Video: Exploring Berlin

Exploring Berlin

There is so much to learn about Berlin. It’s a city with multiple personalities and lets the traveler decide which lens they want to see through while exploring Berlin. We can’t wait to head back in the summer time, meet up with some locals and see the city as it is now…full of life, diversity, and fun!

If you’re looking to spend a day in the capital of Germany, we have a great guide that will get you to the hot spots of history. And if you have a longer stay (we hope you do!), it’s combines the must-see important historical areas into a day so you can experience a different lens (maybe a super-fun one) throughout the rest of your trip!

To be able to more fully share our experiences and how they affect us, we are spending more time making videos! It’s a better connection with you all because now you get to see and hear us as we take you along to exciting places.

Specifically in this video, I explain a little bit about the Berlin Wall park and the Memorial to the Murder Jews of Europe. But it’s not all about history! We discovered a great market with a drink we’ve never heard of too. Join us as we explore Berlin!


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