Amsterdam Countryside Bike Tour

Countryside bike tour from Amsterdam

I live in Amsterdam. I love Amsterdam. It’s such an amazing city with the canals as the perfect backdrop of a sunny day.

BUT…and this is a big BUT…it’s not all that there is to see in the area. While there are day trips to other cities like Delft, Utrecht, and The Hague, you really don’t have to go far for a new adventure. Just hop on a bike and take a tour from Amsterdam into the countryside with We Bike Amsterdam. 

Recently I’ve gotten into a new mindset. I don’t want to just travel. I want new experiences. New flavors. New sights. And a new perspective.

Nieuwendam - Amsterdam countryside bike tour

Biking tours around Amsterdam was never really on the list since, you know, I bike around pretty often. But I was offered the chance to go on a countryside tour from Amsterdam by bike with We Bike Amsterdam. Ummm, YES! Let’s get out of the city!

I think you should always take advantage of what you have right around you. We usually miss it because, you know, it’s there, it will always be there. So why do I need to bother going now? If you think like that, you will likely miss out.

I’ve never biked from Amsterdam to anywhere else. I haven’t really even biked that far before. I was a little nervous (would I have the stamina?) but super excited because I finally get to see the countryside that is oh-so-beautiful.

Update: We cycled to Edam and back!

While I want to write about the experience so you know what to expect (that’s usually kind of the point on a blog), I really just want to tell you to book it. Don’t ask questions. Just go! That’s how much I loved this tour around the Amsterdam countryside.

Canal lock -Amsterdam countryside bike tour

The basics

Meeting up was super easy. The shop where you grab your bike from is right by Central Station. It’s easy to find and there’s a bike waiting for you!

Since I love my bike (it’s purple), I brought mine with me. SUCH an Amsterdammer ;), I know. 

After a quick introduction of the guide and an adjustment of seat heights for those who need it, we learned our itinerary. Let’s just say that it involves biking around impossibly adorable areas and eating appeltaart (like an apple pie/cake combo).

And with that, we were off! We headed behind Central Station to grab a ferry and go north. The ferry itself is pretty awesome. The views are incredible! And it’s free…just in case you want to take it again on your own.

Cycling through the Dutch countryside

Cycling in the countryside

Once on the other side of the IJ (that body of water the ferry is in) you hop on your bikes and won’t see another stop sign or stoplight until you get back to Central Station.


I had a smile on my face the whole time. It was a perfect sunny day in the Netherlands and was thrilled to be taking advantage of it and the natural, and not so natural, scenery.

This bike tour was so chill. The guide from We Bike Amsterdam would stop every once in a while to point something out. You could stop and ask questions. You can next to the guide or another tour-goer and have a chat.

Nieuwendam - Amsterdam countryside bike tour

Small, but at the time, terrifying, note: I took my camera out to take the first photo and DROPPED IT! Turns out only the filter broke and just a small crack on the casing, so it still works. But, with glass everywhere and wanting to enjoy the trip, I just took photos with my Galaxy S7. Apologies if the quality isn’t a high as normal!

The Dutch are masters of water and you get to see some pretty cool examples of that throughout the trips. From locks, to dikes, to irrigation canals, the Dutch control water like nobody else. Be prepared to be wowed!

Of course, the animals love the water too and you might see a few cute sheep along the way like we did. How cute are these babies?! They were flaunting it for the cameras. EVERYONE stopped to take pictures. Even the locals.

Amsterdam countryside bike tour

These views though. It felt amazing to be cycling alongside the water. I’m usually a woods kind of girl, but I love bodies of water too. Something so peaceful, so calming about them.

At some point, after freeing my mind of all thoughts and just pedaling away, it was time to make a left and head to a cute restaurant called het Schoolhuis for a traditional Dutch treat…the appeltaart! I hesitate to call it apple pie. It’s more like a cross between a pie and a cake. However you want to describe it, it’s delicious. Just be sure to get it with cream on the side. It’s extra delicious that way!

