How to cycle in Amsterdam
Amsterdam The Netherlands

How to Cycle in Amsterdam

How to cycle in Amsterdam

Bikes and Amsterdam are like cars and Los Angeles. Everyone has at least one and that’s how they commute. Most Dutch people have been cycling from about the time they could walk (at least in some form). I’ve heard that they even take a cycling class in elementary school so they know all the rules of the biking road. Think you can ride with them?

Bikes in the Park

Cycling is a culture, and in our time in Amsterdam we have noticed a few things that might help you understand what to expect, and some rules of the road. I’ll be honest. It took me a month to buy a bike. I was scared to bike with such experts! And it wasn’t as easy to find a bike for someone so short that wasn’t a kid.

Amsterdam bikes

If you are moving to Amsterdam and are looking to purchase a bike, there are shops in every neighborhood. Many sell second-hand bikes, too! I wouldn’t suggest buying a bike from a guy on the street, on Facebook groups, or Marktplaats (the Craigslist of the Netherlands). Many of those are stolen. There are people at the Waterlooplein Market that would be fine to purchase from, if you are in that area. Make sure it has a rear-wheel lock and get a good chain lock. It’s pricey, but worth it! And always lock to something stationary.

Rented bikes in Amsterdam

If you are just visiting Amsterdam for a few days, I don’t think you have to bike in Amsterdam as a tourist. It is easier to get around, but takes a while to get used to where you can and can’t bike and how to handle yourself. You really need to pay attention and know how to not be in the way…and not break the law. So if you do decide to rent a bike in Amsterdam, rent a bike that screams “I am a tourist”. You may hate it at first, but people give you more room and will give you more warning if you are in the way. It’s helpful for locals to know that you don’t know all the rules. It keeps everyone a little safer.

Cookie Sign on a Bike

What you’ll see on the bike paths

It’s truly amazing what you will see on a bike path in Amsterdam. I don’t think anything suprises me anymore. You have regular bikes, motorized bikes, scooters, Bakfiets (bikes with a box on the front), little cars (for the handicapped), motorized wheelchairs, and bike taxis.


What you’ll find on bikes:

Bikes can carry almost anything! There are specialty bikes too. We’ve seen a bike made for cheese deliveries, one created to be a mobile bike shop, and ones with a wheelchair on the front. But you’ll also find these places in or on bikes: many kids, dogs, luggage, ladders, vacuums, lamps, artwork, pizzas, crates of beer, groceries, flowers, etc… Some stores even have bike-friendly packaging so you can easily hold it while holding the handle bars.

Bike Rack in Amsterdam

What to know about cycling in Amsterdam:

  • Use arms to show which directions you are turning, or point to the right to stop (on the right side).
  • Right of way is from the right. This is especially important in the canal belt.
  • Follow the bike paths. Do not bike on the sidewalk. I don’t care if you see a local do it.
  • Do not ride through red lights…even if you are turning right. It’s illegal.
  • You must have a front and rear light that works if riding at night.
  • Get off your bike and cross at a zebra crossing if necessary or easier. We all do it.
  • Right of way typically goes like this: tram, bike, pedestrian, car.
  • Don’t lock your bike to a draw-bridge…it may not end well.

Do you have any tips to add? Have you been cycling in Amsterdam? What did you think?

How to Bike in Amsterdam

14 thoughts on “How to Cycle in Amsterdam

  1. Nice article, but here are some rules that you can add to it :

    1: OFFICIALLY you have to swing your LEFT arm up and down when you’re going to stop (but,at the other hand, no-one does…..)
    2: Turning RIGHT through a RED traffic light is NOT illegal.
    3: Never, but NEVER lock your bike at the front-wheel, it will be turned loose,and your bike is gone, all you habe left…is your front-wheel !
    4: No Light at night ? TICKET !
    5: Using your phone, on your bike is allowed ! (But…..deadly !!!!)
    6: You can park your bike ANYWHERE you want….(don’t park it IN a shop !)
    7: You can use your voice,instead of a “bell” (Watch it ! , Coming by ! HEY!, I’m a tourist, SORRY !) whenever you’re in a kind of trouble !
    8: Dutch people are always “carefull” if they see a rented bike !
    9: Watch out for the “tram-rails” , if you get in it, you won’t come out !
    10: Practice your biking at the north-side of Amsterdam, it’s alot easier…(and quit,And nice views)
    11: Dutch people use their bike’s MOSTLY between 17:00 and 19:00, take extra care at that time !

    Ought you wanna know, I’m Dutch ! (Born in Amsterdam) Only 4 accidents in a lifetime ! ( 56 Years “Young”, now….)

    And above all…. be carefull !

    Greeting from the most beautiful city of the world !


    1. Hi Robby!

      Thanks so much for adding to this post! I have two friends who have gotten tickets for turning right on red on a bike, so I will look more into that and will post when I figure it all out.

      I love the tip about using your voice instead of a bell if you don’t have one!

      By the way, I love your city!

  2. Dear Jessica,

    Love your post. I always get super enthusiastic hearing the sounds of amazement and wonder when foreigners see the amount of bicycles and cyclists in the Netherlands, but I agree with you: cycling as a tourist in Amsterdam requires special attention.

    Now, my bike is my best friend. I take it along everywhere – or it takes me-. Cycling in Amsterdam is a totally different experience, even for me and I’m Dutch! Amsterdam is a vibrant city with cars, public transport and cycles all using the same small roads, especially in the inner city centre.

    What I always mention to my international – future- friends is to be careful near the tram tracks. I’ve seen and heard of too many accidents.

    This is also an interesting article when talking about cycling in the Netherlands:

    1. Hi Vera! Thank you 🙂 I think I can also say that my bike is my best friend too! Except when it’s raining or hailing…then the bus/metro is my best friend 😉

  3. I took magic mushrooms in Amsterdam and when I tried to bicycle home I could only ride my bike on the cracks in-between the cobblestones. I unfortunately could only ride on the cracks, or else the world would start melting. Please make bigger cracks in between the cobblestones in Amsterdam so that this doesn´t happen again. Thank you.

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