Rollende Keukens Food Truck Festival in Amsterdam

Rollende Keukens Amsterdam What could be better than over 100 food trucks in one place so close to home? I can’t think of a thing! This is why we love living near Westergasfabriek, there is always something awesome going on, and sometimes that something is incredibly yummy.

The Rollende Keukens, or Rolling Kitchens, is a free food truck festival that can be found in different cities around the Netherlands and is the best thing since sliced bread. Seriously, have you tried to slice bread yourself? It makes a complete mess! Anyway, this year around 130 food trucks made Westergasfabriek their home for 5 days, and it was an overload on the senses.

Rollende Keukens Amsterdam

Rollende Keukens Amsterdam

So many amazing smells, various styles of signs and trucks, music everywhere, and it was packed with people! And let’s not forget taste. We had so many different kinds of foods over two days, it was insane.

Rollende Keukens BBQ

Rollende Keukens BBQ

Here’s the deal:

  • You get into the festival for free.
  • You walk in circles, then a straight line, then another circle to see everything, then realize you missed the best burger in the place and you ask everyone where that truck is.
  • You eat lots of little things for big prices and complain about it, while hopefully enjoying your expensive treats.
  • You leave, not so full, but tired of walking and spending money
  • Then you make plans to go back another day with friends so you can all split the small treats and can try even more kinds of food.
Rollende Keukens Pulled Pork BBQ | Bara with chicken

Rollende Keukens Pulled Pork BBQ | Bara with chicken


  • Go early, or when it looks like it might rain but doesn’t. We got really lucky like that.
  • Take cash in small bills! But know that a few of the trucks only take chip and pin debit cards.
  • If you’re not sure about a food, ask people who are eating it. It’s a festival, so it’s cool to talk to strangers.
  • Try things you’ve never seen or heard of before. This year, there was even a bug-themed stall. No, I didn’t try them. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t!
Rollende Keukens Dim Sum

Rollende Keukens Dim Sum

We loved that we got to eat some Paella, a plate of various kinds of pork BBQ, Jerk chicken, Korean tacos, Surinamese Bara with chicken, a pulled pork “sandwich” on a waffle, a Vietnamese fresh roll, dim sum, fruity shaved ice, and ice cream on a pastry. I’ve never before experienced half of what I ate that day. It was amazing.

Rollende Keukens Paella

Rollende Keukens Paella

Local festivals are one of the best travel experiences. You get to see how people live. Amsterdam is great for English-speakers because pretty much everyone speaks English really well. So, even though you are experiencing something completely new, you can still get around easily. If you love festivals and Amsterdam, you HAVE to check out King’s Day at the end of April. It’s one of the best things we have ever experienced!

Rollende Keukens Amsterdam

What is your favorite festival? Or do you have one on your Bucket List? How about near where you live…what is the big festival there? In Virginia, we had lots of wine festivals that were so much fun! Every place has something special, you just have to find it.

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  1. This sounds amazing! I love food festivals and it’s great to see what each country has to offer. Thanks for sharing the recommendation and mouth-watering pictures.

  2. Yeah, the Rolling Kitchens are the best. The festival is actually only held in Amsterdam. The events in other Dutch cities are just copy cats.


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