Exploring Edam: A quick trip from Amsterdam

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Edam, Netherlands is just a quick day trip from Amsterdam and is so charming!

Day trips are fabulous because you can be somewhere awesome, like Amsterdam and be so close to many other experiences. Spending time in one place, only to be able to discover some other really amazing but totally different places, is so much fun. I feel stimulated, excited, and eager to see something new when all the “must-do” things have been done.

The Netherlands now has a super special place in my heart. It’s home. It’s more comfortable than I could have ever imagined. Even with a country so small, there are so many different experiences to be had. Amsterdam has its own amazing and wonderful culture. The Hague has a completely different vibe. And the absolute charm of Giethoorn is something to be experienced with its postcard-perfect scenery.

Edam is just a quick day trip from Amsterdam

My expat journey included finding places that make my heart happy. When I discovered the small town of Edam, I couldn’t stop smiling. It was so cute, I just wanted to pick it all up and take it with me. Yes, I realize how irrational that sounds. It’s an old fortress town that has been able to keep its quaint and adorable feeling throughout the times. It’s the perfect place to hop on a bus from Amsterdam with your day bag, water, snacks and of course a camera. Maybe an umbrella too. You never know!

Yes, it was a gloomy day, but in person, it’s still a wonderful and happy place to be. I don’t overly edit my photos, so it’s as real as possible for you to experience. I promise that we do have sunny days in Holland too! 

How to get from Amsterdam to Edam 

Bridges in Edam - only a quick trip from Amsterdam

Edam is only about a ½ hour bus ride (depending which bus you take) to get to Edam from Amsterdam’s Centraal Station and costs under 5 euros each way. So it’s a super fast and quick day trip from Amsterdam. I definitely suggest that you grab an anonymous OV chipkaart (a transportation card) that you refill as you go. You can find where to buy them here, or just go to the tourist office in front of the Centraal Station. Then you can easily refill the cards at any station with the big yellow machines.

The buses you take will be behind Centraal Station and up the stairs. Just follow the signs. Amsterdam is pretty great with signage! Just one of the many things I love. Check the 9292 website for which bus is best for your time. Don’t worry, that’s the English link 😉

If you want to spend the night in a super unique room in Edam as I did, check out L’Auberge Damhotel Edam which is right in the middle of the old town. Not a hotel you’ll soon forget!

Day trip from Amsterdam to Edam

What to do in Edam, Netherlands

Edam is a pretty small place and walking around the town center is very easy. It’s the perfect place to just wander and weave through the small streets and waterways. Edam is a very Instagrammable place…if you’re into that sort of thing 🙂 And plenty of shops are in the town center with lots of goodies to eat, drink, or take home as souvenirs. Between taking photos, taking in the atmosphere, and window-shopping (or real shopping), it’s a great day out!

A great view of Edam - just outside Amsterdam

Walking around might sound boring for those of us who want to go-go-go and do-do-do, but every once in a while, I think we all need to stop and smell the roses-or tulips-a bit. Take in the scenery. Find a spot to just imagine what life is like for those who live there now…and what it would have been like in the past. What do you think your role would have been back then in a town known for cheese? I’m thinking quality control.

Typical Edam street

One thing to do in Edam is to visit the cheese market! Is it touristy? Yep. But it’s also history. To see the old-fashioned outfits, and hurried pace of a cheese market from the past, be sure to visit on a Wednesday in the height of summer at 10:30 am. All the specifics are on the tourism site (in English) so you can confirm everything is still the same!

So many adorable streets in Edam

Side note: Blogs are awesome for inspiration and tips, but personally, I always check the local tourism site just to confirm everything. I highly suggest doing this too!

And of course, it just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t recommend getting on a boat. Seeing the town from a different perspective is always a bit more interesting in my opinion. The tourist office runs a boat and for 6 euro a person, it’s a pretty great deal!

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Kayak in Edam

Did I mention that you should eat cheese? No? Well, DUH! You’re in Edam. Of COURSE, you should eat cheese. Many places give you samples and you should try them all! I found flavors I didn’t even know I liked because I had the chance to give ‘em a try.


Recommended souvenir from Edam: It might be cheesy, but honestly, grab some cheese! Be sure to ask if you will be able to take it back to your home country.

Since I went to Edam on my own, I’m already planning a trip back with Sean! I loved it that much. And to go that extra mile, we are going to bike there. It will be about an hour, but we bike regularly, I don’t think it will be too bad. Still, good vibes and wishing us luck is always appreciated. Hoping for no flat tires!

UPDATE: We took that bike trip and here is our video 🙂

Fun times in Edam - So close to Amsterdam!

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What do you think…what is a cool day trip you can do from where you are? We are all a local somewhere! Share your tips for your town or city so we can all discover corners of this amazing world.

Wishing you love and travels!

It's so green in Edam

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