if it’s a street food stall with mix-match chairs and plate ware. Second, it’s so nice inside and so beautiful! Finally, they make an AMAZING burger on a steamed bun with the perfect combination of toppings. I’m picky about my burger and don’t like a bunch of stuff on it…but this was delicious.

I love that we ended the tour with pie and then a wonderful sparkly beverage. It was the perfect end to a lovely tour.

In fact, I want this pie. Right. Now. See those lumps? It’s PEAR pie! It was OMG delicious.


Pear Pie - Bite Berlin Food Tour


In total, you get six bites, three drinks plus a bottle of water. It’s the perfect amount of food and variety to get a taste of Berlin but not feeling like you need to roll yourself home.


Vietnamese Tea - Bite Berlin Food Tour


One of the best things about small group tours is meeting other travelers! Aside from Sam herself, we met a lovely couple from Israel. We exchanged emails and fully expect the to be in contact if they find themselves in Amsterdam, or we find ourselves in their hometown!

When in Berlin, reach out to Sam at Bite Berlin for her tour…you won’t be disappointed!

Take a look at the deliciousness you can expect…

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