Unusual things to do in London

We all know the traditional things to do in London. From visiting Kensington Palace to taking the iconic photo of the Parliament building — it’s all in every guidebook and every blogger has covered it. Today we are going to talk about quirky and unusual things to do in London. The stuff that’s just plain fun to do. Because four heads and experiences are better than one, I’ve got my blogger friends to help me out here and to share their favorite quirky thing to do in London, too.

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Climb atop a London landmark

Is there anything better than climbing to get to a viewpoint and knowing you earned that view?

What? Chocolate? Ok, yeah, but this is still pretty cool.

Seeing London from the top of a London landmark is epic, there’s no other word for it. The Up at the O2 experience is one-of-a-kind. People visit the O2 for many reasons: shows, concerts, games, etc, but imagine standing above all that!

View down the O2 path

It’s super safe but you do need to be able to climb an incline. Upon arriving, you get a safety briefing, a place to stash your belongs, and a cool harness to climb with. It’s what will help you get to the top!

You’ll climb up section by section and then you arrive on a viewing platform where you can have a celebratory glass of champagne. The time to take all your photos is now — with a 360-degree view, it’s hard to decide which photo to take. Just take them all!

Read the whole post on my Up at the O2 experience. Book your ticket right here. <– that’s an affiliate link 😉

Canal cruisin’ in London

Boating is the new walking right?

Exploring London from the endless canal system that winds its way through the city. GoBoat offers inexperienced captains the chance to hire a boat by the hour and enjoy London from a totally new perspective.

Prices are structured per boat and can seat up to 8, so it’s the perfect opportunity to catch up with some old friends or an activity the whole family can enjoy. Boats are fitted with a fixed dining table and you can bring your own picnic and wine on board too! Boats are super easy to maneuver, powered by a small onboard electric motor which has a speed limit of roughly 4mph so you don’t get anywhere quickly, but that’s kind of the point.

goboat london

Photo courtesy of roamingrequired.com

From the Paddington GoBoat depot, one possible route goes along Regent’s Canal, past London Zoo and along an edge of Regents Park, which is especially dramatic in Autumn when the russet red foliage really comes alive. Overall GoBoat is great fun and highly recommended.

Read the whole post on how she explored the London canals with GoBoat on Roma’s blog roamingrequired.com and check her out on Facebook for lots of travel-related awesomeness!

Get creative with potion-making class

London has embraced its role in the creation of Harry Potter. Wands are displayed outside St. Paul’s Cathedral and magical activities are taking place all over the city. My favorite magical experience is The Cauldron Pub, a magical cocktail experience.

Upon arrival, pick up a wand and a robe and follow your Potions Master to a table under an enchanted tent. Use the wand to unlock a vial of poetic mead, which you’ll drink as you choose two potions to make over the course of your 1 hour and 45-minute reservation.

Potions class in London

Photo courtesy of thesweetwanderlust.com

Enjoy sparkling and smoky surprises as you craft cocktails too good to be Muggle-made. Book now, because this magical experience won’t be around forever!

Wanna read even more and see more photos about this potions class? Visit Brittany’s website over at thesweetwanderlust.com and follow her on Instagram for fun and colorful pictures of food and fun.

Afternoon tea with a twist

A popular way to spend your afternoon in London is to enjoy a relaxing afternoon tea. There are many options available throughout the city from raising your pinky in the fanciest of hotels to enjoying a Mad Hatters or Harry Potter themed tea.

One of the most unique afternoon tea experiences in London, however, is onboard a double-decker bus with BB Bakery. Enjoy a delightful afternoon tea as you are toured around the city on a classic double-decker bus. The plates are velcroed in place and your tea is served in a travel mug to avoid spillage. It is a great way to learn about the city and see some of it’s most famous destinations all while enjoying tasty finger sandwiches and scones.

Afternoon tea bus tour London

Photo courtesy of travelyourself.ca

Discover even more fun and photos about afternoon tea experiences and so much more on Cailin’s website, travelyourself.ca. Don’t forget to check her out on Instagram, too!

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