Where is the Amsterdam Beach (AKA the IJburg Beach)?

Amsterdam is a city of canals and is not known for its beaches, but it does have one that acts as a proper beach, the IJburg Beach, within the city limits and isn’t too far from the Amsterdam Centraal Station.

Amsterdam beach views

It used to be called Blijburg Beach, but for some reason, it shut down and doesn’t go by that name anymore. But there is still a beach in that area that has nice sand and cool water with a beachy atmosphere. Because of where it is, it will tend to have a nice breeze and is just a nice place to spend part of a sunny day!

Where is the Amsterdam Beach?

The name “Amsterdam Beach” has been given to Zandvoort aan Zee for some reason. While it’s a lovely beach and I’m a big fan (we even have a post on it here), it’s not in Amsterdam.

What I call the Amsterdam Beach is the beach on IJburg (map below). IJburg is a chain of man-made islands in the IJmeer (body of water) that is mainly residential and has its own lovely personality.

There’s mainly one other place I would call a beach within Amsterdam, and that is Sloterpas, which is in the west part of the city. This is a beach along a lake and can get pretty busy. Plenty of websites have other spots listed as beaches, but my idea of a beach is sand that slopes into a large body of water and most of them don’t fit that description

Large shovel on mound of sand indicating where the beach is

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How to get to the Amsterdam Beach

The tram that services IJburg is tram 26 and you can pick this up right at Centraal Station where the tram starts. Then you take it alllll the way to the end at the stop “IJburg”. Walk in the direction the tram is headed and walk straight down the street until you get to a stoplight. You’ll spot a massive shovel and then you know you’re in the right spot! Total walking time will be 10-15 minutes from the tram.

Deen grocery store

On this corner there is a Deen supermarket. You can pop in here for any picnic needs if you want to eat on the beach. There are trash cans on the beach, so be sure to clean up after yourself.

Intersection to get to the beach
Amsterdam Beach Strand sign

Cross the street from the supermarket and follow the signs to the “Strand”. That means “beach”! But you can already see it, so you won’t get lost. If you just want to be on the sand for a picnic or stroll, you can walk right on it once you cross the street.

Walking path to the beach

But, if you want the full experience with the water at your toes, follow the concrete path around to the pedestrian walkway down to the parking lot. Then, meander your way onto the beach, take your shoes off and put those tootsies in the sand!

When looking at the Google maps in satellite view, it looks like the beach in behind the restaurant, but as Amsterdam gets bigger (read: builds more land), the beach has shifted to near the windsurfing area. It’s easy to find once you get down there. Don’t worry!

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What to expect at this beach

Jessica on the beach

Since and Amsterdam beach isn’t on the ocean or the English Channel, and isn’t very big, you aren’t going to have a ton of bells and whistles. However, there is a surprising amount of amenities considering it’s all the way at the end of the road at the end of an island.

Restaurant at the beach with parking lot in front

If you are looking to practice windsurfing, you can do that at Surfcenter IJburg. There’s also a proper restaurant called Haas en Popi which was a surprise to me! You’ll also find a little shop and maybe a food truck or two there as well.

As far as the necessities go, there’s a small parking lot, trash cans, first aid, and toilets. All the essentials!

It’s a nice escape from the city while still only having to take a tram. So, grab your swimsuit and towel and head to the Amsterdam Beach!

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