What’s in my camera bag? + My vlogging setup

Are you ready to see what’s in my camera bag? Great! Well, I’m ready to show you all my photography gear and my vlogging setup.

Jessica vlogging back of camera 2

I know it can be so overwhelming to pick a camera bag, figure out which is the best vlogging camera, and so on. I am very happy with my purchases, so I hope you walk away from this article with a great idea of how you want to build your camera bag and vlogging gear.

There are a bunch of tiny little pieces, too. These babies bring everything together and make it so you can combine all the equipment in different ways to create the perfect setup for your needs at any moment.

Peak Design Tote

My camera bag – Peak Design Everyday Tote V2

I am obsessed with the Everyday Tote bag! You can read my FULL REVIEW HERE.

I used to have the Peak Design 5L Sling which I also LOVED but it was just too small for my growing obsession with cameras and gear and vlogging and photography aahhhhhh!

Now, the Everyday Tote and I are BFFs and there’s plenty of room for all my things plus my water bottle, which was key. To see me unpack all the photography gear from this bag, head on over to our YouTube for my WHAT’S IN MY BAG VIDEO.

Sony vlogging camera with flip screen — the a6600

Sony a6600 plus lenses

There are people that are very brand-loyal when it comes to cameras. I didn’t used to be one of them. I used to have this super cute white Nikon camera but it didn’t have a flip screen so I couldn’t see what I was vlogging. Then in Hong Kong in 2018, I dropped that camera in the hotel room. It didn’t look broken, but it was dangerously broken. It would discharge its battery incredibly fast and become super hot. Turned out the lens got messed up, too. It was obviously time to do research and find a new camera. That’s when I fell in love with the Sony Alpha Mirrorless camera series.

I first bought the a6400 and knew that it was almost the perfect camera, but needed in-body stabilization. I waited for months to see if there were any leaks of a camera that fit the bill I was looking for and didn’t hear anything. Of course, less than a year later, Sony released the a6600–the perfect vlogging camera. It has a better battery, better grip, eye auto-focus in video, a flip-screen, an audio-out plug and in-body stabilization! So, I sold my a6400 and got the a6600. It was such a great decision.

Now, I’ll share with you which lenses I love and I’ll let you know my whole vlogging setup with this camera, down at the bottom. This set up makes lifes so much easier, so be sure to read below!

Favorite vlogging lens — 10-18mm Sony lens

This is THE vlogging lens, in my opinion. You don’t get weird fish-eye looks and it’s small and easy to hold while vlogging. I tend to shoot on 12-14mm because otherwise it looks a bit too wide for a vlog (if one person is in the frame). But, it’s also an epic lens for cities to get great photos. Check prices for the 10-18mm SONY E-MOUNT LENS.

Amazing budget portrait lens — 30mm Sigma lens

If possible, I’d encourage everyone to get a prime lens. It does take some playing with to get used to it, but is well worth the effort. I use this lens for photography more than creating videos (although I did use it for a few videos at home, like THIS ONE) but it’s just a fantastic photography lens to have. Buy the 30mm SIGMA LENS ON AMAZON or from your local camera shop.

Best all-around lens for the a6600 — 18-135mm Sony lens

The 18-135 mm SONY LENS was my first lens for this camera and it’s a great lens for photography and video. If I could only take one lens with me, it would be this one. I love the wide range of zoom and the only lens I might swap this out for is the 18-200mm lens, but this one is awesome for most of what I do, anyway. That’s just me having the “I wants” 😛

Vlogging with the DJI Osmo Pocket

Osmo pocket vlogging setup

The Osmo pocket is a mini-camera housed on a gimbal and can fit in your pocket. It’s nice that it does what it says on the tin! Instantly I wanted this camera, but I was concerned that it was just novelty and that they would come out with a new one that fixed the few flaws it has, right after I purchased it. The good news is that they are still sending firmware updates but the bad news is that the charging/audio adapter jack can’t be used if you have it sitting upright on a tripod.

For vlogging, though, I’ve come to love it. You can see my AMSTERDAM NOORD VLOG here to see how it looks. The main thing to get used to are the different settings for how it moves. But, the view is just wide enough that it’s fine to use for vlogging, or you can get THIS LENS to put on top to make it wider. I don’t use the wide lens because you have to put it on after you turn on the gimbal and it’s so tiny that I’m afraid I’ll drop it, lose it, or smudge it when I turn it off and back on.

I’ll explain my vlogging setup for this down below because it’s a bit cumbersome but makes life so easy once you put it together a few times.

The ultimate Osmo Pocket Tripod Adapter by PolarPro

I didn’t know about this company until I started doing some serious research. If there’s one thing you should know about me is that before I do any reviews on this website, I do my own intense research to see if I want to buy the thing. So, I’m pretty much guaranteed to love what I buy based on the pre-work! Looking into PolarPro, I knew that this was the right TRIPOD ADAPTER to buy.

