Epic cocktail bars in Brno

Have you heard of Brno in the Czech Republic? If you have, did you know there are some epic cocktail bars in Brno? I didn’t know either until very recently. In their publicity pieces, you can find the hashtag #hangover and I was incredibly confused. Why in the world would that be part of their marketing?

After visiting way too many bars while in town, I figured out why. Brno doesn’t have boring bars. It just doesn’t really do boring. It does interesting and exciting.

You can imagine, if anything is going to be not boring, it would be cocktail bars! Did I mention that the drinks are pretty cheap here? That is such a bonus! Just means you can wander around and try more 😉

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Atelier Cocktail Bar & Cafe

The Atelier Cocktail Bar & Cafe is known for balanced drinks and excellent food…you know, for when you want to eat while drinking well-crafted cocktails. I like that it’s not just about drinking in Brno, it’s about a complete experience and that’s what I see here. If you’re not feeling like a cocktail (then why are you reading this?!), they specialize in sparkling wine as well. It’s all about being chill and enjoying yourself.

Atelier Bar Brno

photo courtesy of the Atelier Facebook page

Super Panda Circus

This has to be one of the most well-known places in Brno aside from that strange-looking clock. Super Panda Circus is a speakeasy-style place done with a flair for the spectacular. When you enter, you get a cold tea to prepare you for what you are about to experience. Once ready, you ascend up the stairs into a new world that’s dark but colorful, loud but playful, and where all the attention is on the bar itself. It’s all about the quirky here. Roll the dice and see what it recommends for you to drink. Not feeling that? Just ask for something special!

Super Panda Circus

The bar that does not exist (Bar, který neexistuje)

Yeah, it does or else it wouldn’t be on this list! Walking into the bar that does not exist, you immediately feel like you are part of the “in” crowd. It’s a lively place that you’ll want to spend hours drinking, nibbling through the small menu, and just people-watching all around you. Don’t worry, that’s not creepy. Seriously! These are professional bartenders who love to create, which then gets showcased when they build a new menu a couple times a year. Don’t hesitate to ask for something tailor-made. Maybe have some fun and go to all the bars, give the same notes (vodka, fruity, sweet), and see what you get.

The bar that does not exist, Brno

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Cubana Bar Brno

Like a rum cocktail? This Cubana Bar is Heaven if you do! When we went they had over 120 different bottles of rum from all over the world. While I’m more of a classic mojito kinda girl, see what your favorite drink would taste like with a completely new and exotic rum. It’s based on Cuban style of bars which has a very cozy and welcoming vibe to it. You can also have a rum tasting! These bars just have great ideas like that.

Cubana bar, Brno

The Whiskey bar that does not exist (Whiskey Bar, který neexistuje)

Did you see that one coming? Another bar that doesn’t exist! This time, it’s a Whiskey Bar and I’ve been there and can assure you that is there. It’s not even hidden or anything. If you are looking for a good whiskey cocktail, this is the perfect bar for you. I’m not a big whiskey fan, but they created a drink just for me that I actually enjoyed. That’s basically magic, in my book. They have a few things to eat but it’s a very small menu. The beef tartar was good, but a bigger portion than I’m used to having. And everyone I was with loved the vegetable soup. It’s really all about the whiskey, though!

Whiskey Bar

photo courtesy of the Whiskey Bar, který neexistuje Facebook page

Na Brno Dobrý

In the main square, there’s a pop-up bar called Na Brno Dobrý by the fountain. I’ve never seen anything like it! There are lounge chairs you can use whether or not you get a drink, but you should definitely get a drink.

Na Brno Dobrý

On a sunny day, it is the most perfect spot in Brno. They have some delicious specialties and even some alcoholic slushies. If you have never had a slushie-like that, I hope you take this opportunity to drink one!

There you have it! If you’re looking to go drinking in Brno and craving cocktails, there are 5 places I would happily stand behind…and go back to for more drinks : )

When it comes to personality, professionalism, creativity, and service, these bars deliver and might even go above and beyond. I know understand what the city uses #hangover. It’s not about getting drunk, it’s about there being so many great drinks in the city!

Where has been your favorite place for cocktails? Any favorite bar?

Wishing you love and travels!

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