Everyday Tote V2 in Amsterdam

Peak Design Everyday Tote V2 Review

I’ve been in love with the Peak Design brand for a while now and want to share that love with you. If you’ve been a follower for any amount of time, you know I love to shout it from the rooftops when I love something. This post, specifically, is about the Peak Design Everyday Tote V2 that I bought a few weeks ago. Since it’s a review, I will be sharing all the bits and pieces I think you should know before you buy it.

Everyday Tote V2 in Amsterdam

I’ve paid for the bag myself, so this is in no way affiliated with Peak Design…except that you will see an affiliate link for their products. If you choose to purchase this bag and you click through my link, I’ll get a small commission but the price doesn’t change for you. It just helps keep this blog up and running 🙂

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Peak Design label

How I discovered Peak Design + a little about the company

I’m pretty sure I discovered Peak Design through some influencer a few years back. (Yay for influencers!) Likely it was a YouTuber and I saw all the cool features of their products in their video. I wasn’t absolutely sure it was a company I wanted to invest in, because, maybe it just looked cool but didn’t really hold up in the long run.

After doing a bunch of research on my own, I found out that I loved the company. Based out of California, this company is everything I wish every company was. It’s eco-conscious, gives back, and makes sure working conditions are fair and safe in their factories abroad.

Can you believe this company actually started on Kickstarter? Yes! It’s a great way to raise hype while seeing if there’s any interest at all. They can get feedback from customers even before the final product is finished. They really listen to their customers which is another reason I think they are great.

Ok, this isn’t just a love-letter to Peak Design. But, while I’m here…hey PD team!! (Please wave back if you read this. Otherwise, it’s just embarrassing!)

Finally, I appreciate the straight-talk on the website and in their YouTube videos. They don’t promise anything they don’t believe to be true and they’ll tell you what a product is not good for. It’s refreshing. Like, seriously, a company who gives straight-talk is a company I’d be happy to work for. The YouTube videos are so helpful. Why doesn’t every company do them?

second side with no straps

Why the Peak Design Everyday Tote V2 bag?

This is not my first Peak Design bag. I bought the 5 liter sling a while ago and loved it. But then I grew out of it. If you’ve seen this video I made on what’s in my camera bag, you understand. Seriously…how did it all fit!?

After Christmas, I was just browsing with no real intention of buying anything and I saw this 15 liter Everyday Tote from Peak Design. It was beautiful and exactly what I needed. It was a tough choice between the tote and the totepack, so if you love this but want a backpack, take a look at that.

My main reason for buying any Peak Design bag is quality and materials. They back everything with a generous warranty which automatically makes me feel better. My bag is weather-proof and made from 100% recycled nylon. More information on the product page.

Also, it’s just pretty. I mean…look at it!

Watch my new video on how I use the bag and why I love it so much!

Features of the tote

I think I’m a tote person and not a backpack person, so I bought the Everyday Tote. The size was a big factor for me. I went from a 5 liter bag to a 15 liter bag and it feels perfect. I didn’t want anything too big because I am a small person and didn’t want anything to dwarf me.

With the two long handles, I can carry it on my shoulder or in my hand without it touching the ground. Yes, I’m short, and many bags do that. It also comes with a shoulder strap so I can put it across my body and I love that versatility. The top of the bag closes via magnets for quick access or you can zip it to keep things dry if it’s raining or you just want extra security.

Peak Design Tote

The FlexFold dividers are everything. They make using the bag so easy and flexible. I have them all in and have made 5 compartments with them. (Watch the video for a good look inside!) But I could take them all out and have an empty bag! There are little pockets on the inside plus a sleeve for a 13” laptop and a tablet. My 15” laptop just barely squeezes in the slot for the 13”…so that works for me!

The outside flaps are great because one has a bunch of little pockets which are perfect for the extra battery, SD card, and all the cables, plus a key tie. The opposite side has a pocket of a similar size but without a zipper or little pockets inside. They are both magnetized to keep the flap down. The flap of the side with no little pockets doubles as a slip through onto luggage.

On the outside of the bag you can use their tie-down straps which are included with the bag. Criss-cross them, tie them up and down, up and over, down and under…really, it’s about whatever works for you.

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How to use the tote

Versatility is the core of Peak Design’s Everyday bag collection, so there are a million and one ways you can use it. It seems that they make sure that every bag can be used as a camera bag, but the “everyday” part of the line’s name is really what it’s about. You can use it for a different reason everyday.

