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Let’s face it, our phones probably control us more than we control them. Am I right? Time to make them work a little more for us. The best Amsterdam apps are ones that make life a little easier. Whether you are traveling or living in my favorite city, these are the best apps for Amsterdam, but most could be considered the best apps to use in the Netherlands as a whole. If you are traveling a little more on your trip, don’t miss our best apps to use in Europe.

Canal Houses in Amsterdam

Best Amsterdam apps for getting around


If Citymapper is ever available in the city you are visiting, it’s a must to use. It gives more relevant information than Google and is way more fun to use. My favorite feature that I use in other cities the most is which exit to take when leaving the metro. Super handy when visiting an unfamiliar city. So, don’t forget to download Citymapper for Amsterdam before you arrive because I’d almost say it’s the best Amsterdam travel app!


This is the general transportation app that takes into account all transit companies in the Netherlands. It will get you all over the country so you always know which tram, bus, train, or metro you need to take, no matter which Dutch city you are in.


For longer distances that involve train travel on NS throughout the country, this will help you get from city A to city B with service updates if needed. I like to have all apps in case there’s an update to the service and you need to double check information or just find alternatives routes.


The ferry, metro, tram and blue buses are all under the GVB, so the GVB app best to get you around the city and it will also give service updates. While apps like Google Maps and Citymapper tend to be incredible, they don’t have the push notifications when something goes wrong.

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If you are staying in, or living in Amsterdam Noord, this app (Android & iPhone) gives you the same countdown for the ferries as is shown on the clock at the dock. When they only run every ½ hour, it’s pretty handy so you aren’t waiting around too long.


I try to always have a taxi app on my phone. Uber doesn’t work everywhere in Europe but it definitely works in Amsterdam. This is best for long distances or if you’re in heels and even a short distance can feel like a long one.

Apps for traveling to and from Amsterdam

Schiphol app

Never have to look at a departures board again! This Schiphol app tells all…and then some. Just add your flight when you’re on your way to the airport and you’ll get all the updates instantly. It’s perfect whether you are coming or going and if you have people visiting and landing at Schiphol. Then you stay up to date with everything.


From planes to trains to buses, I love that the Omio app gives me options. Which is the cheapest way to get from point A to point B. This is especially useful if you are going to be traveling around a lot. Maybe you’re flying into Brussels but then want to go to Amsterdam, then Berlin, then Prague. It’s perfect for that!

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Best apps to have when you are living life

Delivery apps

Amsterdam has many food delivery apps. From UberEats to Deliveroo, you’ll definitely be covered! Not all the restaurants are on every app, so just use the one you are most comfortable with and I’m sure there will be something you will want to eat.

Buienalarm or Buienradar

The weather can get a tad wild here and can change before you realize the sky got dark. That way Buienalarm or Buienradar are super helpful because you can get a pretty good preview of the next 90 if it’s going to rain.

To make the most of any city, it’s important to have the right apps. It just makes life a bit easier. My biggest stressor has always been getting from one place to another easily. That’s why I love these apps. I hope that makes your visit to Amsterdam that much more wonderful!

Wishing you joy and travels!

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