Things to do in March in Amsterdam

March in Amsterdam is an exciting time for visitors and locals. It’s when the tulips really start to take over, the sun is shining more, daylight savings ends, and we locals start coming out of hibernation. This is the month filled with excitement for the warmer weather and we get social!

There are plenty of things to do in Amsterdam in March and I hope you take advantage of all there is going on! 

Keukenhof garden landscape

#1 thing to do in Amsterdam in March is to visit the Keukenhof

Visiting the Keukenhof is one of the top things to do in the spring because it’s a garden filled to the brim with stunning flowers. This year (2020) it’s opened from March 21 – May 10 and they will always make sure there are colorful flowers for you to walk through. This garden is not where you see the tulip fields, but there are some nearby in Lisse and some in the province of Flevoland. Learn more on the website.

Tulip field rows

Visit the tulip fields

Want those famous tulip photos…but you want to respect the farmers’ land? I have the solution! If tulips are blooming early, you can head to FAM Flower Farm for a visit and you can even book their photographer so you get some great shots. You can also book a photographer who works with the local farmers so you can have a fun and flowery photo-shoot!

Typically, tulips are more of a mid-April thing, but I add it here in case we have a super warm winter and they bloom really early and the farmers allow you on the farms early. Otherwise, the Keukenhof is the way to go.

Amsterdam Pure Markt

Enjoy a weekend market

The most famous market in Amsterdam is probably the Albert Cuyp Market, which is pretty great. There are also plenty of delicious treats there, just watch our street food tour through the market. It’s open on Saturdays, so pop on by!

To check out more local markets, on March 1, the Sunday market will be at Westergasfabriek in Westerpark. This is one of my favorite markets in my favorite neighborhood (we used to live there!). At the end of the month, on March 29 is the Puremarkt in Park Frankendael. Both of these markets are outdoor (or mostly outdoor) with plenty of stalls for food and other things you’ll definitely want to buy.

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Visit a fun-fair in Westergasfabriek

I would just call it a carnival, but it’s an event full of rides and games, why wouldn’t you go? The carnival travels around the city, but as I mentioned, this is one of my favorite neighborhoods in all of Amsterdam, and it’s here in March. That’s a win-win! It’s easy to get to by bus or tram, so there are no excuses to not have fun!

Any website that I link to that is in Dutch, you can use Google Translate if there is no English button on the website.

Explore a bunch of festivals

March in Amsterdam really is when we all start leaving our homes to get out there and do fun things, so it’s no surprise that there are a ton of festivals to visit.

Seafood festival

First up, the Seafood Festival on March 13. It’s held in our last neighborhood (literally around the corner from our apartment!) so I can vouch for how cool it is over there. Check out the Facebook event for more information and the exact location. There’s a bus stop nearby, so transportation is easy!

Coffee festival

Are you a coffee-lover? Then this one is made JUST for you! Check out the coffee festival being held at Westergasfabriek from March 13-15. Really, you should just stay in the Westerpark or Sloterdijk area if you want to hang out at Westergasfabriek all the time 🙂

Wine festival

This next one is what I get excited about…a wine festival! Yep, it’s also at Westergasfabriek. Shocking! From March 20-22, you’ll find this to be a celebration of the harvest festivals from the southern hemisphere. Does it really matter, though? It’s an excuse to drink wine! Learn more on their website.

Tulip Fields

Tulip festival

This is really special, in my opinion. We all know tulips are synonymous with the Netherlands and “Holland” in particular. But the Tulip Festival in Amsterdam is also a representation of its citizens. They have a tulip for every Amsterdammer…and that now means me! Eeek! Tulips are planted in pots all around the city making it more colorful and cheerful than normal.

Amsterdam Canals

Open Tower Day

Some of the most historic towers in Amsterdam will open their doors to the public on Open Tower Day and it is super interesting! This is also a great opportunity to get different perspectives on Amsterdam that aren’t usually possible. It is a busy day, though, so plan your route ahead of time!

Amsterdam is full of awesome things to do. If you need a solid 3-day itinerary, check out post here. Make your visit tailored to your taste, but most of all, absorb your surroundings. Look up, go down the tiny road that has nobody on it. Discover new neighborhoods. There’s so much to this city. Find the magic!

Jessica Cutrufello wearing a green floral dress, glasses and pink lipstick

Hi! I’m Jessica, an American who made Amsterdam her home in 2014. I share European gems through food and memorable experiences. Want to know more? Head to my about page or check out my YouTube channel.

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