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We finally made it to Vilnius, Lithuania! This is a destination we were so excited to see and experience. It was almost as if we knew we would love it…and spoiler alert — it turns out that we absolutely did! Since it was our first time to Lithuania, we had to get to know the local cuisine. What does that mean? Yep! We took a Lithuanian food tour in Vilnius! *does a little dance*

Vilnius street

I just have to say again that we both loved Vilnius so much. I can’t wait to go back. Whenever we go somewhere new, I get a little bit nervous because I don’t always click with every destination. Sometimes, it’s okay and sometimes I’m just like, “nope, can we leave now?”. Taking this Vilnius food tour really gave the introduction we needed and helped us understand the background of the city a bit and why their cuisine is the way it is.

Learning what food is popular in a place can help you live a little bit more like a local when you go out to eat on your own. Food tours are great to help with this! Not only are you shown the good and local food, but you are also shown spots that you’ll definitely want to go back to.

This tour was a complimentary tour from Vilnius Urban Adventures. We knew we wanted to explore the food world in Vilnius with Urban Adventures. After taking their tour in Krakow, we thought they would be the perfect partner to reach out to for a food tour in Vilnius. We were right 😉

Vilnius vertical

Starting the Vilnius food tour

Our meeting point couldn’t have been easier to find. The main square in Vilnius is called Cathedral Square and they tell you exactly where to meet. None of the “meet at this spot, under this sign, you’ll have to take this metro exit and if you see this place, you went too far.” Super simple. The introductions went so well that we just kept talking. Somehow our guide, Victoria, still managed to get us to our first stop.

Jess with 999

That first stop was a surprise because it was shot! Every region has their own special spirit, and that special spirit is one of our favorite things is to try everywhere we go. It’s all about the 999 here in Vilnius. Victoria mentioned all the various ways you can drink it, and when she mentioned that it goes well in a cola drink, I was on board. It was so good, we ended up buying a bottle and bringing it home with us, so we can have it anytime!

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Urban Adventures food tour group

Cheese in Vilnius

Our next stop was a famous cheese shop. I certainly didn’t imagine cheese when thinking about a food tour in Lithuania! Living in the Netherlands has given me a new appreciation of cheese–but I still don’t really like the stinky stuff. People seem to love the cheese in this shop though, because the whole time we were sat in this small shop, there were people constantly coming and going. The cheese they had was a delicious semi-hard (is that a thing?) cheese. Very similar to the texture you would find in the famous Dutch Gouda cheese. It does have its own flavor, of course, but the textures between the 12-, 24-, and 36-month cheese were similar to the young to old cheese I’m used to in Amsterdam.

Vilnius food tour cheese stop

The 12-month was smoother with a mild flavor and the 24-month cheese had a more prominent cheesy flavor with a tad bit of those crystals that make good cheese good. The 24-month was my favorite which surprised me because I definitely thought the 36-month would be the best. Maybe the flavor was more than I wanted? I’m not sure. But the best thing is that you get to try them all. As long as you like cheese, you’ll probably love these!

Victoria placed something on the table that got us all to stop talking (we all happened to be American, so that’s no small task). Remember, we are in a cheese shop.

She placed a small tray of lovely looking chocolates on the table. Needless to say, we were confused. I wish I could say I was less confused once she explained that they were chocolates with cheese inside, but I wasn’t. Why would you put cheese in chocolate? Not a flippin’ clue. But I was brave and tried them. They weren’t too bad. Actually, I kind of enjoyed it. But I think, for me, it’s more of a novelty that I tried them. I’ll stick with my vanilla creams, thanks.

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Sean & Jess Vilnius Food Tour
Blurry cell phone photo with messy hair. Oh well, this is us!

A real Lithuanian meal

Our next stop was exactly what I had been hoping for. It was all so beautiful and the location could not have been more perfect. In fact, earlier in the day we took a bike tour around Vilnius, and our guide specifically told us to go to this place. Seriously, guys, everything about this trip just worked out so wonderfully!

Urban Adventures Vilnius Food Tour Cepelinai

From beet soup to cepelinai, potato pancakes to fried bread, and of course boiled potatoes, they were all spread out on the table along with three jugs of beer. The vibe of having the entire group around the table in a perfectly lively bar made this my favorite spot, which was unexpected considering our last stop was the most typically “me” place.

Urban Adventures Vilnius Food Tour fried bread

I’m really trying to figure out what I loved most, and I think I’m going to say the cepelinai. It was the most interesting and tasty. The potato pancakes I would happily eat anytime, anywhere. And the fried bread was a guilty pleasure that I’m very glad I don’t have in my everyday life or I would just be fat. I love boiled potatoes but typically eat them with a steak. For me, I can eat a beet soup, but it’s not what I want to order. That said, this one was better than the ones I’ve had before. So I actually had quite a few spoonfuls even though I had this incredible spread in front of me.

Urban Adventures Vilnius Food Tour potato pancakes

We had one more stop and I couldn’t believe it! I think we could have burst. But there was just enough room to try our final dish and some mead.

Urban Adventures Vilnius food tour Herring

A fine dining Lithuanian experience

In another lively part of Vilnius we found our last stop on our Vilnius food tour. We were a bit sad because we were enjoying each other’s company. I think the reason we all clicked so well is the others that were on our tour were from near where Sean and I are from and there was a student who knew of our college and we knew of her’s. Basically, if you didn’t go to a small college or were from the town it was in, you wouldn’t know about it. So we bonded over small colleges and what it was like to attend.

Anyway, see, I’m rambling about rambling! Our final dish was a fancy version of a herring dish. It’s a fish that doesn’t tickle everyone’s fancy, but you should definitely try it. Always try everything on the food tour unless you are allergic. That’s my general rule.

We also tried some mead. Apparently, it’s very popular in Lithuania! Who knew? If you are unfamiliar with mead, it’s basically an ancient honey wine. We tend to love it and we have a meadery near where we used to live in the United States and visit whenever we go back!

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Urban Adventures Vilnius Food Tour boiled Potatos

The variety of food on this food tour was huge! And if you like to have a little libation when you eat, then you are in luck because they love to make you happy and offer all the local drinks as well.

Sometimes I think with each food tour we take, they just get better and better. It’s always a combination of things that makes a tour great, right? This tour really had it all — Good guide, good group, good weather, good food, and good spots.

Vilnius Urban Adventures Food tour
Obligatory group selfie!

It’s important to note that your tour could be a tad different. We’ve been on a few tours who have mentioned that depending on the day could change the tour slightly. Some places might not be open while other alternatives are, but you are still going to have a great tour! Just don’t want you to think that you went on the wrong tour if one of your stops is different from ours 🙂

We highly recommend visiting Vilnius. Is it London or Paris? Nope. And thank goodness! It’s a city with so much personality, great vibe, incredible history, and nice people. If you are worried about English being spoken, don’t. The younger generation (and even some of the older generation) speak English very well. I don’t think you’ll have a problem. And Lithuania is on the Euro, so no currency switch if you’re already in a country with the Euro.

Honestly, I think Vilnius is completely underrated because it’s such a cool and vibrant place. We’re already planning our trip back…maybe a road trip this time…

Have you been to Vilnius? If you have or you have been wanting to go, share your thoughts with us below!

Wishing you joy and travels.

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