Must-try foods on an off-the-beaten-path Naples food tour

Italy + Food = best day ever. Italy is known for its food — for its simplicity, freshness, and passion. Makes sense that when in Italy, you should take a food tour! This Naples food tour isn’t just about eating, it’s about history, relationships, and discovering some of the best spots to eat in a local neighborhood.

As we’ve done in the past, we’ve partnered up with Eating Europe food tours to try out their new Naples food tour called “A Night out in Naples”. This just means that we were invited to take the tour so we can share the experience with you. We see it as a win-win because we already know their tours are high-quality based on past experiences and have a chance to share an experience that you may like to take on your own.

Jessica on Naples food tour
Naples street

Why take a Naples food tour?

I would ask, “why not?”. Lol!

It’s a time-saver since you get a great tour and great Italian food together. We believe in taking a food tour anywhere you visit because, while it really is a great way to combine a lot of history, city tour, with lunch or dinner, it gives you a deeper connection than a regular city tour. Food does that. Sitting down and eating together does that.

This isn’t a tour where you are on your feet the whole time. It’s a combination of quick stops where you’ll stand to eat a couple of bites and then you’ll have a seat to eat, relax, and talk about the food. Food tours really combine the best of everything for a new city.

View of Naples hill

As a bonus, you typically get insider info on where to eat because you are getting samples of the best of the neighborhood and meeting the key players in the food world. Because the tour guides are typically foodies themselves, be sure to ask where to eat where you are staying as well!

Discovering the best foods to try in Naples



Sfogliatella is what Sean thinks of when he thinks of Naples (after pizza, of course!) Honestly, I didn’t really know it was popular in this area, but it is, and has been since the 1700s. Our guide, Francesco, took us to the oldest pastry shop in the neighborhood to try one. It’s been open since 1970 and he thinks it’s the best in the area! That’s enough for me. A local Neapolitan says it’s the best, I’m gonna believe him.

While, I need to do many more taste-test to be absolutely, positively sure, it was a delicious Sfogliatella! Luckily, it was a small one. We are just getting started, so we don’t want to fill up at the beginning. But could have easily done so!


Naples food tour baba

We kinda thought that was it for that stop, but no, Francesco had a couple more surprises for us. We discovered Baba – a yeast cake that is soaked with a rum syrup and has a bit of a muffin-top shape to it.

Jessica trying baba

I had no idea what to expect since I’m not a big rum fan and it looks a bit plain. But, wow, that little thing has a big surprise. It’s nothing like you expect. It was very rummy, in a good way, and as I said, I don’t really like rum. But there’s something about it being in this yeast cake that makes the whole thing a perfect little treat. It’s soft, and so moist that I’d almost say it’s wet. When you put it in your mouth, it basically melts away. You may be wanting to ask for another, but remember to leave room!

Local Limoncello


Once we finished eating, we were given some local Limoncello before we headed to our next stop. There’s also some still water on tap if you need a little extra hydration with your Limoncello and they are happy to keep refilling your cup!

Have you ever had Limoncello before? It’s lemony so it’s a tad tart but also sweet at the same time. Just keep in mind that it’s a liquor, so be prepared for that little kick!

Local wine with local meats and cheeses

wine and bites at Antinga Cantina Sepe

We didn’t have too long of a walk to our next stop, but we learned a bit more about the city as we walked. It’s such a nice balance! We stood up to have our bites and drink at the last place, so at this hole-in-the-wall 4th generation wine shop called Antinga Cantina Sepe, we got seats. This was definitely our style. It was a bunch of seats outside among the people, so the people-watching was awesome.

The wine was great and it was so chill to sit there and drink wine while our guide taught us a bit more about the local grape varieties. But then, Mr. 4th generation came out with some local meats and cheeses. Good grief. We were feeling like VIPs. And then, THEN his mother, Mrs. 3rd generation, happened to pop by and of course, knew our guide and he introduced us to her. Yes, really. It’s like we were all old friends. This was the point I knew this tour was different.

Napoli Pizza

Ciro making pizza

It gets more epic, guys. We head to a pizza joint. Ok, sure. Totally expected, right? And thank goodness. Can you have a Naples food tour without pizza? I say, “NO”.

