5 best views of Hong Kong

Views are my thing. I love ‘em because it’s as though everything – nature and manmade – come together to create something bigger than the sum of its parts. I’m always on the lookout for awesome spots to see different perspectives of the city. Bonus points if they aren’t super touristy and crowded! Here’s my take on the 5 best views of Hong Kong.

The post is done in collaboration with Marco Polo guidebooks. As always, all opinions are my own. I used the guidebooks how I normally would to be able to create this post for you!

Jess with guide book


I got my Hong Kong guidebook in the mail and immediately started pouring over it. I love reading blogs. Of course, I do! But there’s something about a guidebook in your hand…with sections, pull-out maps, pictures, and even an app to download. I took it everywhere with me in Hong to read…even while I ate. I had a lot of time on my own, so it kept me company and I kept finding things I wanted to do.

Look! They match!


dim sum with Marco Polo guide book


Hong Kong overwhelmed me and sometimes looking at blogs and guidebooks do the same. What I really enjoyed when reading through was noticing what stuck out to me, what was the most interesting for me. That just turned out to be the various spots to see the city! These just happen to be some of the best Instagram spots in Hong Kong, too. 😉

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See Kowloon from the IFC mall

This is my FAVORITE recommendation because it’s just so fun! Personally, I had to window shop because most of the stores are a bit out of my price range, but it’s great to look around at the items and the people. Then you can grab a bite to eat inside or head all the way to the top of the IFC mall for some restaurants with spectacular views! This is where the rooftop garden is and it’s fabulous. Even one floor below there’s a largish balcony that’s free and easy to get to with the same view as above…just one level lower…obviously. 😛 The door is right by the escalator that takes you up to the rooftop gardens.


Jess at the IFC Mall with a view of Kowloon


Except on the weekend, it’s not really that busy. Oh, and I wouldn’t go during lunch on the weekday, either. At least not 12:30-1:30 because the business people in the buildings that bookend the mall will be having their lunch at all the good spots 😉 Because of how the land juts out into the harbor in different spots, you can even see parts of Hong Kong island. It’s a two-for!


Vview from ifc of hk

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Views of Hong Kong island from the ICC building

The ICC will give you some of the highest views you can get, definitely the highest from the Kowloon side. ICC stands for International Commerce Centre and has the Ritz Carlton at the tippy top. Sky100 is what is known as the tourist spot to look over Victoria Harbor and that’s included in the Marco Polo guide. It even has the prices and opening times listed — super handy. Just look at this view, it’s so dense!


View from ozone from Kowloon


We took one step farther and wanted to find something extra special so we went up to the highest bar in the world, OZONE. It’s part of the Ritz, so you know it’s nice. I expected the cocktails to be awful since they have the view, but they were incredible. They were also very expensive. I figure we paid for the view so I wasn’t too upset. You should be dressed a bit nice to go to this bar though…it is the Ritz after all.


Having a drink at the OZONE with a view of Hong Kong island


Take the Peak Tram to The Peak

Sticking with the “high” theme, you cannot go to Hong Kong and not go to the Peak. I mean, that’s what they tell me. Though, it’s hard to argue with these views. Whoa.

You could walk, but taking the Peak Tram is much more enjoyable. Just be ready for the incline because it can get steep! Don’t worry, you will be seated.


View from the Peak in Hong Kong


My only regret with this view is that we didn’t go to Peak Lookout for lunch or dinner as the guidebook since it was on a guided tour. Fail on our part. There are so many great tips about the whole Peak experience in the Marco Polo travel guide. Some will even save you money! I love that. We should all love that.

Here’s a photo — of a photo — we bought. Look at that view. Simply breathtaking.


Sean and Jess at the peak


Take in the view from the Victoria Harbor

A ride on the Star Ferry is so easy, so cheap, and so cool. It’s usually about 22 cents (USD & EUR). We used our Octopus card to just tap in. When in Hong Kong, you’ll probably buy one of these at the airport. Let’s just say that you should buy one.

The ferry mentioned here goes from Kowloon to Hong Kong island (and back!). It’s a pretty big boat but it can board quickly so pay attention to the loud noises trying to get you inside. Grab a window seat and get ready because it’s a quick ride!


Ferry crossing with boat


A boat on the harbor is also a great way to see the Symphony of Lights. It’s a show for both sides of the harbor, so this is perfect to see every aspect of it!


Best views of Hong Kong island from the Avenue of the Stars

This is the simplest possible view to have. Hop off the MTR (their metro) at the Tsim Sha Tsui stop and walk across the street. There’s an open area that sets up the perfect view to Hong Kong island across the harbor.


View of Hong Kong from Avenue of the stars


To maximize this cityscape, the people of Hong Kong have built the Avenue of the Stars which gives a ton of space to take in the skyscraper scene. I was bummed because it was closed for maintenance but the area right before it was just as awe-inspiring. This idea to have an uninterrupted view along the water was genius! Just build a little bridge…easy peasy! Well, easier than building land 😉


marco polo hong kong pocket guide

I loved seeing Hong Kong from all the different viewpoints because each had a different strength that you can see and a different story to tell. Some of those stories are even in the Marco Polo book…it’s that little something extra that I got from having it as my Hong Kong guidebook. Plus, I had a full map, MTR map, and awesome insider tips!

Do you love to carry a guidebook around with you? If you do, why do you like having it with you?

Enjoy the view from wherever you are! We wish you love and travels.

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