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A girl’s gotta eat and when she’s in a new place and needs to take a tour anyway, it seems like the obvious thing to do is take a tour that includes food. That’s where the Hong Kong food tour from Eating Adventures comes in. Huge thank you to them for giving me a complimentary tour so I could write about it for you all!

Hong Kong tram

I love taking food tours because it involves so many great elements. A good guide talks about food, culture, history, and gives tips for while you’re in their city.

It was my first time on that side of the world. Can you believe I’ve never been to Asia? *I* certainly can’t. It took me 33 years to get there which is far too many! That’s why I needed a little introduction to it all through a tour.

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Prepping for your Hong Kong food tour

No matter how long you are in Hong Kong, book a tour early in your trip. This will give you a bit of starting knowledge before you have to venture out on your own to find food. Because you get an introduction into the city as well, it’s good value and will save you time and money in the long run.


Hong Kong market


Google will bring up plenty of options for food tours in Hong Kong, but I enjoyed the one I took one with Eating Adventures. Our guide, Yen, is as local as you can get and eager to show us her neighborhood. That’s always important to me. Yes, you could get someone who is an amazing guide and isn’t a native, but you will always get something extra when they are actually from the area.


Hong Kong street with phone


If you’re like me and have never been to any part of Asia before, some of the dishes may be a bit adventurous. Try everything anyway! This is how you learn and grow. Food is part of the culture, and it’s important to try and understand it. That’s why you travel, right? So, go on…even if it looks funny, give it a bite 😉

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What to expect from this tour on Hong Kong Island

Expect a local experience, some crowded spots, deliciously local food, a kind, and knowledgeable guide, and to be full at the end of the tour. Don’t worry about water, they will give you a bottle at the beginning of the tour. It’s a big bottle, too!

Be ready to walk! It’s about 3.5 hours total but there are a few stops where you sit down to have your food. Eating Adventures seems to be very conscious of those used to “western” toilets so they’ll let you know which places would be best for you to use the bathroom. It’s the little things!

Hong Kong table

The meeting spot is probably not near your hotel, that’s the best part. You have to get out of your little bubble and go somewhere the locals go shopping and eat. Amongst the highrises is a bustling community just living their own lives. That’s where the tour takes you.


What kind of food will be on the tour?

Hong Kong dim sum


You cannot go wrong with dim sum, you just can’t! They have reservations at one of the best spots in town for you to try about 6 different dishes of dim sum. I felt it was incredibly generous! It probably safe to say that if you’ve had dim sum before, you’ve had a couple of the dishes. But you certainly would not have had them all! You also get a little lesson here on why, in some restaurants, they give you a big bowl with tea to wash your utensils. Yep, that’s a thing.


Hong Kong restaurant


One of my favorite bites was very unassuming. It’s basically an egg waffle, but not made in a familiar way. I call it a bubble waffle and now I want one every single day. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME, HONG KONG?


Hong Kong egg waffles to go


Glutinous. I really don’t like that word. Some people hate “moist” which I don’t have an issue with, but “glutinous”. Yuck. So, when we were given a glutinous rice ball with red bean paste filling, I was not enthused. Like I said before, try everything. You know what? I actually quite liked it! It took me two bites to enjoy it, but it’s nice. Not what I expected at all. That’s the beauty of a food tour!


Hong Kong snack


I’m a sucker for some dumplings. These kind are what I think of when I think of pot stickers but they are known as Shanghai style. Pan-fried and filled with pork…yes, please! You can even try a bit of a spicy satay sauce if you’re up for it. It’s just a hole in the wall…but you won’t care once you try them. I may have eaten more than my share considering there were 6 of us. Oops. #sorrynotsorry


Hong Kong food tour


Hong Kong is famous for the roasted goose (which we somehow haven’t had). But on this tour, you’ll try marinated goose in a little restaurant with not too many seats. This is the kind of place you want to see on this tour! They even served the goose with rice and a soup that I tried but wasn’t for me. I know I may not love everything, and that’s totally fine. Experiences are about trying and learning.


Hong Kong marinated goose


Dessert was another dish that didn’t sound like I would like it. The word “glutinous” came up again, so that’s probably why! Little balls filled with black sesame paste hanging out with ginger syrup — would you eat that? You SHOULD. It’s so good. I wanted to eat more but I was full by the end. So, later in the trip, I ordered some for Sean to try. He was impressed, too!


hong kong dessert


Overall food tour experience in Hong Kong

Is the Eating Adventures tour on Hong Kong island worth it? Absolutely, hands down.


Hong Kong egg waffles


I’m a pretty picky eater so trying bites of all kinds of foods that are new to me is super exciting! This food tour on Hong Kong island really did it all for me — local food, local guide, tips for my trip, and enjoyable to take. It was the perfect amount of food without leaving you wishing you could have someone roll you home because you’re just too full.

This is a lovely tour and I hope you get the chance to take it if you make it to Hong Kong. You can book it through TripAdvisor so you can see everyone else’s reviews, or directly through their site. Book early because it’s a popular one!


Hong Kong street dumplings


Have you ever taken a food tour before? What were your favorite parts and what do you wish went differently?

Wishing you love and travels!


Jessica overlooking Hong Kong street


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