A Taste of SoHo – London Food Tour

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“To eat well in England you should have breakfast three times a day.”

-William Somerset Maugham

I’m not so sure about that, Mr. Maughan! I know the British haven’t really been known for their cuisine in the past, but things have changed. They still have their staples that even foreigners have come to enjoy. Ok…maybe they don’t come specifically for them, but they tend to enjoy them anyway!

While at the World Travel Market in London, I had the opportunity to attend the Eating London Twilight SoHo Food Tour, and I jumped at the chance! I mean, we already know how much I love food since you’ve seen me try a bunch of cuisines at the World of Food and devour what I could find at Rollende Keukens. But, back to the task at hand now. SoHo.

London is a large city, so there are plenty of cultures that brought delicious food to this Royal city. And in SoHo, a place known for its roller-coaster history, and home to Sir. Paul McCarty’s office (one of them), this is especially obvious. 

But back to the good stuff…the food! Simply put, it was delicious and varied while being served by people who had a passion for it. As a bonus, this food tour includes some paired libations!

Cheers to that!

London Food Tour Drinks


These tacos were just. so. good. I wanted so much more. With the combination of ingredients, something happens and you realize you’ve just had a perfect bite of food. But you have to save room to make sure that you can enjoy all the other flavors that are coming your way. The space in this restaurant is so inviting while being super cool and having that authentic Mexican vibe (with a twist!).

London Food Tour Tacos


For that British flavor, we had a meat pie. But the pie had a special ingredient to give it a flavor that goes with the name of this Club. I didn’t think I’d love the meat pie, but it was comforting, tasty, and full of flavor. It’s the perfect thing on a cold and rainy night. When eating something like this, you can taste the love that goes into it.

London Food Tour


I think the award for the most passionate about their product is the man with the ham. Listening to him speak about the meat, where it’s from, and why it’s different from the others makes you love ham too. And if you have questions, he is happy to answer! We even got an extra taste because I had learned a bit about various hams from Andrew Zimmern.

London Food Tour


At one of our stops, we got to pick our own bites from the nice selection of pintxos available that looked beautiful, tasted fresh and were nice portions. I loved that we got to pick our own, but it did make it much harder! If you’re feeling dessert, you can get it here. BUT, you might want to hold off until the last stop.

London Food Tour


A taste of Chinatown is on the list. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t just pop into this place until you knew about it, and I love that! It felt secret and yet very welcoming. How’d they manage that? We were warmed up with two very different teas and hot (not spicy) bites. I’m a big fan of Chinese food, so I was loving this!

Remember I said you might want to wait until the last stop for dessert? This is when you can thank me! It’s all about chocolate here, but there’s an extra treat that will keep you going for a couple hours. But my lips are sealed–you’ll have to go taste it for yourself. Unless you can tell what it is on your own!

London Food Tour

Before this food tour, I wasn’t sure if they were worth the time and money. After this tour, I realize what I’ve been missing! Anytime you can be around someone who knows the area, do it! We not only had tastes of the SoHo neighborhood but our guide, Hannah, told us so much about the history as we walked around. I’m pretty sure the locals don’t even know some of these facts. We definitely had a few “No! Really?!” moments. Things you didn’t know you don’t know, you know? I love learning about that stuff!

After this tour, I am definitely a fan of food tours! And with Eating Europe, the Eating London Food Tour in SoHo, is a great experience and I highly recommend them. I think the quality of the food, the length of the tour, amount of London facts, and awesomeness of the tour guide makes this tour stand out.

This was a complimentary tour and I choose to share this experience with you because you deserve to know the best things to do around the world–and this food tour is now on that list! I would never share a positive experience if it was not one. That is a promise.

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