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Vacation Photographers: The Ultimate Alternative to the Selfie

Recently, I got my first selfie stick. I was over the moon and was just like a kid on her birthday. It was something I never thought I needed or wanted until it was given to me. I played with it and still love it. So, with selfie sticks being so common, why would you pay for a vacation photographer to take photos of you? This is why…





Professionals Know Their Craft

Let me tell you, I’m in love with this idea now. Yep, I still love my selfie stick (which I always use responsibly, of course!), but having professional photos with the iconic feel of the city you’re visiting is just like having photos from your wedding. Even though Uncle Joe took some great photos, they don’t compare to the professionals!

TravelShoot just started offering photo sessions in Amsterdam, our home base. They graciously offered us an opportunity to test out the whole process in exchange for honest feedback to them regarding the photographer, the experience, and the photos. I jumped at the chance! Many of us don’t ever think about getting photos professionally done except at weddings and maybe when babies are born. Even though I really didn’t know what to expect, I figured we’d go for it.





Photos on Location

Spoilers: It was awesome! We met the photographer in the center of Amsterdam as suggested by TravelShoot. It was perfect since I am very familiar with the area, and I was excited to show her around. I know she was supposed to pick the spots, and she did most of the time, but often I’d be like “I think this view is AMAZING” and luckily, she agreed!

Amsterdam is an amazing place for photos, I think everyone can agree on that! So, you won’t have to go far to get a variety of backgrounds. There’s a couple itineraries to choose from, and yes it’s an investment, but as I live life, I’ve realized that photos are the one thing that helps me remember and show how happy I am at a given point in my life. They are treasures!





The Process was Easy

Once you pick your city then you pick your package and the planning starts! Next thing you know, you’ll be posing in the most perfect spots to get those memories recorded forever. These are professionals, but you are you, so let them know if anything makes you uncomfortable or if there’s something silly you want to do. In general, I’d trust them to make you look good! Have fun. Whether doing a solo, couples, or group shoot, be yourself. Think about things that make you smile.

With a 48 hour turn-around for a couple proofs and a week for your photo set, it’s not something you’ll have to wait long for. I was so excited to see mine and instantly fell in love with so many of the photos. It’s hard to choose which to print and frame because, well, I think it’s weird to have 10 pictures of yourself on your walls. Maybe a collage though. Still need to figure that part out. Anyway, that’s a great problem to have!






We had fun! Even Sean, usually the one behind the camera, enjoyed himself. After being together for almost 12 years, I knew it’d be great to have these photos to show us together at this point in our lives. Moving to another place in the world can be stressful and I think these photos show how happy we are now and how much we love our new home. Photos are the best way (aside from journaling) to record the big changes and exciting adventures in life!

So, please enjoy these photos of Amsterdam (with us in them)! If you fall in love with this idea of a vacation photographer, head over to TravelShoot to see if they have the service available where you’re headed. They’re all over the world!




Source: All photos are courtesy of TravelShoot except title image which was taken by A Wanderlust For Life

Disclaimer: While we this photo shoot was complimentary, it was only to give TravelShoot feedback on the service in Amsterdam. TravelShoot did not requested that I write about our experience — Hhwever, after loving the idea and the photos, I thought you all should know about it! As always, all opinions are my own.


32 thoughts on “Vacation Photographers: The Ultimate Alternative to the Selfie

  1. Wow, this is awesome! You guys look so happy, and your photographs are amazing! Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

  2. Your pics are just lovely. You’ve not only captured the spirit of Amsterdam, but also made it deeply personal. It’s hard breaking out of selfie mode, but you’ve certainly done it, and delightfully!

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment. So glad you liked it! At this point, Amsterdam is part of us and it is so great to have these photos!

  3. I’m not a selfie fan (my arms aren’t long enough!), so this makes for an interesting alternative. Great photos! 🙂

    1. I feel your pain. I’m definitely a shorty in every way. I did just get the Galaxy S7 which has a wide-angle lens that helps with that. But I’m still going through these pictures trying to narrow down which to print. Currently, I have about 10 favorite I’m trying to pick from 😛

  4. What a great idea! I’m the one behind the camera in our family and hardly have any pictures with me in them when we travel. Tripod and the remote does the job, but it’s just too posed and there’s no spontaneity like in your pictures here.

    1. I feel for you! There’s usually someone always left out. Of course a tripod is also very handy, but there’s nothing quite like having a photographer taking a shot, checking the light and pose, and reworking you to get the best photo. And it’s less stress for you! Glad you like the idea. They definitely do group photos. 🙂

  5. Hi Buddy..
    I throughly enjoyed reading your post.. You have such an useful tips with us.. I Must photography has changed since the days of dark studios and uncomfortable posing stools… more and more people want a freer approach to their sessions.
    With the advent of cheap digital cameras, people are starting to believe that there is no need for a professional photographer – for holidays and day to day photographs of the kids covered in ice cream or the youngest coming down the stairs with make-up all over their face saying, “Look mummy, I’m pretty!” a digital camera is perfect and you will be the best person to capture these moments.
    Things you covered in this post are interesting and impressive. Thanks for sharing this post with us. I will look forward for more posts from you.
    Have a nice day ahead.
    Chloe Michelides

  6. Your use of the selfie stick story really highlights the importance of professional work. While we may be excited about doing it ourselves, the professional touch offers a new level of excellence.

  7. You’ve not only captured the spirit of Amsterdam, but also made it deeply personal. It’s hard breaking out of selfie mode, but you’ve certainly done it, and delightfully!

  8. Your photographs are simply dazzling. You’ve encapsulated Amsterdam, as well as made it profoundly individual. It’s hard breaking out of selfie mode, yet you’ve unquestionably done it, and delightfully!

  9. This would totally be a dream job. Your basically getting other people to pay for your vacation and all you have to do is follow them around taking portraits of them in cool locations. It seems like a tough sell and requires a ridiculously rich couple to fund an extra person on the trip. Still, it’s an interesting idea, much better than the selfie stick.

    1. Hey James!

      That would totally be a dream job and you would definitely have to have big pockets to pay for someone to travel with you. But this is actually a service that has people already in major cities around the world. So you just pay for the photo session and not all their expenses 😉 MUCH cheaper!

  10. JESSICA, How you capture this type of creative photographs? Especially, No-3 is so awesome. Can’t wait to try it with my life partner. Thanks for sharing these great pictures with us. 🙂

  11. JESSICA, no doubt you have a great partner! 🙂 Every girl’s dream to have a great partner. No-6 photographs express everything that how much love between both of you dear. Please convey my love to you SEAN. Have a good day!

  12. All are lovely pics and I really like the writing. Yes, photos are the things those always make remember the things and keeps the record of happy moments. Your chemistry is really nice. Both of you are amazing.

  13. Awesome pictures! Very nice idea of exploring new places. We always think of capturing important moments and we miss out the real moments.

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