Where to find the best desserts in Amsterdam

Welcome to Amsterdam! Visiting Amsterdam can be a once-in-a-lifetime event, or you might visit frequently. No matter which camp you fall in, this list of delicious foods to try in Amsterdam is specifically designed for your sweet tooth!

There are many food tours in Amsterdam that you can book for yourself, I’ll list some below if you are interested, but none of them focus solely on the dessert-like treats that are scattered throughout the city. Maybe it’s for the best! Does anyone really want that many desserts in one day? If you screamed, “Yes!” to that, then you definitely need to check out my friend Brittany over at The Sweet Wanderlust. “Dessert” might just be her middle name and I think you would love her blog and Instagram!

Why focus on the best sweet foods and desserts in Amsterdam?

Easy! People don’t usually talk about it and, let’s be honest, there are tons of you out there with a sweet tooth and I want to be sure you are taken care of, too. Also, this also for those that live in this incredible city who are looking to discover something new.

I’ll soon be covering regular (non-sweet) Dutch foods to try in Amsterdam, but the focus in this post is all about the sweet treat — and it’s an international list! Because Amsterdam is a very international city, it seems only fitting to highlight our favorites, no matter where they came from.

Desserts and sweet foods to try in Amsterdam

This list will grow and be edited from time to time, so don’t forget to bookmark it! We’ve done some tough research for this post, so I hope you enjoy this tasty treat 😉 You may need a napkin for all the drool you may experience.

Van Stapele cookie in Amsterdam

Van Stapele cookie

Address: Heisteeg 4

This is THE cookie of Amsterdam. Any local who knows it will tell visitors to have it and send you to Van Stapele. Can you believe that this shop that sells only one type of cookie typically has a line out the door and down the street? It’s true! It’s that popular.

The good news is that because it’s so popular, the chances are very high that you’ll get a fresh warm and gooey cookie that is right out of the oven…and that’s the only way to eat one! I highly recommend breaking it in half to watch the white chocolate in the middle ooze out a bit. Then, dig in and see what all the fuss is about.



Various locations

Stroopwafels can be found all over Amsterdam–especially in the center. These are very thin waffles that are expertly sliced in half lengthways and slathered with syrup. Eat while warm!

There are Van Wonderen shops all throughout the canals. Here you can have them half-dipped in chocolate and covered with one of the many toppings they offer.

If you are in de Pijp, head to the Albert Cuyp market and try to find the sign that says “Original Stroopwafel”. Freshly made and sliced right in front of you on the street is something to experience in itself. This is my favorite way to have a stroopwafel. But, if you don’t have much time in the city or want some to-go, just head to the grocery store and get pre-packaged ones. Heat it up a bit before eating for the best taste!

Polaberry in Amsterdam

Polaberry chocolate-dipped strawberries

Address: Prinsengracht 232

Instagram Heaven. I’m pretty sure these chocolate-covered strawberries from Polaberry are the most photographed food in Amsterdam. Honestly, I thought it was a bit of a scam. I thought they would look pretty but taste like crap. Yeah…I was wrong!

My opinion is that they don’t promote themselves properly. They use quality ingredients and even some special ones, but nobody talks about that! The daisy strawberry was cute and pink and the woman behind the counter said it was the best seller (it photographs nicely). But then she mentioned it was made with ruby chocolate which had a slightly different flavor. Turns out, that was my favorite one!

You may want to read about the food tour in Haarlem (just outside of Amsterdam).

chocolates in amsterdam puccini bomboni


Various locations

We are close-ish to Belgium and maybe that’s why we have a decent-sized chocolate presence in Amsterdam. Puccini Bomboni has very high standards for the ingredients in their chocolate bonbons and they love to play with flavors. Have you had thyme-flavored chocolate? No? Well, you can try it here!

If you want some chocolate bars from a local company who does the best they can to use ethically produced chocolate, that’s also slave-free, try Tony’s Chocolonely. They have awesome flavors, too. My favorite is salted caramel. You can go to their shop right in the center of town at Oudebrugsteeg 15 or buy them in the grocery store. Look for the sampler pack.

For artisanal chocolate in a shop run by people who are passionate about finding the best chocolate there is to find, check out Chocolatl. They discover the best chocolate from all over the world and consider themselves more of a chocolate galley. The owners are awesome and happy to answer questions!


Sweet Bob Brigadeiros

Address: Brouwersgracht 113

Get a sweet piece of Brazil right here in Amsterdam — the Brigadeiro. I was introduced to these little babies when my Brazilian colleague made them for me…now I’m obsessed! Sweet Bob creates some traditional and some unique flavors in this concoction made of condensed milk, butter, and flavoring which is typically cocoa powder. The fun part? The sprinkles!! How can you not love something with sprinkles?!

Grab a container and fill it up! It’s self-serve here, but ask questions if you aren’t sure which to get. They are small but mighty! You won’t want to eat too many in one sitting…or maybe you do 😉

Appeltaart -Amsterdam countryside bike tour


Various locations

Have you even been to the Netherlands if you haven’t had Dutch apple pie, or as they call it, Appeltaart? I think not. There are a few places that are famous for their pies, so you can try them all to see which is your favorite!

Winkel 43 is the most famous and the appeltaart is probably the most ordered thing on the menu. It’s Sean’s favorite, but I’m more partial to the Cafe Papeneiland one. It’s right down the street from Winkel 43 but gives a more authentic experience since it’s a brown cafe.