I love that it has 2 attachment points for the tripod so you can use it upright or on its side for vertical footage. But, I don’t use the side adapter for that, I use it for my microphone. How? I’ll tell you in my vlogging setup section below. 🙂

ND filters

I don’t actually use these much because, as with the ultra-wide lens I mentioned above, you have to put it on after the camera is on and doing that constantly is annoying. BUT, after I film, I see how the footage would have been much better with the filter on. So, I would recommend having ND FILTERS on the Pocket..

Audio adapter

While the Osmo Pocket has decent audio built-in, if there’s anything I’ve learned about vlogging through courses (like VIEWING TO VLOGGING) and from watching other people’s vlogs, it’s that people will forgive a lot when it comes to video, but bad audio is not one of those things. Get the AUDIO ADAPTER if you want to vlog with this camera. (You’ll find the mics I use, below)

Controller Wheel

At first I thought this was a dumb thing to have, but it’s not and I use it all the time. It makes the gimbal easier to use and gives you two extra buttons. The CONTROLLER WHEEL helps because you don’t have to tap one of the other buttons multiple times to do something, you just hit one of the new buttons on the controller wheel once.

Gimbal lock

Because I’m all about convenience (which is a good reason to use the Osmo Pocket as a cheap vlogging camera), I did not want to have to keep sliding the controller wheel on and off. So, I use a GIMBAL LOCK FROM POLARPRO instead of the case it came with. I leave the Pocket in the tripod adapter, leave the controller wheel on, and pop on the gimbal lock. It works great.


Vlogging audio

Like I said before, audio is SUPER important and you don’t want to be without a microphone. I have three…yes…three. They all fit a need that I may have for different situations.

Rode Video Micro

This was my first microphone for a camera. We bought it for Sean’s camera years ago after seeing so many of our favorite vloggers use it. The RODE VIDEO MICRO is a powerful little mic and doesn’t need its own battery. Once you plug it into your mic jack, you’re good to go. This is great for when there’s more than just me in the frame speaking.

Rode Wireless Go

The RODE WIRELESS GO is my favorite thing for vlogging. This wireless mic helps us film without drawing too much attention (I hate people staring!). It’s so small and clips right on top of the camera in the hot shoe, and the other tiny piece clips onto my clothing. Not only does it make us inconspicuous, it makes for great audio.

Rode VideoMic Me

They say the best camera is the one you have on you. It’s so true!! ITALICS If you pop the RODE VIDEOMIC ME in your bag or pocket, then you practically have a whole vlogging setup with you at all times! Basically, it’s the Rode Video Micro with the ability to plug into a phone. There’s a version for a regular jack and one for iPhones, so anyone can use it.

My Tripods

Vlogging Tripods

Everyone who is serious about taking photos should have some kind of tripod. And for videos you take of yourself, it can be really handy. Sometimes you can combine gear to create a lightweight and versatile setup.

You’ll see a lot of people love JOBY GORILLAPODS and I used to have one, too. They are useful for many situations like uneven ground and wrapping around objects. I just noticed that I wasn’t using it for those situations and to simply set it up as a regular tripod was more difficult because I was always straightening out the legs. So, here are the tripods (and similar) that I currently use.

Manfrotto mini tripod

The PIXI MINI MANFROTTO tripod has been what I’ve used for a while. There are a few different versions depending on the weight of your camera, so be sure to do your research! I like this style of tripod to use on the table, to put my phone on, and to pop the Osmo Pocket on for a timelapse.

Peak Design Travel Tripod

The PEAK DESIGN TRAVEL TRIPOD is my new baby! Again, I was afraid it was all hype, but I really love this tripod. I have a whole REVIEW ON THE TRAVEL TRIPOD if you want more details. Now, I use this with my camera instead of the mini tripod because it comes with a plate you put on the bottom of the camera and it pops instantly into place on the tripod. It’s really easy and quick to use and it even comes with a phone adapter.


You might be thinking, “What the heck?! Why do you need a monopod?” According to Amazon.com, it’s more of a SELFIE STICK, but I’ll tell you why. I can pop it on the mini tripod to extend the height and pop in my phone or put the Osmo Pocket on top. Or I can put my light on it if I need one. It’s so versatile and very lightweight. Of course, you can also use it as a selfie stick!

Bits and bobs

Vlogging bits and bobs

Here’s where it gets interesting. I didn’t want a ton of stuff but I wanted to be able to do anything I could think of with the gear I had, so I bought these items to do just that! Having these little bits and bobs make everything else I own go even farther.

Square triple cold shoe mount with extender plate

Random, right? Well, at the time, I had the Osmo Mobile 2 (a gimbal for your phone) and wanted to be able to put a microphone on it. I could also use it with my camera to have a place for my mic and my light. Now, I use the SQUARE PIECE with my Osmo Pocket!

Screw for anchor point

I really wanted a way to hold onto my Osmo Pocket better, so I got another SmallRig piece that screws into the tripod adapter on the Pocket and I can put an anchor point for my Peak Design cuff. HERES A SIMILAR ONE.

