25 Travel Vloggers to follow in 2021

The end of 2020 is the perfect time to start your YouTube addiction 😉 Many people can’t/won’t/don’t travel right now, and that’s totally understandable, but there’s no reason you can’t “armchair travel” through some incredible YouTube creators. That’s why I’m putting together this list of travel vloggers to follow in 2021!

About 2 years ago, we started watching travel vlogs pretty regularly…this was partly thanks to Sean convincing me to buy a smart TV for the living room which means we have access to YouTube while hanging out in the evenings. Discovering how people were creating travel content through video was the inspiration we needed to really focus on building our own travel YouTube channel — which you can check out and subscribe to.

If you Google articles for top travel vloggers, you’ll definitely find a few lists but I’m putting one together for a couple of reasons. One is that I want to share with you who has inspired us, and two, I want to introduce you to a few that aren’t the biggest in the business because there are smaller creators that you might vibe with. So, while there will be some big names on this list, you’re guaranteed to discover new ones!

Have your own favorites? Add them in the comments!

The Endless Adventure

This is our favorite travel channel on YouTube because Eric and Allison are so relatable, friendly, and travel in a similar way we do. They also go all over the world and seem to have fun with life while staying on top of their upload schedule. Obviously, 2020 threw us all for a loop and now they are renovating an RV in between local foodie adventures that usually end up in a super unique accommodation. They are just hard not to like.

Travel Beans

This super fun British couple are known as the Travel Beans and they love to travel and seem to take a different route on travel vlogging. Emma and Alex share all sides of the trip — good or bad. And they are happy to teach us what they’ve learned.

Kara and Nate

Very well-known are Kara and Nate. This couple tends to get a little controversial for, in my opinion, some silly things. While they make a lot of money from YouTube and products they’ve created thanks to their success, they are still down-to-Earth and super pleasant. They go to very interesting places and also stay in very unique accommodations.

Cup of TJ

I think I’ve found Cup of TJ from The Endless Adventure when they did a collaboration and, funny enough, we were all at the same conference in 2016 (I think) in London, but I wasn’t watching YouTube yet, so I didn’t know! TJ has the cutest travel and food show on YouTube…and I hired her as my YouTube coach for the spring and summer in 2020. So, I can tell you first hand that she’s amazing and her food videos always make me hungry and make me laugh!

Heart my backpack

Silva, from Heart My Backpack is an American-Norwegian who grew up in the U.S. but has lived in Norway for more than a few years now. She’s done the female solo traveler thing before it was cool, she’s been to countries that some people haven’t heard of, and, annoyingly, knows a few languages. (I say annoyingly because I not-so-secretly wish I did, too) Silva will be the first to tell you that she’s socially awkward and if you read her blog, you’ll feel her snarky storytelling shine through. Her videos make it all more fun and you get to see parts of Norway that nobody else is covering!

Deja Shu

Deja Shu is a channel run by Shu that’s mostly food and travel with a bit of London lifestyle thrown in. I’ve met Shu and have seen her work and she’s a pro who really cares about giving you a good video that makes you want to run out the door and do what she’s doing. That’s the sign of a good vlogger!

Girl vs Globe

Positivity is the first thing when I think of Sabina of Girl vs Globe. She’s also just genuinely kind and that shines through in every single video. She takes responsible travel very seriously, but I’m guessing she’ll be showing us more of London soon, but until then, she’s sharing a bit of London lifestyle, as well.

Chasing a plate

This food-obsessed travel channel does an excellent job of sharing the best food everywhere they travel. Thomas and Sheena have great energy that you’ll feel through the screen! They’ve done collaborations with some of my favorite vloggers so they hang out with cool people 😉

Backpacking bananas

If you are looking to see what backpacking around the world looks like, especially as a female solo traveler, then Christianne is your woman. She has such a friendly personality that’s easy to follow when she’s on her adventures.

Eva zu Beck

This channel will blow your mind because Eva goes on some crazy epic adventures and makes it impossible to stop watching when you start playing one of her videos. She strives to show you places you won’t see in the mass media and is a true adventurer.

Mark Wiens

Mark is the king of food travel videos and his YouTube channel was one of our early favorites. You’ll mostly find him in Asia since he and his wife live in Bangkok, but there are lots of videos from all over to get you drooling.

Delightful travelers

Anna and Trevor are a couple of Canadians who love to travel the world — whether it’s through budget travel or splurging on some luxury. I appreciate this balance because sometimes we want to splurge and sometimes we are more frugal so we can splurge in other ways. And it’s always nice to watch people who travel similar to us.

The Wandering Quinn

The wonderful Ellie creates travel videos from all over the world and her bubbly, but real, personality is fun to watch. She even travels to some places you may not have thought of visiting, but she’ll show you what you’re missing!

Roaming Required

For anyone looking for some informative travel content, London residents Roma and Russ from Roaming Required have got you covered! The love sharing history, food, and travel tips from anywhere they travel and I can’t wait to see more videos from them.

Life by Linda

I love this woman’s energy! Life by Linda is all about finding adventure in adulthood and that most definitely includes travel. I really think this is a hidden gem of a travel channel that’s going to be a favorite of many just because of how fun it is!

He Goes, She Goes

The fun-loving couple behind the He Goes, She Goes YouTube channel are from Canada and travel all over. Their friendly and personable personality had me hooked and I think it will have you binge-watching their videos, too!

Kombi Life

We can’t stop watching Kombi Life. This guy has been making YouTube videos for 8 years and his storytelling is captivating. If you’re looking for a REAL look into van-life, you should be watching this channel. But it’s way more than that. Just watch an episode and you’ll understand. Besides, since it’s been 8 years, there’s plenty to binge 😉

The Travel Matt

I’m fairly certain this guy was born to be on camera. The Travel Matt is charismatic and gives travel advice and creates travel vlogs in various cities around Europe and is worth checking out!

The Average Tourist

Sara is absolutely charming in her travel videos on The Average Tourist and I can’t wait to see how she grows and gets even better with her filming and editing. She tends to cover North America which is great for North Americans looking for inspiration closer to home at this time.

The Daily Departure

This Daily Departure is run by a flight attendant named Noelle based in Chicago and has travel vlogs from all over the planet! She has such a unique perspective and opportunity to travel and I’m looking forward to seeing what she does in 2021.

Means To Travel

Eliz started this travel YouTube channel just before the pandemic and has been helping people prep to travel again. This is another one where I’m looking forward to seeing how the channel grows and evolves because I love her focus on meaningful travel and talking about how to have the means to travel.

Jeanie Marie

This native Minnesotan loves to travel and has so much energy so if you want to watch a feel-good channel, then Jeanie Marie is one to subscribe to. She currently focuses on Minnesota (which has a bunch of gems), and on her trip to Mexico. Where will she go next?

The Little Grey Box

You’ll notice something different about The Little Grey Box channel and that’s because Phoebe is a professional presenter on CNN and CNBC and her videographer Matt is an actual videographer. That makes this channel a bit more professional than some of the others, but you still get that travel vlog vibe with the excitement and wonder of travel.

Chase for adventure

This is a new-to-us channel with a super adorable couple that travels the world, is so fun to watch. Annette & Daniel are travel journalists who mostly focus on Asian destinations, but have playlists of their videos from around the world.

I’m always on the hunt to discover new channels to enjoy and I’ll share them with you, too! But if you have a favorite, please leave it in the comments so others can check them out. Please don’t forget to head over to our channel at A Wanderlust For Life for all things food & travel. Once you do, let us know you’ve joined us by leaving a comment on your favorite video that we made 😉

Wishing you joy and travels!

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