I could easily be a commute tote with your work laptop + charger, all your normal bits & bobs, plus lunch and work out clothes. It could be a diaper bag with everything that entails. As a traveler, I notice that this size makes a great overnight bag. As a photographer, I mostly use it as a camera bag + purse.

Jessica with Peak Design Everyday Tote V2

How I use my tote

To use it as a camera bag, I’ve left in the two FlexFold dividers and just spaced them as needed. The middle section stays open for a water bottle, my mini-tripod, and when needed, my extender stick (similar to a selfie stick).

The one side utilizes the shelf feature of the FlexFold divider. On the bottom are my mics, including the Rode VideoMicro and the Rode VideoMe plus my Osmo Pocket, a small case of little camera items, a cell phone adapter and Osmo Pocket adapter for the tripod.

On top of that shelf is my Sony a6600 with the Sigma 30mm lens on it and the Peak Design Cuff attached.

The other side also uses the shelf and on the bottom is my Sony 10-18mm lens, the Peak Design Leash camera strap (in a pouch), and my Rode WirelessGo mic (also in a soft pouch). On the top is my 18-135mm lens.

Front outside pocket with little sections has all my cables, extra batteries, SD card, and keys.

Other outside pocket has my wallet, chapstick, tissues, and anything else I might need throughout the day.

If I’m using the tie-down straps, I’ll have my Peak Design Travel Tripod strapped to the bag since it doesn’t fit inside.

tie-down straps

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Pros and cons of the Peak Design bag


Versatility, for sure. You can do anything with this bag. The quality is amazing and you can feel it. But the inside FlexFolds add a layer of customization that you rarely, if ever, see. The fact that there are two shoulder/hand straps and the option to clip on the sling strap, is super helpful so you can adapt to your surroundings.

It’s beautiful! I bought the bone color and love it. Sean was a little apprehensive about it because it might get dirty. So far, I’ve been able to easily wipe things off. I think it looks good with most colors and goes with casual or more chic outfits.

Extra space makes it adaptable. Allowing for space on top of the inside FlexFold dividers is a nice touch to be able to stuff something in there at the last second. But the top opening can also fold over when you don’t need the space. The tie-down straps on the outside of the bag can be used for a bunch of things. While I use it for my tripod, you can use it for a yoga mat, bulky sweater, or whatever else can be cinched down.

Weather-proof exterior is key when you live in a rainy city like Amsterdam. I am so (probably overly) conscious about my bags being able to be in the rain. I’m pretty sure that coating is also what makes it easy to keep clean…even in the light color!

Lifetime warranty. How many products do you own right now that have a lifetime warranty? Sean and I try not to buy anything unless they are quality. We figure, if we are spending the money, then it should last. Having a lifetime warranty helps with the perception of being high quality, but it also gives you that protection. Be sure to register any Peak Design product you own and keep the receipt.


My biggest frustration is that the opening of the bag can feel a bit narrow since the magnets want to come back together. Because the fabric that the FlexFold sticks to isn’t in the middle section of the bag, I can’t make the kind of shelf I’d like to be able to put my camera in the middle. That means it’s on one of the sides and makes it a bit snug to get in and out without fidgeting with it.

Because they left extra room inside the bag at the top to act as an expansion, it feels like I have to put my hand pretty deep to get anything out. Though, this top area is good for a light sweater or something you want quick access to that’s light enough to not crush what’s underneath..

Peak Design Everyday Tote V2 luggage pass-through

My final thoughts – Would I buy it again?

Yep. Absolutely. It helps that I’ve had another one of their bags for a while now and can vouch for the quality. I love the style, the brand (and their ethos), the materials, and the functionality.

My one and only thought about not buying it has more to do with whether I would like the backpack version better due to the format of not all the weight on one shoulder. If you know that a backpack is better for you, then definitely check out the Totepack.

We’ll be reviewing more of our favorite travel products so that you know exactly what we use and how we use it. If you’re interested in knowing more about our favorite luggage, here’s an old post for you. We’ve been using these bags in 2013 and still love them, so I’m still happy to recommend them. You can find the carry-on bag that I use right here.

While I’m a massive fan of Peak Design, I’m a fan of a few different brands and I find the right product for my needs. That’s what I’m happy to share with you!

Wishing you joy and travels!