Things to do in Vilnius, Lithuania — Best experiences to have (and give) in Vilnius

Have you been somewhere and had no expectations? That was us going to Vilnius in Lithuania. This city is pleasantly surprising. Not only is it beautiful, easy to get around, and people are nice, but there are so many experience you probably wouldn’t have thought would be here. That’s why I created this post on things to do in Vilnius — because I know you will be surprised!

We’ve done a handful of these which were awesome, but this list is for your own inspiration because everyone travels differently and some ideas might work better for your travel style and budget than others. I’ve seen so many people who had zero idea what to expect when visiting Vilnius, so I hope this gets you super excited and ready to visit!

Vilnius street - full of things to do in Vilnius

Things to do in Vilnius - find overlooks

Full disclosure here, a company called Tinggly hosted us in Vilnius and set up some cool experiences for us. The point was to show how much an incredible experience can make a regular trip into an epic trip. Not to mention, most suggestions on this list aren’t your typical super touristy things, but, of course, definitely do those the tourist experiences if that’s what you are looking for. No judgment here!

Most of the experiences I’m mentioning are in a TINGGLY EXPERIENCE PACKAGE that you can give as a gift. Giving the gift of an experience rather than more stuff can enrich someone’s life more than you realize. If you want to purchase directly for yourself, I’ll also leave a link for that.

Let’s share a bit, in the comments, let us know what the best experience was that you’ve ever had when traveling. Mine typically revolves around food…

Jess with 999

Try traditional Lithuanian food on a Vilnius food tour

You all know this is one of our favorite things to do, so obviously, we had to do it in a country we had never been to! We took the tour with Vilnius Urban Adventures and it might just be one of our favorite food tours. You can read our full post about it here.

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Jess on bike with overlook in Vilnius

Take a bike tour

This is probably our second favorite way to explore. After adopting Amsterdam as our home we are so used to bikes and actually, tend to prefer them to get around to feel a bit more local. We took the cycling tour with Velo Takas- and you can book online here.

We had such a wonderful guide who gave us plenty of time to take pictures and explore while filling us in on the history, landmarks, and some of the prettiest parts of the city. It was a great way to get a quick intro to the city so you can go back and explore more.

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Amandus fine dining in Vilnius

Enjoy Lithuanian in a fine dining setting

Ok, so this is very much an “us” thing, but I have to include it because maybe it will inspire you to do the same! Spend a little extra and have an incredible fine dining experience. There are more fine dining spots than I thought would be in Vilnius, so we had to choose based on price and TripAdvisor reviews. We choose Amandus. While we would have LOVED to go to the super expensive place, it just wasn’t happening.

Dessert at Amandus, Vilnius, Lithuania

This was one of those places that you actually have a physical reaction when you taste the food. Like, a moan, or “omg”, or “WHAT?!” I can’t even begin to describe this food, it was just Heavenly. And how can you not recommend a place that gave you that feeling?

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Dinner in the dark

I’ve done this before in Amsterdam, and it’s quite a unique experience. Your senses shift to highlight what has the best advantage. There’s a bit of imagination involved as well. It’s a mini-adventure that puts you just outside your comfort zone that can make you a tiny bit uncomfortable, and that’s what makes it all worth it!

You can’t see the food you are about to eat, so what do you do? Would you just pop it in your mouth? Or try to feel for a familiar texture? Maybe you’d smell it first? I’m really curious if this is something you’d be interested in! Let us know.

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Tinggly Vilnius Kayak Experience: Photo courtesy of Tinggly
Photo courtesy of Tinggly

Kayak tour

I fully believe that on a warm, sunny day, you should try to be on the water. I’ve always loved mountains and water, so that’s probably why I feel that way. Taking a kayak tour is such a cool and unique way to experience a region. You’ll probably be walking around most of the time when in Vilnius, so taking part of your day to get some exercise in such a fun way to explore.

Slowly glide across three different lakes in the Trakai area where the water is calm and you don’t need experience with kayaking. Of course, you should know how to swim just in case. Safety first! What I love about this experience, is it’s active, but also just super cool because you get to see the famous island castle from the water.

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Tinggly Vilnius Quad Bike Experience: Photo courtesy of TInggly
Photo courtesy of TInggly

Quad bike tour

Up for a little more adventure? Get ready to rev your engines and ride through the forest — this is one of my favorite spots. Being among the trees is such a happy place to be. It’s calming, but at the same time, it’s the perfect place to let loose and go cruising!

Be sure to wear clothes you don’t mind getting completely dirty. But if you are traveling light, you can always rent a jumpsuit from the company once you arrive. This will be an hour of pure fun!

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Tinggly Hot Air Balloon Experience Vilnius; Photo courtesy of Tinggly
Photo courtesy of Tinggly

Hot air balloon ride

Is there anything more epic and romantic than a hot air balloon ride? I’m gonna say, no. Float above the city but below the clouds to get a view unlike any other. Enjoy the sound of silence until the fire bursts into the balloon making you go just a bit higher. This kind of experience is unforgettable and truly remarkable.

For one-hour you can take to the skies in Vilnius or Trakai to get one of the most unique perspectives there is. The old town of Vilnius is absolutely stunning when you walk through it, so just think of how picturesque it is from above!

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Tinggly Drifting Experience in Vilnius: Photo courtesy of Tinggly
Photo courtesy of Tinggly

Drifting lesson

If you’re like Sean, you love cars. Driving them is nice, but learning to drift is pretty much just for fun. And learning to do it in someone else’s car, is even better! Get your adrenaline pumping and your gearhead fix by experiencing sliding around in a car with no traction for a few seconds.

I’m both curious and slightly terrified by this, but with the trained instructors, you are as safe as possible! We didn’t get to this, this time around, but hopefully, he next time we are in town we’ll get our hearts pumping by learning how to drift.

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Supercar driving experience from Tinggly: Photo courtesy of Tinggly in Vilnius
Photo courtesy of Tinggly

Drive luxury cars

Maybe you want that feeling of complete luxury in a car and pretend that it’s your own supercar for a few minutes. With this experience, you get the opportunity to drive a beautifully designed, powerful and sexy beast on the roads of Vilnius. Be that person who everyone else wants to be for 10 minutes.

I know it’s the dream of some people to just sit behind the wheel of a car like this, but now you can actually drive it! I absolutely love that this is a thing now. Companies like this are making the inaccessible available to those with this dream but have a lot less cash than needed to buy a supercar.

Book a gift certificate with Tinggly

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Give the gift of experiences

Sean and Jess in Vilnius

No matter what you do in Vilnius, you will have a blast! I really feel that it’s impossible to leave this city unhappy. Even if you just went to restaurants and bars all day, or walked around all day, Vilnius will charm you.

This list is for those who want to take their visit up a couple of notches or for anyone wanting to give a loved one a gift of experiences. If you know of someone going to Vilnius, or traveling at all, giving a Tinggly gift allows that person to book epic experiences like these, all over the world!

Wishing you joy and travels!

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