5 ways to explore Laag Holland (in North Holland)

In Holland, it’s pretty easy to explore on a bike. While we’ve done this a bit (like the time we cycled to Edam and back), if you aren’t in shape, it’s not the best experience. So, we’ve discovered these 5 ways to explore the area just north of Amsterdam, called Laag Holland, to have an incredible and memorable trip to Holland.

Tulip field rows

On an epic press trip with the Laag Holland tourism board, I was able to try all of these methods and can confirm that each are good fun and worth doing whenever you are in the Amsterdam region!

cycling to Marken
Fat e-bike from Volendam Rent & Events

Rent a super cool e-bike

Let’s start simple. An e-bike is perfect for just about everything in Holland–anyone who lives here would get around so easy. Obviously, a car is nice because it’s protected from the elements. But, being on the bike path is just the best place to be in my opinion!

I’m sure you can rent e-bikes in various but the people at Volendam Rent & Event were really nice and have some really nice bikes. Everyone I was with really enjoyed them. You can even get retro fat tire e-bikes! How cool is that?

Jessica on scooter
Scooter rented from Scooter Experience

Have a scooter experience

If you want a whole experience with a scooter, you could check out Scooter Experience. I really liked this place because they bring you in for a welcome and lay out the different options and routes while you have a coffee or tea. Loved the hospitality!

I highly recommend you go for the super fun ones that have a motorcycle vibe going on. My first time riding a scooter was on this baby and it was so much fun! The staff makes sure you are comfortable accelerating, stopping and turning before setting you loose. I suggest following their guidance to get the most of your trip. Once you get back, you get another little tea/coffee/water before you head back out on your way.

You might be interested in reading our post on an Epic Weekend trip to Monnickendam.

Twizy in Beemster
Twizy from Visit Beemster

Zip around in a Reno Twizy

Looking for a quirky way to get around? The clever people at Visit Beemster managed to get some Twizys for visitors. These little green transportation pods are so cute and zippy. I do love a zippy car! Best part? They are electric AND automatic. If you’re a product of lazy American teenagerism like I am, you don’t know how to drive a manual transmission. So it’s perfect!

These vehicles are road safe but they shouldn’t be taken on the highway since their top speed is only 50 mph. But they are absolutely positively friggin’ perfect for drive around the Dutch country roads. Our little group would drive around and pull over as soon as we saw tulip fields. (Don’t walk in the tulip fields, folks!)

They are tiny but you can fit two people in them. That is, if those two people aren’t large people. I sat perfectly snug in the back seat and had fun doing it. If you want to rent one, just check out the Visit Beemster website, and they’ll help you out.

Helicopter tour in Holland

Get epic view with a helicopter ride

Is there a better way to see an area? I’m going to say….no. No, there is not. Because the views you get are incredible and quite literally, unbeatable.

We took our ride with HeliFlight.nl. Their staff seemed incredibly professional and happy to take you where you wanted to go as long as it didn’t get in the way of planes coming and going from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Tulip fields from above

When we went up, we saw some of the flower fields with their lines of bold color. We got a first hand look at the farming landscape that includes so many little canals that much of the farmland is basically made of islands! My favorite was seeing Zaanse Schans from above. I think I even teared up a bit!

If you’re looking for a memory to last a lifetime, this is definitely it! Check out their website to purchase your tickets for the next time you’re in North Holland.

canal cruise from monnickendam

Explore by boat

If you come to North Holland and don’t get on a boat, did you even come to North Holland? I’ll let you think about that for a minute.

There are many ways to get on a boat, but I think taking a cruise from Monnickendam to Broek in Waterland and back is just magical. I’ve done this ride twice and there are so many reasons why it’s an incredible experience.

First of all, the natural beauty you see leaves you calm and peaceful. Livestock might pop by and say “hi” which is always a treat. The houses in this area might just be more charming than the Amsterdam canal houses. Yep, I said that.

You can do this with Volendam Rent & Event and the price is very reasonable. So, there’s no reason not to do it…unless it’s pouring rain. It might not be quite as magical, then.

Twiske Haven

Another fun way to see some sights is to head to Twiske Haven and take a boat out on the lake. The cool thing here is that you get to drive yourself and it’s pretty much impossible to get lost!

Take a whisper boat (it’s a small motorized boat), canoe, kayak, or even a little pedal boat out on the water. Enjoy a sunny day by taking it all in from a different perspective and be on your own timeline and go exactly where you want to go.

Doesn’t that sound idyllic? Floating along on the Dutch countryside with the important people in life — it’s just perfect!

ebike in Marken

There are so many ways to explore Holland. This area known as Laag Holland encompasses so many wonderful towns with such much to experience.

I hope you take the time to explore these towns because they are so wonderful to explore and if you want some real Dutch culture, it’s the way to go. Take a day trip from Amsterdam or even make it a weekend…like, try this epic itinerary for a weekend trip from Amsterdam to Monnickendam. In this post, you’ll stay in Monnickendam for a night and explore Volendam, Marken, Broek in Waterland and take a helicopter ride! It’s extremely epic in my book 🙂

Jess in helicopter over Holland

Whatever you do in the Netherlands, let us know how your visit goes. Leave us a comment here or find us on social media (buttons are at the top of the page). We LOVE to hear from you travel-lovers 😉

Wishing you joy and travels!

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