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Sean and Jessica at most romantic hotel in Amterdam Sweets Hotel

We worked with Sweets Hotel for this sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.

If you’re looking for the best place to stay in Amsterdam for couples, oh boy do I have the PERFECT spot for you. This place has to be the most romantic getaway in Amsterdam. You’ll have your own little cozy tiny house on a private island in the middle of the Amstel River that also happens to be part of a national monument!

I’ll be calling this place a lock house (because it’s on a lock), and maybe a bridge house (because that’s what most of the buildings are in the Sweets Hotel), and it’s a proper tiny house! It has so many unique traits 😉

Sweets Hotels Amsterdam Amstelschutsluis

What is this magical spot in Amsterdam for couples?

It’s a lock house that’s only accessible by boat! Don’t worry, you get a private captain to take you across from the shore to the house. You’ll be in your own little world for some peace and quiet.

This historical monument is 24 square meters and is fully equipped with everything you need for a cozy night! With a kitchen, full size bed, and full bathroom, it’s a perfect spot to really get away. This insane spot is part of the Sweets Hotel…it’s one hotel with 28 bridgehouses all around Amsterdam. But this is the most unique one, for sure!

I feel like this place exudes mystery in some way. It seems far away, but when you’re on the island, you feel so close to it all. Close to the Carre Theatre, close to the cyclists going down the street, and close to the history you can feel in this building.

View of Carre from bridge house

With plenty of windows (which can all be easily covered) and views from every angle, Sean and I truly believe this is the most unique place to stay in Amsterdam, but it’s definitely the most romantic, as well.

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What’s a lock?

Amstelschutsluis from canalside

If you’re unfamiliar, this might be the first question you have! Basically, a lock is a door for the water in the canal. The Amstel locks were originally built in 1673, after the canal belt had its fourth expansion. But then they were renovated in the 19th century to keep up with needs. Obviously, things get replaced when needed since they are still in use today!

These locks are mainly used to flush out the city and are closed twice a year (I should really get a schedule because I want to see it in action!). There are 4 locks in total at this location and you can even see the controls in the house. They are covered by a big glass box so you can see but not touch 😉

I kept wondering what the big white pole things are that are a trademark of these locks. We then figured it out! They are to manually open and close the locks if needed. There’s always a back-up with these things! Water level is probably the most important thing in Amsterdam, so controlling it is a top priority.

What is a lock house?

It’s where the lock masters worked. Now, it’s just a panel like I mentioned before. And if it’s anything like the rest of the city, they could be accessed remotely in case of an emergency…I should look into that!

What’s this tiny house like on the inside?

Because you have a captain available to take you to and from the shore once when you check in and once when you check out, you’ll have full access to a kitchen and will need to bring groceries! How fun is that? Playing house in a tiny house in the middle of the water?!

In addition to the kitchen, you have a lovely full-size bed, and full bathroom. The style on the inside is a nod to the original style of the house…but with modern amenities and done with style 😉

In the kitchen, you have pretty much everything you need. The fridge is bigger than expected, the oven heats up quickly, and the stove is simple to use. It’s a conduction stove which I normally hate because I can’t figure them out, but this one was intuitive. Plus they have a tablet with instructions on how to use everything…even the milk frother! I know that’s not a big deal to most, but it was fun to have. We made hot chocolate and it was amazing.

There’s a coffee maker, kettle, dishwasher, and all the utensils possible. Plus they have oils, salt and pepper, so you can easily cook without bringing your whole kitchen cabinet.

The toilet room is about the size of a regular toilet room in an Amsterdam home and the shower was a fine size. Nothing was too big or too small.

The bed is super comfy with a down comforter and pillows along with heat and air conditioning. You’ll find board games, and the tablet with the instructions also has Netflix on it. Plus, they have Bluetooth surround sound if you want to hook up your laptop or phone for movies or music. And yes, of course there’s WiFi!

There isn’t a TV, but we had our laptop, so that was super handy. Watching a movie in surround sound was really nice, too. This is me being picky, but I do wish that there was some sort of bed table. You know, those things that you see people in movies get breakfast in bed that have legs so you can prop it up? It would be great to prop up the computer to watch it, but, then again, it’s really a place to chill and you may just find yourself staring out the window because the view is just that good.

What’s it like to stay in the Amstelschutsluis?

Jessica Sweets Hotel Carre

You’ll meet your boat captain at the designated spot at a specific time, then he’ll take you and your luggage (and groceries!) to the lock house. He’ll show you around and explain everything. If you have questions about the locks, now is the time to ask! Then, he’ll leave you to it.

You can request more pick-ups by boat to get back to the mainland to go out to dinner or explore a bit. It’s also possible to have breakfast delivered (by boat, of course!). But otherwise, you’re undisturbed!

For me, I couldn’t wait to go but, at the same time, I was afraid I might hate being in the middle of the water by ourselves. Will I feel isolated? Will I be scared at night? Nope. Those feelings never came because you are safe (it’s generally a safe city, anyway) and it’s super cozy with plenty of safety measures in place to keep even this overly safety-conscious woman happy.

Polaberry treats in Amsterdam

After Mark (our captain) left, we spent hours outside taking photos, soaking it all in, and just enjoying being in this spectacular setting. It’s so unique and you don’t want to miss out on how it makes you feel.

It’s also easy to cook here, and you’ll have most everything you need and the appliances are easy to use. We made many meals without an issue. There isn’t a microwave, but really, between the oven and stove, you don’t need one. And since there’s a dishwasher, you don’t have to worry about wasting time washing dishes!

Basically, it’s really cozy, and I enjoyed the little things like hot chocolate. It was chilly (I mean, it was March, so duh) so we made hot drinks and went outside to take it all in. I tried to absorb everything I could…the sights, the sounds, the emotions, the thoughts.

Being a local, I feel like there’s no way I can ever get that feeling that tourists do when they come to Amsterdam. But, being on this private island in the middle of the Amstel River brought back that feeling of wonder. Honestly, it brought me to tears in the best way possible.

Sean and Jess anniversary lockhouse kitchen

Wanna stay a night here? Yeah, I bet you do! Check out prices and availability here. And leave a comment on our YouTube video if you booked and how you liked it! We LOVE to hear from you!

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