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Is Omio legit? Traveling around Europe with Omio

We moved to Europe for a whole bunch of reasons, but one of the most fun is how easy it is to move around throughout the different countries–much easier than the U.S. if you don’t have a car!

While transportation is easy, sometimes figuring out where to buy all the train and bus tickets is a pain in the butt. Because I’m a planner, I need to know that I have the tickets ahead of time unless I’m already familiar with the area and transit system.

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Omio was previously called GoEuro and has changed the design of their branding. I have checked the app with the new look and the functionality is the same.

What is Omio?

Omio is a website and app that you can buy train, bus, or plane tickets from. It’s a funny name and when I hear a funny name, I sometimes wonder, “Is Omio legit?,” ” Is Omio reliable?, ” and “Is Omio safe?”. I can safely say, yes. Yes, it’s legit, reliable, and safe. It is an in-between website, so they aren’t a travel carrier. It’s still up to the transportation provider to give good customer service. As far as buying the tickets, though, it’s a lifesaver!

We used their website in the U.K. going from Cardiff (Doctor Who trip!!!) to Bath and Bath to London. I liked the interface and how the process was smooth and stress-free. Recently, Omio reached out to me and let me know about their new mobile app. Even though this is a sponsored post, I am excited to work with Omio because it’s the best thing in the world to work with a company that you already believe in and have used before.

While this isn’t an Omio review (the website), it is a review of the Omio app. I’ve used both and recommend both!

How to buy tickets with Omio

To put the app through its paces, we booked a trip to Groningen(link)! Haven’t heard of it? Well, it’s in the very north of the Netherlands and we’ve been meaning to go for a while. Since it’s summer we figured it would be the best time to go. So, of course, it rained. Lol. It’s the Netherlands, what can you do?

Omio app review - Omio search screen

Start with putting in your start and endpoints, your dates and the number of passengers. Once the search happens, you see the options of trains, buses, or flights at the top and can clearly see when one of those options aren’t available. The departure time is at the bottom which you can move left or right like a dial.

Side note: Yes, traveling in the Netherlands isn’t super cheap, that could be a whole different post! Just a note, if you do live in the Netherlands and want to travel, get the 40% discount on off-peak travel times on your personalized OV-chipkaart, it’s so worth it. For everyone else, I’m so sorry, but these are the prices. At least what you see above is for 2 people roundtrip!

See which times fit your schedule best for leaving and returning on the days you’ve chosen. The Seating Class is an important thing to note here because it defaults to 2nd class which is the normal Seating Class in the Netherlands. Currently, it doesn’t seem you can choose 1st class as an option. Unless it’s a packed train, it’s not something you’d likely want to spend extra on anyway.

Omio app review order screen

Then, you pick your cancellation policy but pay close attention because the semi-flex is listed twice, with the second option being a lot more. It’s a new app, so I’m sure the kinks will be ironed out soon. Until then, just watch what you are clicking–which you should do anyway!

You’ll need to put in your name and email. Some train systems may link your ticket to an I.D., so just fill it out in case that happens. The email is just so you can get the tickets emailed to you.

Omio app review pay screen

After a final review, you pay. I know, that’s the not-so-fun part, but such is life and traveling. You’ll likely have different payment methods available. What you see here called iDEAL is a Dutch thing. But these 3 options are all I would ever use to pay for something online anyway. Once you download the app, you can see if your regional payment method is there, if not, reach out to Omio and let them know what you want to see! They are always trying to make a better product.

Omio App review

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I need this app. Trying to figure out which websites to buy tickets from in Italy, Spain, the Netherlands (ok, that last one is easy for me, but you get it) is such a pain and has caused me a lot of frustration in the past. Especially in southern Europe websites aren’t easy to use in general, but add that you don’t read the language and it’s just an unnecessary challenge.

After working in a team where we had to think of the user experience, I appreciate simple and easy-to-understand interfaces. That’s what I found with the Omio. It’s easy to look at and understand.

This app will stay on my phone right next to my other travel apps because I know we will be using it again very soon. I highly recommend this go-to app for traveling throughout Europe. Download the Omio App here.

Tip: Make an account so you can easily find your bookings on the app or the website.

Tickets from Omio can vary

Omio is working with the systems already in place in the different localities, so you might be able to use a mobile ticket and you might have to print, that’s not in their control. I’ve had to print all the tickets I have ever used and they will come as an attachment in an email.

Tip: Make sure you know where you can print tickets. Hotels are usually happy to help with this. If you print at home, make sure you have enough ink! I got hassled because I was running low and they thought it was fake.

