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London Food Tour: Borough Market and more!

Thank you to Secret Food Tours for this complimentary tour!

Being surrounded by many types of delicious food is a dream for some people. if you’re one of those people, then let me tell you about the London Bridge Food Tour!  Secret Food Tours have tours around the world and they will vary quite a lot per region–because the food and culture vary! I went on their Paris tour which was less traditional and more of an educational experience while the London Bridge tour was a more traditional and definitely more my speed.  I’ve learned never to assume how a tour will go since they are all unique. We’ve done food tours all over Europe, including Stockholm, Barcelona, Lisbon, and many more! They are always so different – and that’s why I try not to compare them.


Borough Market Ceiling On London Food Tour


We met at an easy-to-find spot near the Borough Market and meandered our way down in front of the Southwark Cathedral as the first historical stop. It’s 900 years old and free to enter if you like. But, the bridge was the fascinating point for me. We all have different things that tickle our fancy and knowing that where London Bridge now stands has stood the only bridge to connect the two sides of the Thames since 55 A.D. seems crazy! Can you imagine what the traffic used to be like?! It’s still pretty busy but obviously much better than it was.

I always enjoy the little tidbits that each tour guide brings to the table.  Our guide for the day was Mat, a Brit who loves his British food and is happy to poke fun at very British things. I don’t think it’s even possible to get the same exact tour twice because guide personality is such a big part of it…and so is the tour group.


The Borough Market

Full of energy. Fun vibe. Tasty samples. Friendly workers. Great variety.


Secret London Tours - Borough Market


Walking in, I felt like a kid in a candy store. To be fair, there was fudge. So….it’s like an adult in a candy store 🙂

There is just so much to take in during a tour of the Borough Market. So after a quick introduction, you’re given some time to wander on your own. Be careful not to indulge too much because you may regret it later — you get plenty of food on the tour, for sure. But if you find something interesting, definitely buy it and take it with you for that evening or the next day. I bought chocolates, sausage, and cheese and they were all delicious!


Sausage in Borough Market London


The first tasty treat you get to try is something I never understood–a Bacon sandwich (or Bacon bap). Why would you put only bacon on a sandwich? I get that bacon is delicious. But a bacon bap? Why wouldn’t you throw on some egg and cheese to make it worth eating?


Bacon Bap on London Food Tour


Then I tried the Whiskey ginger bacon that’s been cooking for 4 days piled on some tasty bread. I can definitely say it was a delicious treat. Would I eat it often? Nah. But as a treat every once in awhile when I’m in London? Maybe.


Goats milk ice cream Borough Market


We moved along to another part of the market and were given more time to explore which is when I discovered goat milk ice cream! Have you ever heard of goat milk ice cream? Me neither, but it makes sense. It tasted just like “regular” ice cream and was a nice treat after the bacon. Creamy cold and chocolatey goodness.


Borough Market


Take advantage of this free time to interact with the vendors. Ask them questions and get samples! You take food tours to try new things, so try them all! OK…maybe not enough time for that, but I had such great chats with the people at the chocolate stand, cheese stand, sausage stand, and ice cream stand. Go. Eat. Chat.

What is a London food tour without fish and chips? Hmm, actually, it would be interesting, but it’s a stop you’d probably expect and have your tummy grumbling for. But we did not get this well-known dish where I expected. Nope. We didn’t go to Poppies, we went to the stall that won best fish and chips 2017! It was mighty good, too. 


Time to sit down

As we headed out of the market, we stopped under a covered walkway since Mother Nature decided it was time for a little rain and Mat decided it was time for another taste.

You know me…I don’t want to give EVERYTHING away here. But I will tell you, if you like meat, you’ll probably enjoy it.


Sausage roll in London Secret Food Tours


Their secret food is part of the mystery, so I will keep it a secret too. Sort of 😉 I will say that it was light, fluffy, and delicious. But I would share one if given the choice!