Jessica made her own pizza

Well, it’s no big deal that this pizza shop was run by one of the best pizza makers in Naples, Ciro. No joke. He’s been in the pizza business since he was EIGHT YEARS OLD. YES! He started as a delivery boy and fell in love with pizza. I must say, I think he’s perfected it. He also has a secret. The cheese. Provola and Mozzarella.

Did you know that pizza used to be solely covered in Provola cheese? Now he uses the old and new, and it’s perfection.

BONUS: Pizza-making experience

Jessica making pizza

But wait, there’s more! I MADE MY OWN PIZZA. Yes, with the help and guidance of Ciro, I made my own Margherita pizza. I did so well! Sean said it was the best pizza ever. (He’s a keeper 😉 )

Jessica and Ciro at Antico borgo ai Vergini

They make their pizza in a beautiful pizza oven that hangs out around 450-500°F and use beech tree wood. I figured wood is an important factor here, so I found that super interesting. What’s also a bit crazy is that it only cooks for about 50 seconds! Talk about fast food!

My pizza baking

Book your Naples food tour now. You won’t leave hungry and you’ll have a blast!

Caprese bites with an epic view of Naples, cultural lessons (and wine)

I can’t emphasize enough how crazy this tour got. What I mean is, it’s was like every stop was a gift to be opened and enjoyed. None of these stops just to eating. You meet the people behind the shop, you learn about why the food is so special, you create something on your own, or in the case of our next stop, you get a view of Naples that you’ve never seen before.

mount vesuvius
Views above Naples

We were welcomed into a private home with the most spectacular rooftops I’ve ever encountered (and sadly, I’m including our old apartment in Amsterdam in that statement). It was sunset, it was magical. Then we had some traditional bites. For us, it was mini Caprese bites, but it may be something else when you visit. We learned about a traditional local game, why the image of pepper is everywhere, how to speak the local language, including the use of our hands, and had some lovely wine with peaches. We also became honorary Neapolitans.

Pizza Fritta Montanara (with wine)

Pizza Fritta Montanara

Our final stop was at Isabella de Cham Pizza Fritta and is a woman-run pizza shop and specializes in Pizza Fritta Montanara. I’ve never had anything like this before and it would be what I ate every day if I could!

Pizza Fritta Montanara close up

Fried dough with meat and sauce sounds simplistic, but, in this shop, it goes a level beyond. Oh, and Isabella is the 49th best pizza maker in all of Italy! Yeah. So, when in Naples, don’t hesitate. Take this tour, or visit on your own, but definitely visit.

Isabella de Cham Pizza Fritta
Isabella of Isabella de Cham Pizza Fritta in the kitchen

We realized how lively Naples can be when we ran into a full band where we had wine earlier. None of us were in a hurry, so we hung out, danced a bit and fully enjoyed the community that had now surrounded this band. What a night!

Want more Italy? We’ve got you covered! Check out our Italy section on the blog and we even have one on our YouTube channel.

Naples street 2

What sets this Eating Europe food tour in Naples apart

For someone who was skeptical about Naples in general, this tour turned it all around for me. This tour has a great itinerary, it includes super-local spots that you will likely not find other visitors (yay for off-the-beaten-path!), the food is crazy good, and it’s so much fun. The tour has an energy that you don’t often see. It’s something that you notice when it’s there — you end up smiling and don’t know why exactly. Basically, it’s a feel-good tour. Sure, you get some history that isn’t all roses and sunshine, but you leave with a much better understanding of the city, the people, the culture, and the food.

Naples buildings

It’s highly likely this neighborhood, Rione Sanità, will be in a part of Naples you wouldn’t have found on your own. And if you did manage to discover this hidden gem, there’s no way you can get the feeling of the neighborhood like you can with this Eating Europe tour. It’s fighting for my number one favorite food tour (its main competitor is the Eating Europe Twilight Soho tour in London).

More street art in Naples

The history in this neighborhood is nothing short of fascinating. From cemeteries to dignitaries and royalty, to turning into a not-so-desirable neighborhood, to revitalization, it’s a neighborhood that you can feel just as much as you can see. The street art is beautiful while still making a statement. You need to see this place.

I’ve given away some names in this post which I don’t normally do, but this is such a hidden gem, that I want you to be able to try some of these things on your own. However, for the full experience, please take the tour. There is no way you could be disappointed. We were legitimately wow’d — and after so many food tours, that’s not easy.

Jessica on a Naples rooftop

Thanks for taking this food journey through Naples with us.

Wishing you joy and travels!

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