Taking the Flixbus from Venice to Trento, Italy

Getting around Europe can be easy in some parts and more difficult in others. Sometimes you need to book a train ahead of time, sometimes you show up and buy a ticket, and sometimes it’s just easier to get on a bus. Flixbus is very popular in Europe and in North America, though we had never taken it bbefire. After I looked at the prices and times for traveling from Venice to Trento in Italy, I knew Flixbus was the right choice for us this time. So, this post is all about how to take the Flixbus from Venice to Trento (or really, to any destination from Venice!)

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Venice Flixbus stop

Finding the Flixbus in Venice

Venice is small but can also feel a bit confusing. So, you might wonder, “Where’s the bus stop for the Flixbus in Venice?” Well, there’s a bus station in Venice for the local buses, but we were a bit confused when we found out that wasn’t the Flixbus spot. If you check the transit route, there are two Vaporetto (water bus) stops with the name of “Tronchetto” — one of these is where you’ll catch the Flixbus.

There are two ways to get to the Flixbus stop with public transportation: Vaporetto number 2 or the People Mover.

Venice Tronchetto stop close up

Route #1 — Vaporetto number 2 to the Tronchetto stop.

Note that there are two Vaporetto stops with the name “Tronchetto”. You do not want the “Tronchetto Mercato” stop (though you can still reach the bus from there). You’ll want the stop labeled simply as “Tronchetto” (or “Tronchetto “B” DX”). It’s much easier to navigate your way to the Flixbus stop from this stop. Here’s a link to the exact spot on Google Maps, or view the map below.

The Tronchetto stop has a tourism office, an ATM, a place to eat, and an office for the transit company. It’s literally directly in front of the pier where you exit the Vaporetto. But if you walk to the right about 100 meters or so, you’ll see a bus station shopping area with snacks, ice cream, drinks, and souvenirs. Here, you’ll also find a pay toilet for 1 euro, but it’s very clean.

Venice Flixbus stop with toilet
Venice bus stop with shopping area

Right next to the toilets and the people mover (more on that below) are long bus parking spaces, this is where the Flixbus will pick-up and drop-off. It’s hard to miss, so don’t worry!

Venice People Mover

Route #2 — Take the People Mover to the Tronchetto station.

People Mover takes you to the main bus station, cruise terminal, and Tronchetto. As soon as you exit the Tronchetto station, the bus stop is immediately to your left and the shopping area mentioned above is immediately to your right. It’s super easy.

Here are some super helpful instructions for the People-Mover.

Find the People Mover’s stop here with a pin on Google Maps, or view the map just below.

About the Flixbus experience

We found the whole process to be ridiculously simple. Because we used the app, all we had to do was wait for the bus, put our big bags in the luggage compartment under the bus, and have the driver scan our QR code. Sometimes we pay for extra convenience, so we booked the front seats to get the best view. The first time was no problem as we were the first stop of the route, but on the way back from Trento, there were people in our seats and one did not want to move. The driver didn’t speak much English, but he had come on board to help us get it fixed. We always saw that they were willing to help. But we went to the back anyway because I learned that on the windy mountain roads, I don’t like to watch the road.

There isn’t usually much time at each of the stops, so I recommend grabbing drinks and snacks before you board to stay comfortable. Yes, it’s allowed to eat and drink on the bus. Keep it clean and be sure you have a little trash bag with you to tidy up after yourself.

How much luggage can you bring on the Flixbus?

Technically, you can bring one 20kg suitcase and one personal item. I was worried about this because we were bringing back lots of wine, grappa, and honey and our one bag was heavy. Sean placed it under the bus and we were never questioned about our bags. On the bus, I brought my regular travel backpack because it has my important documents, camera and laptop, and a bag of snacks. That didn’t seem to be an issue, either. As long as you aren’t taking space from someone else, I don’t think there is a problem. Read their official policy here.

Are the seats comfy?

We had plenty of room in the seats. I liked the bus because it was direct, easy, and there was good space for us, our bags, and our knees. There are outlets at some of the seats, but not all, so it’s a bit hit or miss with that. You can ask the driver which seats have the plugs or just look on the bus wall towards the bottom to see if you can find them on your own.

There is a small table on the back of the seats as well as a small mesh pocket. I found this to be just fine for my needs, but a heavy laptop might not do so well. Also, there is a footrest and overhead storage for the bag you brought on board.

Amenities on board

There is a small toilet near the second door. Of course, a bus toilet is never super comfortable to use, but I always feel better knowing there is an option!

The driver should have a few drinks and snacks for sale if you need them. But please wait until you are at a stop to ask for something. Let the driver focus on the road!

Trento Flixbus stop

Arriving in Trento & Finding the Flixbus in Trento

The Flixbus stop for Trento is just off the highway and is super convenient. The bus stop is right off the main roundabout next to the cable car entrance. This is the stop for both directions of the Flixbus which I find super nice to not have to figure out which side of the street you should be on. Here’s a link to the exact spot on Google Maps, or view the map below.

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From the stop, you’ll be a short 5-minute walk to the old town area. Honestly, it couldn’t have been easier. I get super stressed about finding where the bus stops and if I’ll miss it. I would try to be at the stop about 5 minutes early just in case. But there’s a feature in the app that, once the bus is close, you can tap “Where’s my bus?”. That feature helped me so much!

Sometimes buses are just easier and just as fast as trains. That is the case here because on the train you would be to transfer. When you have big luggage, that can be a pain and some trains don’t have proper storage for larger bags.

If you do end up taking this route, let us know in the comments if you found it easy as well. Also, tell us your favorite part of the cities you visited! We love reading travel stories!

Wishing you joy and travels!

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