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I love surprises! The unexpected super fun adventure that lies just outside of your normal life makes things exciting.

When I was asked to co-host on Amsterdam Calling again, I never quite know what I’m getting into.Together we’ve explored the World of Food, the Red Light District, and delicious breakfast spots in De Pijp, so when I was asked to do a canoe safari just outside of Amsterdam, my curiosity was peaked.


Amsterdam Calling Canoe


Wanting to be prepared, I packed a beach bag with pouches for my smaller items to put in a dry bag if needed. Then I threw on my warm weather clothes along with my adventure/water shoes and ran to meet up with Jerry and Sander (who you see below) to start the video at Centraal Station in Amsterdam.


Amsterdam Calling Canoe Adventure


Majel, who runs Wetlands Safari, met the whole group at the bus terminal to escort us about 15 minutes outside Amsterdam to start off with a quick drink before we hopped in a canoe and tried to remember how to paddle.

Fun fact: This adventure is featured in Rick Steves’ book and he seems to be a fan!


Amsterdam Calling Canoe Adventure


I’m not going to sugar coat it, it was a bit difficult at the beginning. We couldn’t quite get our stride. We bumped other people and ran into bridges, but it all just made us laugh. I would joke that we were playing bumper boats! (But I wouldn’t advise doing that on purpose!)


Amsterdam Calling Canoe Adventure - Jess


We went through a small town that reminded me of Giethoorn, met some cows, saw some wide open water that was a breeze to paddle through, and even had a picnic! Our guide shared with us the history of the area, helped us navigate, and was just pleasant to be around.


Amsterdam Calling Canoe Adventure With Cows!


I hope you enjoy the video! Please give it a thumbs up if you do (you can click through to watch it on YouTube if you’d like) and subscribe to Amsterdam Calling for other Amsterdam videos. You can find me in a couple coming up and a couple from the past. Can’t you tell we have fun with them?! Of course, you can find us on YouTube at A Wanderlust For Life for travel videos, too!



Big thanks to Jerry (the man behind Amsterdam Calling!) and Sander (the amazing co-host!) for making this such a fun experience!


Amsterdam Calling Group

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