The next part was super exciting for me. Going into a pub under a London archway is like stepping into history. How many different kinds of establishments was this before a pub? You can ask! Because Mat has the answer. I could just listen for hours about stories full of history there.

Sitting down we were able to try two ciders, both very different from the other. some lovely cheese options accompanied the cider. This pub definitely had a great atmosphere and I’d go hang out there any night. It was also a nice break just to chat with the others and rest a bit.


Tower Bridge on Secret Food Tours London tour

Being a goof


The walk to the next spot was so enjoyable. No more rain, amazing sights and we all just kept taking photos of the iconic Tower Bridge (this is not the London Bridge!). Our group really had fun together and really made such a great tour!


Selfies in front of the Tower Bridge in London

Secret Food Tours London group


We ended up at a restaurant with a phenomenal view to enjoy arguably the best dish of the tour. Gotta end on a sweet note! I’m so happy we shared this sticky toffee pudding between two people. I mean…mostly happy because I was full. But, really, I still wanted to eat it all.


Sticky Toffee Pudding


Wrap Up

The opportunity to experience the Borough Market with a guide is really nice. I loved hearing about the history while smelling the fresh produce and being tempted by chocolates and cheeses. While you do get a good amount of time to explore on your own, I totally suggest going back after the tour (even if another day) and explore some more and talk to more vendors.

While many vendors may take cards, definitely grab some cash before you arrive just in case there are big lines at the ATMs nearby. You know you’ll want to buy something to take back with you!


Secret Food Tours London - London Bridge


For the tour, bring a water bottle and make sure it’s filled before you arrive. It’s not totally common to get a bottle of water on food tours, so just be prepared! Because it’s London, an umbrella is always a good idea too. (This paragraph contains affiliate links)

Have you been on a food tour in London? Or anywhere? What was your favorite thing about it?

Wishing you love and travels!


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  1. I really need to start adding more food tours to our travel itineraries! Given how much we love to eat and sample different kinds of food it really doesn’t make any sense that we don’t do this more often.

  2. Reading this post makes me hungry! If I may ask, where did you sign up for this food tour? Because you went with a group and the local guide Mat… Anyway I would love to do something like this one day. Everything looks so delicious, especially the cheese. As I am from the Netherlands, I am a big cheese lover!

  3. Looks like fun tour for empty tummy! What was your favourite snack from this tour? I usually dont do tours, just go and wander the markets. My favourite so far was La Boqueria in Barcelona and of course street food from Marrakech widely available on every corner within media .

    1. Hard question! But I’m going to go with the sticky toffee pudding. I didn’t think I would like it. I have quite a sweet tooth but it just seemed like too much. It wasn’t! And is definitely my favorite 🙂 Barcelona is amazing and I bet all the food tours are delicious!

  4. I’ve heard some great things about Secret Food Tours, and London is one of my favorite destinations, so I’m psyched to hear that they have a London Bridge Food Tour! I agree that I love food tours for the little tidbits that each tour guide brings to the table, and for the way they incorporate history into the tour too.

    The Borough Market is one of my favorite parts of London – can definitely understand the difficulty in pacing yourself since this is the first stop and there are so many incredible tasting opportunities! Can’t say I’ve ever tasted goat milk ice cream, so that’s a new one for me to try in London next time!

    1. There is so much to eat there, and everything looks amazing. That’s just the prepared food, then there’s the sausages, jams, cheese, etc, to take home. It’s just insane!

  5. London Bridge and Borough Market is my playground and I am there all the time. I never thought about doing a food tour around there though but it is a great idea, especially to see and hear about it in a different light. I have heard good things about Secret Food Tours and I am definitely sold if I get to try one of those whiskey ginger bacon that made my mouth water.

  6. I’ve actually never been on an official food tour but I love the suspense in this article! Learning about London’s history and checking out the culinary scene sounds like my kind of day. If they offer similar tours in Barcelona, I would totally go for it next month.

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