2Ciels Boutique Hotel Review

Finding a place to stay in Marrakech is hard because there are just so many beautiful places to choose from! Many stay in the Medina at a traditional Riad, so why did we opt to stay at the 2Ciels boutique hotel?

I wasn’t sure about Marrakech. I didn’t know what to expect because there were so many mixed reviews out there. Because of that, and because we were going to attend a conference, we decide to stay in a more traditionally modern hotel close to the conference center. This way, we could walk to the conference and walk to the Medina.

We also splurged a bit (yes, we paid for it ourselves) because when we attend things like this and are in town for a while, we want space to spread out. Ideally, this means a desk and couch in the room. And boy were we impressed. Holy moly. When we walked in, we were pretty much speechless.

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Room Impressions

This hotel absolutely shines when it comes to the room. Beautiful and very tastefully decorated with local vibes — you knew exactly where you were in the world. We had a view of a minaret and part of the city with its traditional style so there was no mistaking you were in Morocco. It had its own unique look, for sure.


Entrance to room at 2Ciels


We had a small round table with two comfy and snug chairs, along with a long desk with a bench right under the T.V. Facing the T.V. was a lovely couch perfect for lounging after a day of touring or conferencing.

With the perfect amount of closet space, we unpacked right away so we didn’t have to rummage through our luggage each day. The bed was the right amount of firm and the covers were the ideal amount of warm–that made getting out of bed in the morning incredibly hard to do.


bed and lounge area


The bathroom was huge and lovely. We had a toilet and bidet, then a sink with great space around it for toiletries. I mention it because some hotels just don’t seem to understand the need for counter space! Then the shower was large with plenty of room move around. I can’t be the only one who hates those tiny square shower fixtures. The only issue we had was that the hot and cold knobs were switched. Yep, we let cold water run thinking it should be hot and I took a cold shower because Sean figured it out when it was his turn to shower. Fun times.


Bathroom in 2Ciels

Toiletries in 2Ciels


There is a window in the shower with a window blind that rolls up (which some visual protection outside the window as well). This was an interesting touch, but the blind just got in the way and I didn’t like it there at all. Maybe a frosted window would be a better option here.



Everyone here was nothing short of lovely. We even started getting the same server at breakfasts and dinners. That meant he knew exactly what kind of drinks we wanted and for breakfast, which type of eggs were our favorite. It’s really the small touches like that, that make a big impression.

In the evenings, there was someone who came by to drop off bottles of water (you probably shouldn’t drink the tap water here). They always greeted you with a smile. If you weren’t in the room, the bottles were waiting for you right inside the door. I liked to see it as a reminder to stay hydrated and it’s a nice touch.

The reception staff were always pleasant and answered the many questions we had about the hotel (obviously), the city, how to use the taxis (there’s a method), and more. The difference for me was that I didn’t feel like I was bothering them if I had a question and in some places, that’s exactly how I feel.

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Bedside table


View of room in 2Ciels



The place has two pools – TWO! One on the roof and one on the ground level. The pool on the roof is pretty small but has some deck chairs around it. I never saw anyone in the pool but plenty lounging around. A nicely placed bar is also on the roof so you can eat and drink while soaking up the sun, or you can also stay in the shade while hanging out. I really appreciated the various seating options on the roof because sometimes you are just done with being in the sun.

The pool on the ground floor is a bit odd. You have to walk through a little shop, or the restaurant to get to it. The outside area by the pool is also part of the restaurant/bar, so if you want to take a dip, you’ll have an audience. I never saw anyone in that pool either. But they are there if you need them.

The business center and lounge on the second floor was usually quiet if you want a place to work. It does overlook the restaurant, so you’ll get some ambiance from that. But you probably won’t have people bothering you.


The bar called Lola Sky Lounge is on the roof has pretty simple food. We would get the pizza if we wanted something pretty quick since it’s easy to eat and take back to the room. But there’s definitely more to choose from if you don’t feel like eating pizza in Marrakech…fair enough 😛

The main restaurant, Patron de la Mer, is also where breakfast is served. We had many meals here — breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They were all good! The breakfast is MASSIVE and has options for people from all over. Bread, eggs, juices, fruits, etc. It’s all there.

For lunch and dinner, there are options for tagine, seafood, and plenty of other dishes. They can make great cocktails and mocktails, too. Try the strawberry lime drink, you won’t even miss the alcohol. Oh man, I could drink it all day!


drink at lola in 2Ciels


Location in Marrakech

Situated in a spot that isn’t touristy, we were surrounded by local restaurants and children walking and biking to school. But it wasn’t far off the main road which we could easily walk one way to get to the Medina, and the other direction for the conference center. I’d say it’s about a 20-minute walk to get to the edge of the center. Not bad at all.

If you’d rather take a taxi, there are usually a few outside the entrance. The doorman will help you negotiate the price, and he will also help find you a taxi if there isn’t one right outside when you need it. Though, I will say, it’s good to walk a couple times to get a feel for the area.


View from 2Ciels


Overall review of 2Ciels Boutique Hotel

We were both incredibly happy with our choice to stay at the 2Ciels Boutique Hotel. It was just what we needed — comfy, spacious, helpful, and close by where we needed to go. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone. If you are already heading to Marrakech, you can go ahead and book the 2Ciels boutique here, or keep browsing on Booking.com until you find what you are looking for!

There really is something for everyone in this city. Whether you want to be in the hustle and bustle of the Medina, or the quiet comfort of the Movenpick by the conference center, you’ll find the perfect spot for you!

Wishing you love and travels!

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