Gift ideas for someone who has everything

Gift-giving can be down-right frustrating at times. This is especially true when it’s for someone you don’t know well (new addition to the family or secret Santa), a person who is quite minimalist, and the person who seems to have everything.

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In this holiday gift guide, I’ll focus on those who seemingly have everything they could want, but I’ll also have plenty of suggestions for friends and family that fit into the other categories I mentioned as well!

A few good pieces of info to pick-up on, if possible, are:
What kind of home do they have? Are they eco-conscious? Do they like to experience new things? Do they like to travel? What do they like to drink? Do they like to eat out? What causes are close to their heart? Do they appreciate homemade gifts? What’s their favorite TV show or movie?

Even knowing one of these things will be super helpful to finding a gift they will love.

I like to create practical gift guides for you, so if these ideas don’t quite fit, I’ll leave links to my other guides for you at the end — you’re sure to find something!!

Tinggly gift boxes

Tinggly gift boxes are perfect for anyone who wants to have a new experience, loves traveling, is eco-conscious and needs a little flexibility! You get to choose the kind of gift box you are looking for (there are a few different price points) and the recipient gets a box in the mail with a special note from you. There are no expiration dates, experiences are available all over the world (possibly including near where the person lives), and it’s planet-friendly.

Comfort items

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Depending on how well you know the person, you could get them something that brings them comfort. This might be slippers, a thoughtful blanket (maybe a weighted blanket), bath salts, essential oil diffuser, or something similar.

TV show or movie memorabilia

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For example, I love Doctor Who (as very obvious from our vlog visiting the Doctor Who experience), so a thoughtful gift could be my name written in the Gallifreyan language. You can look for official products or head to for some unique gifts that support small business owners.

Have art created for them

Doctor Who Commissioned painting

Find a favorite artist on Instagram or Etsy and ask for a commission. I did this for Sean for our anniversary and it was so wonderful. I used Jazz Islam (I just love her style!). Find something that fits in with their style and have something created that is meaningful. Maybe it’s a family portrait or a painting of their pet. Maybe even book them a photo session (with a gift card or something to make it easier on their schedule).

Taster boxes

Remember the tour we’ve put together for Tuscany in October 2021? Well, that company is looking to give you a taste of the Tuscan countryside while supporting the small producers that have been hit hard from lack of tourists. If you’re in the US/Canada/Australia, click here to read all about it! If you’re in Europe, this is the page for you. I’ve also recently discovered this box from Bokksu with Japanese snacks, but you could also put together a wine box, gin box, or something similar. A fun gift I sent to my friend in Texas was specialties from Virginia, and she loved it! It included local potato chips, homemade fudge, local cider, and more. It was fun to put together and meant a lot to her.


There are people who love candles, and those who couldn’t care less about them. But if you happen to know your giftee loves candles of a certain scent (make sure you know this, first!), then get a nice brand for them. Woodwick candles are great and the crackling sound is so soothing.


Handmade or artisanal soaps may be much appreciated! If you’ve been to their home and noticed them in their bathroom, then it may be a safe bet as a gift. I get these for ourselves at TJ Maxx or TK Maxx (for those in Europe) or pick them up from local artisans when you travel or from your own local shops! For those in the Netherlands or a bordering country (and the UK) you can order from my favorite shop, DIYS Soap. It’s where I get my face care products!


Give to a charity close to their heart. Some will appreciate this more than a physical gift for themselves. This is important to keep in mind when giving gifts to others, is that it’s for them. It’s not about giving them something that you want them to have.

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One of these should work for anyone on your list but to get a bit more specific, let me direct you to some other helpful gift guides. Our practical gift guide for travelers is perfect for anyone just getting into travel or already travels a lot but wants to be more comfortable and organized. For the person who likes to travel light, we have a small and practical gift guide for travelers. Our most popular guides which are the best gifts to give from quarantine, and gifts to send abroad.

We can’t always be near our loved ones when we want to, but gifts can portray a feeling of love and a sense of understanding. So, whether you’ll get to spend the holidays surrounded by friends and family, or not, at least they will know you love them and think about them!

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