Train travel in Europe

Riding trains in Europe is so easy and usually pretty comfortable. Many times it’s faster than buses (duh), but also faster than planes when you consider the check-in, security, walking a mile to your gate, boarding, probably waiting on the tarmac, picking up your luggage and trying to find your way out of the airport and onto something that takes you into town. The seats are typically more comfortable, too!

I hope this makes your travels through Europe a little bit easier. It’s so nice to find and share great products, apps, suggestions with you because I’m always learning too! If you have anything you love when you travel, please reach out. We certainly aren’t perfect and love to learn about new things that make life easier.

What mode of transportation is your favorite?

Wishing you love and travels!

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12 thoughts on “Is Omio legit? Traveling around Europe with Omio

  1. I love, love train travel! I wish that was the only mode of transportation. I think that is one of the aspects I enjoy the most in Europe. I have used GoEuro. Recently, I booked tickets on the Balkans (where the train service is almost nonexistent, at least in some areas).

    1. I’m so glad you love trains, too! I find them so relaxing 🙂 I still need to get to spend time in the Balkans, enjoy the trip!

  2. Nice. Sounds like a good app to get around. I never heard of it before so thank you.

  3. Well never knew about this app. Seems a time-saver to me.
    Its making life easier for the tourist like me who loves to travel around the world.
    Thanks for sharing about it.

  4. Hey! I love this post about Omio. I recently just found out about it and haven’t used it before. Quick question though. Do you know if Omio supports the travel subscription for 40% discount? Or would I have to book directly with

    1. Thanks for your comment! As far as I know, it doesn’t. That is a personal subscription with your NS card, so my understanding is that the card itself should be used to check in or out. Personally, I wouldn’t book ahead for journey within NL. If you are taking an international journey, I would book from the site (i think thats the URL). I mostly use Omio for outside NL, this was just for demo purposes and makes the most sense for visitors.

  5. The initiative is great but there is a need to make sure that the service offered is delivered according to agreement. In case of problem, all train companies should take responsibility to take the passenger to destination.
    My train connection in Hamburg left one hour earlier because they changed the time table without sending me any information (I had 2 hours waiting time so I could have taken the train without any problem).
    I was indicated by the staff at the station to take a different route. Everything happened very fast as my new train was leaving immediately. Once I am sitting there I realise that there is 1 more connection and 3 hours waiting time during 00.00 and 3.00 which I wanted to avoid at all cost. I was sick and not in shape to stay awake at that time. Train stations in Europe are usually not very friendly for a solo traveler.
    I check on my phone for another route and find one with a train leaving from Hannover, my next stop. There is two hours waiting time so I call Omio to explain the situation. They decline responsibility as it is DB who changed the timetables and they should handle the communication. They link me with DB phone service which is closed since it is 22.00. I go to the information center, explain my situation again and ask if I can take that train without any problem. The reply is “I don’t know, you always need to ask the controller” followed with “it shouldn’t be bay problem though”.
    In the end it was a problem as the train wasn’t operated by DB but by ÖB. And I was required to pay 142 euros to travel.
    The same price as the initial cost of my trip. On top of that, my wallet got stolen at this night train with 600 euros in cash. This is of course pure bad luck and has nothing to do with Omio.
    Still next time I’ll try, see if it is any better.

    1. I am so sorry this happened! A very similar thing happened to Sean in Germany. Unfortunately, no matter where you buy the ticket, it’s an issue. He bought his direct with DB.

      I agree that trains in Europe can be confusing. I never used to understand that different companies could operate the same route. And sometimes a direct route costs more! I truly feel your pain and I hope it doesn’t deter you from using trains in Europe, however you want to purchase the ticket.

  6. I beg to differ we had a bad experience. We lost money on two tickets. Always better to book with an agent or at the station itself while you traveling. Ons you submitted and paid it is difficult to amend or change or cancel afterwards. My recommendation be cautious to use this agent as they are nor helpful when you are in need of a change.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience. This is always going to be a concern when booking through a 3rd party application–just as if you book a hotel through or a flight through somewhere like Skyscanner. If you are able to book direct and that’s easiest, then you should definitely do that. I think I mentioned this in the article, but I found it most helpful navigating the trains in places where I could not figure out the local train operator’s website, and I really like the interface.

  7. Hi Jessica i totally agree but that being said I do believe they should have a proper refund policy instead of just taking someones money like this. I think they are seamsters when it comes to a refund. But what can you do virtuality is a problem these days with regards to customer service.

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