If you are in the Red Light District area by the Old Church, De Koffieschenkerij is worth a stop for the pie (and you get a discount with the iamsterdam card). But, if you want to take it to go and sit by a canal as we did. Visit Patisserie Holtkamp on Vijzelstraat and do take-away. All of their pies are delicious, so take your pick even if you aren’t an apple pie fan. My other favorite at Holtkamp is the lemon meringue.

Macarons in amsterdam Tout

Patisserie Tout Macarons

Address: Maasstraat 77

There are a few places in Amsterdam to find macarons, but we’ve only found one with really good ones, and that’s at Patisserie Tout in the south neighborhood. We’ve tried the ones at the chain shops in the center and the ones in the grocery store, but if you want good ones, this is the place.

The founder of this patisserie brought macarons to Amsterdam, so they are the first and also happen to be the best. You’ll find lots of traditional and some more creative flavors here, try anything that looks good. That’s my motto 😉

key line cheesecake in amsterdam

Cheesy Cakes Cheesecake

Address: Utrechtsedwarsstraat 73

We found this place THREE YEARS after they opened! What rock were we living under? Don’t miss out as we did. Visit Cheesy Cakes for no-bake or traditional cheesecakes with gluten-free options. He usually has something extra special up his sleeve as well, so don’t be afraid to ask!

On a hot day, we had the no-bake key lime cheesecake and it was exactly what we were hoping for. Not too sweet and not too tart with incredible texture and flavor. This was a new discovery for us and an instant winner!

best cupcake in amsterdam van ness

Van Ness Cupcake

Address: Rozengracht 25

One of the first sweet spots we discovered in Amsterdam is Van Ness Cupcake. I am a self-proclaimed cupcake connoisseur and she had her first cupcake shop on Spuistraat, it was the perfect match! Vanessa, the owner, was always so kind and we loved popping by when we were in the area to try her new flavors. Now, she always has a nice mix of flavors in her new shop (with seating!). If you aren’t feeling like a regular-sized cupcake, there are some in the mini-size. She’s even offering cinnamon buns, now!

Our favorite flavors are Oreo, Lemon curd, and S’more. Yum!

Book a guided food tour of Amsterdam.


Various locations

I consider these to be a festival or market food but you can find these fluffy pancake pillows in the city at some cafes and restaurants. But, first check to see if there are food festivals or markets you can visit first 😉 They will be much cheaper!

Try de Carrousel Pannenkoeken if you’re in the area because it’s also super quirky. They have a lot of topping options for pofferjes, but I highly recommend you stick with butter and powdered sugar since it’s traditional (and the best, in my opinion). Cafe de Prins is on the Prinsengracht canal so it’s a great spot to grab this Dutch specialty and comes highly recommended.

If you are in the Leidseplein or Vondelpark area, give Vier Pilaren a visit. They specialize in poffertjes and pannenkoeken (the Dutch thin pancakes as big as a plate). Try to go on a nice day and get a spot next to the canal. It’s absolutely lovely.

sea salt chocolate cake close up

Sea Salt & Chocolate

Address: Sint Willibrordusstraat 58

For cake that makes your eyes roll into the back of your head, then Sea Salt & Chocolate is the place for you. I’ve been on the hunt for that moist, perfectly dense, flavor-rich cake with the tastiest frosting for ages, and I found it!! Man, it’s been a good weekend.

Get the salted-caramel chocolate cake and prepare to be wow’d. Sure the other cakes are good, but this one is the perfect layered rich chocolate cake with a good frosting (why can some places just not get the frosting right?) and a thin layer of a gooey salted-caramel on top. I’d suggest sharing this large piece, as much as it pains me to say it. But it’s for the best, I promise.

Popsicle at Ijsmanschap - dessert in Amsterdam


Address: Van Spilbergenstraat 2

If it’s a warm or hot day and you want to explore a new neighborhood, visit Ijsmanschap. You’ll get to pick out your ice pop and then personalize it with white, milk or dark chocolate and then caramel hazelnuts or roasted almonds. I’ve seen some beautiful ones!

They have so many flavors, many are unique. Once decorated, these sweet treats are super photo-worthy. Talk about Instagrammable food, it’ll be your own creation, so it’s one-of-a-kind. There are no artificial colors or flavors in these icicle pops. If you are vegan, no worries! They’ve got you covered, too.

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Foods not to eat in Amsterdam

Not every sweet treat or dessert is created equal. I’ve laid out some great things to try and where to try them, but there is always going to be food to not try because they just aren’t done well, the shops are targeting tourists, or for some other reason. Don’t get caught in those tourist traps. I’ll add to this whole list from time to time, so if you are planning a trip to Amsterdam, create a bookmark folder and add this page to it, so you can refer back! I want this blog to be the best resource for you, so let us know in the comments if you found another killer spots or found something we should stay away from.


Belgium is famous for waffles, not the Netherlands. The waffles here just don’t live up to the reputation of those in the neighboring country. There’s a shop here that’s called Ice Bakery, and while there’s nothing inherently bad about it, it’s just not the high quality you might be looking for. However, if you just want something sweet to eat, go for it. Just don’t think that is a properly delicious Belgian waffle.


I haven’t had a good churro in this city…and I’ve tried many. I kept hoping someone did it well. Let’s just say if you hit up a shop full of sweet snacks and it’s a chain, in Amsterdam, it’s probably not going to be the best quality.

Jessica with strawberry

Organized food tours to take in Amsterdam

These food tours aren’t about desserts, but I figure if you like desserts, you might just like food in general, so I’ll leave these here for your convenience. Some will be affiliate links which means I get a commission (but you don’t pay more!).

Map of sweet treats and desserts in Amsterdam

Get prepared with our blog and, if you like to have something in your hands, think about grabbing a guide book like this one:

Amsterdam Marco Polo guide map

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