Discover the best brunches in Amsterdam (according to me)

I’ve come to love brunch and get pretty disappointed when I go to a city and brunch isn’t a thing. But you don’t have to worry about that here in Amsterdam! The brunch scene has taken over the city and over the last 5 years, I’ve come to think these are the best brunches in Amsterdam. If you think any need to be added, please add them in the comments so we can try them for ourselves!

Don’t forget to try all of these delicious Dutch foods while you’re in the Netherlands 😉

My pick for the best brunch in Amsterdam is Greenwoods

We discovered Greenwoods ages ago and I can’t even remember how, but it made an impression. Now, I take everyone who visits me there for brunch! It’s hard to pick favorites here, but anything with their poached egg and hollandaise is excellent. The Full English is almost a must-have. And the burger? Forget-about it! It’s perfect in every way. It’s sometimes hard to get a good burger around here.

They have famous Irish soda bread that is a staple. Please get it. Their homemade juices are super fresh and perfect for any morning but especially one where you might need a little extra help if you drank too much the night before.

If you’re a dessert-fanatic, you are in the right place because they made their desserts in-house. Fancy a tea or a nice afternoon tea experience? Look no further because they use high quality tea that makes you want to go, if even just for the tea. If you are looking for good vegan options, this place also checks that box!


I’m not putting this one on the list just because it has unlimited bubbles…but it DOES have unlimited bubbles! Pressroom is doing it right!

To attend this brunch you need to plan for since it’s only once or twice a month, so keep a lookout on their website for when the next bottomless brunch will be. The menu isn’t extensive, but it is delicious. I wanted to go for MONTHS and then it finally happened. And I was a happy lady.

Choose one dish on the savory side and one on the sweet side to round out this brunch. My picks were the eggs royale then the apple and berry crumble. Sean ordered eggs benedict and the American pancakes. You cannot go wrong. Honestly, I thought it wouldn’t be enough food, but it definitely was.

Did I mention there’s a cocktail included in the set price? No? Oops! Well, there is! They change up the drink specials, but since I love their cocktail bar, I’m not surprised that all their cocktails that we tried for brunch were excellent.

Let’s recap: for one price (currently €35) you get a savory dish, a sweet dish, a cocktail, and unlimited Cava. Not bad! Oh, and here you can ask for table (tap) water at no extra cost.

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Mama Makan’s brunch at the Hyatt Regency

The Dutch colonized Indonesia and since then, many Indonesians have moved to the Netherlands to live life in Europe. Of course, luckily for us, that means they bring their food!

Experience the flavor of Indonesia at Mama Makan for their new brunch concept. If you’ve been before, you should try it again because this menu is new as of February 2020. The decor and vibe of this place had us “wowing” until we sat down. Amsterdam hotels have really stepped up their restaurant game and it’s totally normal to meet at one for a meal!

Our picks here are the Mama’s Ayam & Waffles, the Pannenkoekje Rendang, and the Chia Bali Bowl. Yeah…the waffle had me practically licking the plate. That’s not a good look for anyone. It’s a crispy chicken and waffle dish with homemade sweet & sour sauce. Perfect on a plate is what I would call it. The Pannenkoekje Rendang is a smaller Dutch pancake topped with braised coconut beef and crispy onions on top. It’s not the prettiest thing or the most interesting, but it is delicious. Finally, the Chia Bali Bowl is a lovely dessert or normal brunch item. The base is basically a chia pudding with coconut milk or cream. It was so thick and creamy that it was as light as whipped cream! I want to figure out how to make this at home!

"Dirty South" (fried chicken, cheddar waffle, poached egg) -- G's, Amsterdam, Netherlands
G’s, Amsterdam, Netherlands

G’s – Really Nice Place

G’s in Amsterdam is synonymous with brunch. They have two restaurant locations in Amsterdam that serve their famous brunch, but…BUT there’s also a brunch boat. Yep, it’s the only one in the world and of course it’s in Amsterdam. Keep in mind that the menu on the boat is (understandably) smaller, and I would recommend heading to the restaurant instead.

The menu is insane. It’s big, it’s bold, it’s too much. I want everything. It’s a go big or go home kind of place.

Grab some boozy chocolate chip pancakes, or go Southern-ish with chicken and waffles done in their own special way. You can get the Chicken Waffle Burger with sugar waffles or the Dirty South with cheddar waffles.

They are also known for the boozy part of brunch, so be sure to order one of their famous Bloody Mary options (there are a bunch!).

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Dignita Hoftuin

The menu here is a bit different than you’ll find around Amsterdam. Dignita is a very vegan-friendly place but perfect for anyone. See the menu to get a better idea of what I’m trying to say

With two locations, you’re never too far from a Dignita. The “Hoftuin” restaurant is by the Hermitage Museum in a quieter part of Amsterdam (yes! Those kinds of areas do actually exist) whereas the “Vondelpark” restaurant is in the hustle and bustle, but equally lovely.

This is one of those places I love because, when possible, things are locally-sourced and organic. They are very creative with their dishes and try to keep it all very seasonal.

Box Sociaal pancake at brunch in Amsterdam
Box Sociaal

Box Sociaal

Since I’m only putting my favorites on here, I have to include Box Sociaal. A friend introduced me to this place and then I went back a couple more times in the next few months after that. It’s a bit addictive because there’s so much on the menu that looks amazing but they are always tweaking the menu a bit.

Run by Australians, it has a laid-back vibe and service with smiles. Whenever I get anything, it’s friggin’ delicious, but then I see what my brunch date has and I want all of theirs, too. So frustrating! I will say, the servings look small, but I tend to be full when I leave. If you aren’t, just order something else that’s actually small to help you through. OR, find some sweets after you leave, from our sweet guide to Amsterdam.

Everything I’ve eaten here has been amazing but since the menu changes often, it’s likely what I’ve had isn’t available anymore. So…you’ll just have to decide what looks good for yourself on this one 😉

breakfast in amsterdam - Omelegg
Omelegg in de Pijp


Aside from the first restaurant listed, this is in no particular order. I love Omelegg! It was one of my first favorite places in the city. They now have two locations (I just noticed that’s a common theme with places on this list). The one in de Pijp is along a popular street and the one near Centraal Station is on a tiny street in the oldest part of the city.

Both will probably have lines and no, they don’t take reservations. The lines go fairly quickly. My favorite dish is the Scramblicious. It’s a buttery and flaky croissant with scrambled eggs inside. Obviously, they are known for egg dishes, but there’s much more available if something else tickles your fancy! Check out their menu here.

Living in Amsterdam in hard when you have this many favorite brunch places and you tell yourself you don’t go out often. Oh well, that is my challenge to overcome!

Jessica Cutrufello wearing a green floral dress, glasses and pink lipstick

Hi! I’m Jessica, an American who made Amsterdam her home in 2014. I share European gems through food and memorable experiences. Want to know more? Head to my about page or check out my YouTube channel.

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