Male to Male ¼” screw

This is another piece for my ingenious setup that I mention below. 😉 But it’s good anytime you need to connect to pieces of equipment that uses the ¼” female setting. It’s a small piece but it comes in handy. Funny enough, it can be difficult to find these things, so here’s an Amazon.com LINK for one option. Though, I use the SmallRig brand because I like their quality. I just didn’t find it on the American version of Amazon.

Camera Hot Shoe Mount to 1/4″ screw adapter

This can screw right into the tripod adapter and gives you many options. You could slide the Pocket into a hot shoe on top of a camera or you can attach the cold shoe mount I mentioned above by using the cold shoe side instead of the screw hole. Why would I do that? I’m getting there…but the point is that all of THESE LITTLE THINGS make everything else adaptable for any situation.

SmallRig Relocation Plate

This is big for anyone who plans to flip up the selfie screen on the Sony a6600. This SMALLRIG RELOCATION PLATE is a must-have. I think I discovered this brand only a year ago and it’s changed everything. Now, nothing blocks the view of the screen and I can have my mic attached and something else like a light.

Peak Design camera strap (leash)

Everyone needs a CAMERA STRAP and we invested in Peak Design for so many reasons. First, we can both use the anchor system (the small pieces that all the Peak Design stuff connects to) so we can borrow each other’s stuff if needed. We can take the straps off if they get in the way, which is so nice. And I can swap out the strap for the wrist cuff, if I’d like. And I can put anchors on everything and use everything interchangeably. I have anchors on my tripod, Osmo Pocket, and my camera.

Peak Design wrist cuff

If I’m vlogging with the Sony a6600, the strap just gets in the way, so I use this WRIST STRAP so I don’t drop it, and so someone can steal it from me.

Cell phone holder for tripod

This is pretty generic, but like I mentioned before, the best camera is the one you have on you. Having a small adapter to use your phone on your tripod can be a lifesaver. If your camera dies or breaks, then you aren’t out of luck. I recommend one with a COLD SHOE just in case you need it!

Small LED light

I don’t use my light often, but it’s the being prepared part that makes me feel good. A small LED light like this one can be used for vlogging in dark places (oh how I wish I had one in the SALT MINE!), it can be used when looking for something, lighting up food for that Instagram photo, and more! THIS ONE is similar to the one I bought in Hong Kong because you can change the intensity and the warmth of the light.


I feel like this should be a bigger section than it is, but really, for us, it goes under the bits and bobs section. We take it if we’ll be around water or doing something active, but that’s about it. We have the Hero Session 4 (yep, we haven’t felt the need to get a new one!) and it works just fine. We used it quite a bit in the ISCHIA, ITALY VIDEO and it is great for specific situations. We also have a waterproof floating handle, mouth-guard, and head strap for it. So, we’re ready…if we want to be. I’m linking to the GOPRO HERO SESSION 5, so that if you want the smaller version of a GoPro but want a bit better than we use, then its the better option.

My Vlogging Setup

Jessica vlogging with mic

Ok, here’s the fun part! I’ll explain my vlogging setup for the Sony a6600 and how to effectively and easily use the DJI Osmo Pocket for vlogging. Are you ready?!

Best vlogging setup for the Sony a6600

  • Use the Sony a6600 with the 10-18mm lens and/or the 18-135mm lens for great video.
  • Attach the SmallRig relocation bracket on top so you don’t block the flip up screen on the a6600.
  • Add Peak Design anchors to the bracket and use the Peak Design cuff or one of the camera straps (whichever feels more comfortable).
  • Use the Rode WirelessGo as a mic and place the receiver right next to the mic input and the mic on your body.
  • Set up the Peak Design Travel Tripod for stable shots or use a mini tripod to hold the camera while talking to it and to prop on a table top.
Osmo Pocket with tripod

Vlogging with the Osmo Pocket

  • Attach the PolarPro tripod adapter to the Osmo Pocket and slide on the controller wheel.
  • Place the gimbal lock on if not using right away.
  • Twist in the screw with a loop for the Peak Design anchor on the bottom, the attach anchor and wrist cuff.
  • Screw in the male-to-male ¼” adapter into the tripod hole on the side, then screw the square triple cold shoe mount into that.
  • Plug in the DJI audio adapter at the bottom, then plug in the Rode WirelessGo or the Rode Video Micro and attach microphone (or receiver) to the cold shoe mount on the side.
  • FOR TRIPOD USE: use the hot shoe mount with the ¼” adapter on the side and attach the square triple cold shoe mount by one of its cold shoe sides. This has the tripod hole is at the bottom. Use this format if a tripod is needed and you need audio. Otherwise, simply attach the tripod at the bottom of the Osmo Pocket.

Shop for photography and vlogging gear on through our AMAZON STOREFRONT or head directly to PEAK DESIGN for their products.

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