Best Boba Tea Spots in Amsterdam

Ever since we went to Hong Kong in 2018 and fell in love with boba tea, I’ve been desperate to get some boba tea here in Amsterdam. That proved to be frustrating! I found one, and then a second one popped up, but neither gave me the same flavors I was looking for. We even tried making a brown sugar milk tea with boba drink at home and while it was tasty, it was a lot of work!

Bubble tea in Hong Kong
Jessica in Hong Kong 2019

One lucky thing that happened in 2020 in Amsterdam was the rise of the boba tea shops! Yes, please. My prayers were answered! We had choices so that everyone could find the perfect drink that suited them the best. Ohhhhh happy days!

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I’ve tried every single one of these that I list below and I’m ranking by my favorites. That does not mean ones towards the end are bad…they just didn’t have exactly what I loved. Basically, I’m adding all of these because if there’s one near you, check it out! I’ve added all of these to my Amsterdam map, so get sure to sign up to the newsletter to get all of these delicious spots on one map.

BOBA spelled out in balloons

Brown sugar boba tea is my thing. It’s my favorite and that’s what I’m prioritizing here. It took me way too long to realize there was a difference between Brown Sugar Milk and Brown Sugar Milk Tea…and I need tea in my drink, otherwise it’s a bit too much. That said, my top place is…


Two Chun bubble teas on a window ledge in Amsterdam

This is my #1 go-to for bubble tea in Amsterdam. Chun is a cute little shop in the famous Nine Streets in Amsterdam. They don’t just make my favorite Classic Black Milk Tea, but they make more everyday teas and Matcha as well. I’ve also tried the rose milk tea and if you like floral flavors, this one is for you! There are plenty of choices and maybe one day I’ll try the rest, but Sean and I are head-over-heels for this spot!

TIP: Our favorite noodle place is around the corner, Fou Fow Udon. Grab both for an epic experience.

Tea Guys

Jessica holding a strawberry and cream cheese bubble tea from Tea Guys Amsterdam

While their brown sugar boba milk isn’t my perfect drink since it doesn’t include the tea, you can customize and ask for it! Tea Guys is a gem and their teas are extremely good. AND they can add a cream cheese top which I’ve never had and I actually went back for this strawberry boba with the cream cheese top. I can’t wait until summer when I drink this at least once a week! If you’re in de Pijp, or headed to the Albert Cuyp Market, you must pop in here. It’s just across from the metro and worth the few minute detour.

TIP: After grabbing a tea, head to the Albert Cuyp Market and take yourself on a DIY food tour!

Hey Cha

Two bubble teas from Hey Cha

Hey Cha not only offers their drinks in their shop in Zuid, but they’ve partnered with Kyoto Sushi in Amsterdam Centraal Station which makes it super convenient right now. They were the first to bring bubble tea to the Netherlands many years ago and use natural ingredients including fresh fruits (instead of syrups) for their drinks!

The drink on the left is a Tiger Milk (not tea) with Boba braised in brown sugar and and made with fresh whole milk from local farmers with a cream top. The right one Sean tried and it’s their Saigon coffee with Boba. He was crazy impressed…but it may have ruined the possibility of any other coffee being satisfactory! lol There is a build-your-own option which I’ll try next time and have the milk tea with the Boba from the Tiger Milk and see how that is. But the brown sugar milk is almost nostalgic and I really enjoy drinking it. I just like adding tea because it’s a bit lighter in flavor. Also, they offer paper straws, which is a bonus…but you need to grab two because it does get soggy very quickly.


Boba SooTea

I think SooTea has the best marketing of any of these spots! They have a fun interior with a ball pit (not a great idea at the moment, but super fun, generally). And you’ll find many fun flavors with the best names and super cute cups. I got the Resting Bitch Face Okinawa Black Sugar Milk Tea but next time I’ll be trying the You are Over-taxed Classic Bubble Tea…because, how could you not?


Boba andTea

Again, I tried the Brown Sugar Milk because they didn’t have the tea version, but it was very tasty at &Tea! If you want the Brown Sugar Milk Tea, SooTea is literally less than 10 steps away. Check their menu (it’s a very well-done menu) and see if they have something that you just have to have.

Biu! Tea

Biu! Tea cup in front of Amsterdam canal houses on Damrak

In an effort to find and try all the bubble tea spots in Amsterdam, I headed to Museumplein (near the Rijksmuseum) to try Biu! Tea’s brown sugar boba tea. They have a nice space inside and I believe an outdoor garden out back. It’s convenient and easy to find and the taste was okay. It did not blow me away but it wasn’t bad, either. Honestly, it’s just nice to have these spots in different parts of the city! And if I can go here, order a bubble tea and work out back in the garden for an hour or so, I’m happy to do so!

Jackie Cha

Bubble tea from Jackie Cha in a jar in front of Amsterdam canal houses

Jackie Cha was a shop I couldn’t want to try. Between the zero-waste concept and the homemade boba, I had high expectations. Again with the “it wasn’t bad but wasn’t great” mentality”. If someone wanted to go there and invited me, I’m happy to grab a drink! But I’m not going out of my way like I would for Chun or Tea Guys. The homemade boba took getting used to, but by the end of the drink, I really liked them!

Jen’s Bing

If you’re in the oud west part of Amsterdam, then Jen’s Bing is the place to go for bubble tea! She makes Brown Sugar Milk and other drinks…along with food!! She loves to share Taiwanese goodies with us and it shows.

YoYo! Fresh Tea Bar

While YoYo! was the first Boba I tried (and found) in this city, it was not the best for my taste. I think they focus more on the fruit side of things. They have one shop in Chinatown and one next to the de Pijp metro station. If you’re looking for something super fruity, here is probably best. If you’re more into the tea, brown sugar flavors, or cream caps, then just walk the 15 meters to Tea Guys.

Jessica drinking bubble tea by de Pijp metro in Amsterdam

There you go! These are the best Boba tea spots in Amsterdam. You’ll find most in the center or de Pijp, so I’ll add to this list when we get more (hopefully in Noord, where I live! 🙂 ) Reach out on Instagram and tag us if you visit one of these spots. We love to know when we helped you discover something new.

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Wishing you joy and travels.

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