A culinary adventure on a Marrakech food tour

You know we have to take a food tour no matter where we go! We were really looking forward to taking this Marrakech food tour because it is so highly recommended and it was in an area we were super curious about — the Medina.

Thanks to the conference we attended, we were set up with tours and activities that best suit us and our audience, that’s why we took a food tour. Obvious, right? 🙂 We wanted to understand more about everyday cuisine, so we did not take the tour where the more adventurous stuff. However, Marrakech Food Tours does offer that as well, if that’s up your alley!

famous moroccan spices



Starting the food tour at the edge of the Medina

We met at a souk at the very edge of the main Medina area and thank goodness they gave photos with the directions because it made it so much easier to find. The souk is full of life and energy — from daily shoppers to visitors, chickens, and cats. It’s the spot to get the freshest possible chicken. Pick out your live chicken and they get take care of everything so you can take it home fresh and ready to cook.


Inside a souk to start the food tour in marrakech


My favorite part was how excited the vendors were in the souks and how proud they are of their products. From olives to home remedies for clearing up your head, they had it all and were happy to let us try everything. These people are so generous with their samples. I’m pretty sure a few people went back to buy more!

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Heading into the heart of Marrakech

Once we made our way into the Medina, we got to taste a Moroccan hamburger and it was crazy good. It was a combination of beef and lamb meat and I could eat that all day long. It’s on the side of a road where you can watch the cooks make it on the grill right in front of you. Although, you can smell it halfway down the street! Be sure to let them know if you want spicy or not spicy! Of course, I went all boring and got not spicy and it was amazing. Sean thoroughly enjoyed his spicy one, as well 😉


moroccan hamburger


We got spoiled at our next stop! On food tours, you usually mix it up with eating on the go or sitting down. This tour is no different when it comes to that. Here in Marrakech, the places where you put your butt down have just as much personality as the side of the road stops. Not to mention, our next stop had many things for us to eat! Variety is the spice of life, people.

The b’stilla was my favorite. I did not expect to like meat in a pastry with cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on top. That’s why you take tours like this–to discover something new. We also got to try various briouats while watching the world pass by on the street.


first stop on a marrakech food tour


It’s so fun when you, and everyone else are trying something for the first time. The expressions are priceless. You listen to what’s inside and then tentatively take a bite not knowing if you will love it or hate it. That’s especially true for flavor combinations you’ve just never experienced before.

A food tour is Marrakech isn’t much of a food tour if you didn’t spend a lot of the time at street stalls. I mean, really. It feels like part of its identity. When you meet a woman who is making melawi on a cart made for a flat top grill, you’re living as local as you can get. That bread/pancake was so delicious with khli inside.


melawi on the grill in marrakech


speciality made from melawi


Family meal anyone? YES! Nothing brings people together quite like a family meal. When we got to a super cute and cozy restaurant, we were so happy to come together and convince our guide to show us how to pour tea in the fabulous way that Moroccans do. Add to that how much fun the guide and the servers were having, you felt like you were in someone’s home.

We all surrounded the dish full of rfissa and couldn’t wait to dig in…that can be difficult when everyone wants pictures! But we had a silent, then a not-so-silent agreement that it smelled too good and we were ready to eat. I really should have gotten a picture of the aftermath…but it wasn’t pretty!


rfissa on the marrakech food tour


Being full and completely satisfied we strolled along to our final destination where a lovely and light dessert awaited us. Again, it felt like family as we all sipped our tea and devoured our final bites of this food tour in Marrakech. The jawahara was delicious and scented in a way that made me smile. I think it was rose which can turn some people off, but the flavor was not too strong which is usually the issue.


final stop for dessert jawahara


Big thanks for this food tour in Marrakech

I want to thank Marrakech Food Tours for not only hosting a bunch of bloggers who love to eat but for doing so in a way that made friends out of strangers.

Book the best food tour for you with Marrakech Food Tours!

Just to show how kind people can be here–our phone data mysteriously decided to stop working right when we left the hotel that day and our guide took us to a better store to get a new sim card. Life-saver!

We also got to meet the owners of Marrakech Food Tours a few times while we were in Marrakech and they couldn’t be nicer. I love when I can support a small business by sharing my story. So, when in Marrakech, don’t forget to book a tour with the Marrakech Food Tours people. You won’t be disappointed. You can take the Medina Mix tour (the one we took), or be a bit more adventurous!

Wishing you love and travels…and full bellies 🙂


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