Visions of Lisbon

On our anniversary trip to Lisbon, Portugal I made a promise to Sean that I would not do blog work on the trip..though I did manage to get a food tour in there and how could I not write about that?!


Mussels on the Lisbon Food Tour | Taste of Lisboa


The thing is, many people fall in love with Lisbon and just can’t stop talking about it, so at the very least, I wanted to share some photos of Lisbon with you so that you can get at least a little bit of a peek of what the city is like in the spring.

Basically, start planning those flights to Lisbon!

I love Europe because there are a ton of beautiful places with their own personalities. Lisbon is certainly no exception. If you want to go someplace with history, good food, great day trips, and beaches, this is a winner!


Lisbon elevator

Carmo Convent


The Santa Justa elevator is an art piece. It’s a beautiful structure in and of itself but also gives great views. If you find your way to Carmo Convent and then walk around it to the right and go alongside it, you get to a set of stairs that leads to a restaurant and that metal walkway you see above. Just at that level, the views are amazing and you don’t have to pay a thing!


Visions of Lisbon


If you go down the stairs by the restaurant instead of up the stairs, you’ll get to a lovely area with a cool view of the elevator (the first photo) and the photo below. You’ll find a cafe and some chairs just to sit and watch the world go by in that same area.


View of Lisbon


One of the visual things about Portugal that I love is how much love they put into their tiles. It’s a beautiful thing. Portuguese tiles make everything better. If I could tile my house in them, I totally would!


Portuguese tiles


The food in Lisbon is ah-mazing. Really. One of the best places to experience this is at the Time Out Market. When they built the market, they invited the best of the best here. You get it all in one place! While genius, it’s also very crowded, so try to visit during off-peak times.


Time out market


Even just walking down the street is a treat. I always like to think about what it would be like to live on one of these streets. What would be your morning routine if you lived in Lisbon?


Streets of Lisbon

Streets of Lisbon 2

Looking up in Lisbon

Alleys of Lisbon


Looking up in Lisbon


Those castle views! Wow! I mean. I was seriously in awe over this place. São Jorge Castle is the spot for some of the best Lisbon-watching. There was a stone seat right where I took this picture and I just wanted to plop down and not move.


Jessica picture taking

Over Lisbon

Lisbon through the window

Sitting on a castle in Lisbon


So, what do you think? Is Lisbon somewhere you want to visit? It is just so pretty!! If you do want to hop a plane or train, book your accommodation here from my affiliate link to support A Wanderlust For Life. I’ll love you for it and you don’t pay a cent more!

As always, wishing you love and travels!

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  1. You cannot go on a food tour and not blog about it! Haha, fellow foodie here!
    I need to start planning a trip to this gorgeous town. I really enjoyed walking along with you around Lisbon’s visions and thank you very much for the different angle of the photos! They add up to the excitement <3

  2. This is such a beautifully curated post. It really brings the image of Lisbon to life! I have only seen this city on Instagram and blogs, but I love how colorful it is. Congratulations, by the way!

  3. Lisbon is a great city, I agree! I have been twice and loved it both times. A nice choice to spend your anniversary there and Portuguese food is incredible. How was the Time Out Market? I actually didn’t go because I thought it would be expensive and have too many tourists but it sounds like you liked it.

  4. Sounds like a great trip. I loved the few days we spent in Lisbon. Too funny about promising no blog work…story of my life hahaha. It’s always hard to fully step away from travel blogging on a trip! 🙂

  5. I’m so glad you were able to squeeze in this post even after promising not blogging on this vacay 🙂 Lisbon is absolutely gorgeous and is on my list of places to visit. That Santa Justa elevator is simply stunning. I really love the architecture in this area.

  6. Lisbon is really beautiful and your pictures bring this alive so stunningly. The city has an old world charm which is really endearing, a walk along the cobbled narrow streets must be an experience of a lifetime. Would love to get lost in the culture and heritage of this city some day.

  7. Lisbon has been suggested to me too many times now. Seems like it time to make a move. The pictures are so amazing, it really defines the city with its amazing old charm and modern infrastructure. The houses dotted along looks so beautiful.
    I hope I just make it as soon as possible.

  8. Lisbon is so beautiful! And lovely photos too! You have a good eye for photography. Your post throws light on how to explore this medieval city the best! Pinned it for later 🙂 Good job:)

  9. Never been to Lisbon, but judging by your article and pics here, I NEED TO. Looks very different to what one is accustomed to in the USA.


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