Appeltaart -Amsterdam countryside bike tour

After the pie/cake/taart and coffee/tea/hot chocolate, it was time to saddle back up and start a roundabout journey back to Amsterdam. The difference in scenery was nice. We weren’t along the water anymore, but among the villages and fields. We were even lucky enough to be on the cycling tour during Open Tower Day. We took advantage of that and went up the Ransdorper Toren (tower) that was never quite finished, but had a great view! You could see for miles since this country is super flat. It was such a nice surprise to be able to do that and it’s a shame they only hold Open Tower Day once a year.

Above the Dutch countryside

Before getting back into Amsterdam “proper” we stopped to take a few photos with a windmill. It even has a name! “De Admiraal”. It’s a must to have a selfie in front of a windmill if you are visiting, right?

Windmill group photo from the Amsterdam countryside tour

After so many cute villages, meeting some animals along the way, getting a snack, and making friends, it was time to cross the water and get back to the “big” city of Amsterdam. Totally kidding about the “big” part. It feels like a village in itself!

Cycling on the country paths and feeling that sense of freedom is just incredible. While I feel so fortunate to be able to do that anytime, I hope you take advantage of the opportunity if you’re visiting my favorite place 🙂 I am fairly certain it would be a highlight of your trip!

So many great spots on the countryside bike tour from Amsterdam

Huge thanks to We Bike Amsterdam for the invitation and being confident that a local would still get a kick out of a bike tour 😉

When you do come to Amsterdam, do check out the city guide I made for you, and while I know you have a couple things on your must-do list that every visitor “should” do, make a random turn down a street when you’re walking and find something new and interesting.

Funny group photo from the Amsterdam countryside tour

This was a complimentary tour thanks to We Bike Amsterdam, which I thoroughly enjoyed. All opinions are my own and I am so grateful for the opportunity to experience this tour so I can share it with you!

19 thoughts on “Countryside bike tour from Amsterdam

  1. Sounds like a really great day! I also live in the Netherlands. To be exact in the East of the Netherlands in a reallyyy small town with lots of country side, haha. Sometimes I forgot how beautiful it actually is. This biking tour sounds really fun for a day you want to explore more than just a big city like Amsterdam. ?

    1. I’ve been in the east…once ? I should really go explore a bit more. Maybe this summer! I want to get over there and Groningen. Any good spots in the east I should check out?

  2. I did a bicycle tour in the countryside of the Netherlands a few years back and loved it! I really enjoy going for a bike ride but Amsterdam is way to hectic for me to even try. Getting out of the city is so relaxing and of course, beautiful! The tart looks so yummy too!

    1. Completely agree. Some days I enjoy biking in Amsterdam, but it’s so mundane for me now. I still LOVE the scenery and cycling is easier now that I’m used to it, but there’s just something about no traffic and no noise, you know?

  3. We have been to Amsterdam twice in 03 and 06 but we sp want to get back there again for a visit. It was the first place we took our baby and she has now been to over 20 countries.

    1. Wow! I certainly hope you do come back. I adore this city like no other. I feel like my blog and every other blog and guidebook just can’t do it justice. Really. A sunny day on a boat in the canal with friends is pretty much Heaven to me. But also just walking around, popping in to shops, grabbing a glass of wine next to the canal is so smile-inducing ?

  4. The area around Amsterdam is so beautiful and this tour looks like a lot of fun. I was amazed how many people in Amsterdam ride bikes. I actually don’t know how to ride one. I grew up in New York City and our tiny apartment had no space for one, so I never learned. Sometimes I wish I did know how so I could take fun tours like this one!

  5. It is indeed oh-so-beautiful! I think in Europe, if you step out of the borders of any major city, vistas of greenery and beautiful villages greet you. I love Europe!

  6. We’ve only been to the Netherlands once for a weekend trip to Amsterdam. Although bikes were everywhere, we didn’t partake so next time we will. Thank you for the tips!

    1. Biking in the city can be intimidating! But this trip was perfect because it got you on a bike and you get to see some of the prettiest places. This company also does a city tour you can check out! I haven’t taken it yet, but I hope to 🙂

    1. Countrysides are great! I love how different they can be than the cities nearby. And they can offer very different activities.

  7. I would love this! Sounds like a great way to see the countryside, get some exercise, and unplug. It seems more relaxing than biking in the city too.

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