Keukenhof : The Flowers of Holland

Oh Holland! You with your beautiful flowers and flat bike-friendly land. No wonder I love you so!

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Holland?

Tulip Fields

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Tulips? That’s what I thought! For two months between mid-March and mid-May you can visit Keukenhof, a huge garden full of tulips and many other varieties of flowers. It is so special that it is considered the Garden of Europe. But it is not huge fields with rows of tulips…those are on the country-side and can be seen by riding a bike!

Tree in Keukenhof

With its winding paths through flower gardens and peaceful trees you might be able to find a quiet spot for contemplation. We noticed that the farther you get into this large garden, the thinner the crowds get. But we did manage to find some great “secret” corners to ourselves…at least for a few minutes!

Tulips multi-colored from Keukenhof

In the garden you will find souvenier stores and lots of food options. We saw crepes, croquettes, frozen yogurt, cheese, and strawberries with cream. There was even a sit-down restaurant if you want a proper lunch. If you need to head indoors for a while, there are buildings with flowers inside too! There is so much to see and experience at Keukenhof.

Visit Keukenhof

A little word of caution…you are surrounded by flowers, so if you have allergies at all, take a pill before you arrive. It was intense, but still very fun and absolutely beautiful. It does smell amazing in the gardens…it’s just one of those things I think you should know before you go!

If you are interested in seeing some of the flower fields, you can rent a bike just outside the Keukenhof entrance. How Dutch! Prices start at 8 euros for the day with a map. It’s the best way to see those fields that you think of when you think of Holland. So get a little exercise and go for it!

Tulips Pink

It’s super easy to get to Keukenhof. There’s a direct bus from Schiphol Airport (about a 30 min ride) and you can easily take a train or bus to the airport. Buy your combi-ticket so that your transportation to and from, and the entrance are all covered at once. It’s a little bit more if you are coming from the center of Amsterdam, but there are multiple pick up points for convenience. Just show your printed ticket at the bus and off you go! We bought ours ahead of time just to save time and it does not have a specific date which is helpful in case it rains. Yes, it is Holland. Expect it!

Keukenhof Collage

We went in mid-April which seemed perfect. Different flowers bloom at different times, but there is always something to see. In case you are wondering, children are welcome. Just watch them so they don’t fall INTO the flowers. Perfect for dog owners: dogs are allowed!


With a beautiful spring day in Holland, this is the best place to be! Have you been or have you been to another amazing garden? Share your experience with us!

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